Purchase Instagram Automatic Views for More Buzz Around your Account

Purchase Instagram Automatic Views

So What is Instagram

Instagram is a social media sharing application. It is an incredibly popular application since it has over 500 million users with new people joining in every day. Instagram is an application where people can make accounts and share media in the form of images and short video clips. People have the ability to follow accounts and get the content these accounts post on their news feed.

The application has nothing other than pictures and videos; it is wholly a visual medium. Instagram allows people to explore the content being posted on the medium. Everyday almost 100 million pictures and videos are posted on Instagram which gives us an idea just how popular and well used this platform is.

What Are Instagram Views

This post set out to tell you how exactly to go about increasing your views on Instagram by purchasing Instagram automatic views. So what exactly are Instagram views? Basically, when you post a video on Instagram, the number of times the video has been viewed is displayed. Unlike with photo posts on Instagram, which display the number of likes the picture has; a video will show how many times the video was viewed.

The more the number of views, the better your video has performed. If you do not have a lot of followers, chances are that your video will not perform well in terms of the number of views it receives. Your own views are also counted in the view count displayed under the video. Each time a person views the video; their view is added to the view count underneath the video.

It does not matter if someone watches the entire video or not, even if they watch the first 3 seconds, their view will be added to the view count which means that you are bound to get a higher view count than is real because not every view represents a person that watched the entire video.

The likes for the video are not displayed like they are with pictures. Hence if someone wants to see the likes the video has including the person who has posted the video, they need to click on the number of views. Once they do this, they will be taken to a new page where the views will be displayed in bold and underneath the views will be the list of people who have liked the video.

Instagram does not tell anyone who has viewed the video but if people like the video, that information is revealed. Thus views are in a way anonymous.

Instagram Videos and the Nitty Gritty Details

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Instagram was notorious for their policies of only letting users post incredibly short video clips. The previous length that videos on Instagram could be was a maximum of 15 seconds. However, only this year, Instagram increased this limit by 4 times! Now the maximum length of videos can be 60 seconds.

You can post a video on Instagram through two methods. You can either record the video directly through Instagram by accessing the camera and doing so or you can upload a video you made earlier through another camera application or another device and access the video in question through your library and upload it on Instagram.

Videos on Instagram need to be a minimum of 3 seconds long and a maximum of 60 seconds. If you try to upload a longer video, it will be cut till the 1 minute mark.

You can add a filter on your video. The filters available for videos are the same as Instagram has for photo uploads. You can choose the cover photo you want to be displayed as the still image for when your video is displayed on someone’s timeline and on your profile.

What do Instagram Views Signify

Plain and simply put, the more the number of Instagram views the more successful your profile looks. This is especially true for business and personalities which rely on social media for a big part of their livelihood. A lot of social media celebrities have entered the game as of late and they rely on applications and websites like Instagram to further their brand. When they have more views on their videos, it seems like they are doing well and hence have a bigger chance of attracting sponsors and other people who want to collaborate with them.

Other than that, for businesses, this shows a good view of their business to potential customers. When a potential customers sees that the company has a high number of views on their videos, they can assume that a lot of people check the brand out and hence formulate a positive image of the brand in their head.

Hence getting Instagram automatic views to further along their videos is a great idea.

How you can Purchase Instagram Automatic Views for your Videos

Purchase Instagram Automatic Views

You can purchase Instagram automatic views easily from various sources. There are different deals and rates you can look into and purchase the one which you think is most suitable for you. Everyone has different needs and hence you need to evaluate just how many Instagram automatic views you need and plan your purchase accordingly.

There are offers which extend to the next 10 videos you will post on your Instagram account. For a minimal account such as $6, you can get 250 views each on the next ten videos you post. And there are also offers which ask for $190 so that the next 30 videos you post get 5000 views each! And there are countless deals in between which vary in price and the number of Instagram automatic views offered in exchange. At the end of the day, it all depends on how many Instagram automatic views you are in need of and how much you are willing to pay for those Instagram automatic views.

Ways to Organically Increase your Views Without Buying Instagram Automatic Views

There are a few tips and tricks which you can implement instead of having to purchase Instagram automatic views. While getting Instagram automatic views is not at all a bad option but actually a pretty great one, not everyone can afford to do so.

There are ways with which you can organically try to increase the number of views on your videos but then again, this will not be as effective or as fast as buying Instagram automatic views is. But nonetheless, you can always try.

You can start using hashtags. There have been countless instances where people have reported a higher number of people viewing and liking their uploads. Using popular hashtags such as #ThrowbackThursday #OOTD #ForTheGram is a good idea since a lot of people follow these hashtags. You can also use some specific hashtags according to what is happening in the video you are uploading. When you do this people who follow the hashtag and look into it will then see your video and most likely view it. This is a great way to get more views on your video without having to buy Instagram automatic views.

Other than adding hashtags, you can also add a location tag in your video. Adding the location in your videos makes your video visible to people who are searching up the same location and hence if they see your video on the same tag, they will likely view the video. This will again increase your views organically without Instagram automatic views.

However, purchasing Instagram automatic views is the only sure shot way of getting Instagram views. The other methods might take longer to formulate and translate into results but other than that, it can still work to some extent.

Why Having Higher Instagram Views is Important

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If you are a company with an Instagram account, you need to show your potential customers and competitors you are doing well. This has to be reiterated in all places and hence on social media as well. Thus a marker of your success on Instagram includes the number of views you have on your videos. To make sure you are doing well in this aspect, you need to at times get a little creative this might mean resorting to purchasing Instagram automatic views.

When potential customers see you have so many views on your videos, they might end up purchasing products from you thinking that you are popular and a lot of people like to see the things your company does and puts out.

Other than that, these days there is a rise in social media influencers and companies that are working with them. The biggest example of someone using their Instagram for making money is the Kardashian-Jenner clan. They advertise health supplements and what not on their Instagram profiles all the time. One of the main reasons brands work with them so enthusiastically is because they have a lot of views on their videos.

Thus if someone in starting their career as an Instagram influencer then they need to boost up their account by purchasing Instagram automatic views so that companies will look at their reach and how many views they have and offer to collaborate with them as well.

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