How to recover deleted messages on iPhone?

Let’s talk in facts, almost every other person is receiving and sending multiple iMessages each day. Whether it is to chat with friends, contact family or stay updated on job schedule, our iMessage app is literally a dump yard of old messages that are simply sitting there. When we send an iMessage or receive one, it is often rare that we reread it and after a while we mostly clean up the inbox because it occupies space on your iPhones. This will not only wipe off all the iMessages from your phone but would also make the app less crowded and would help you save tons on storage of your phone which you can use for any other purpose.

message recovery on iphone

When you decide to delete any message or a conversation from your iMessages app, it isn’t deleted right there and then, it is in fact quiet like how pictures from the gallery aren’t instantly deleted but sent to a recoverable folder. What happens instead that your messages are only selected for deletion which essentially makes them inaccessible from our phones. Essentially these messages stay alive on our phone for a short span of time till all these files are sent for over writing or permanently deleted. So if at any point in time, you wish to access any deleted message then this article will guide you on how to recover deleted messages on iPhone.

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Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone from an iCloud Backup

The first method that you can use to recover deleted messages on iPhone is by making use of the iCloud backup. A backup is always the standard procedure of ensuring that all data and files on a device are kept in a safe place in case of any breach or loss however this not always holds true for text messages. Many mobile carrier companies will store a backup of your messages while others will not offer this feature. However using iCloud Backup is worth giving a try to recover deleted messages on iPhone and here is how you do it:

message recovery from iCloud Backup

Step 1: Visit the where you must login using your entry credentials. Here you need to ensure that you have your phone with you because a verification code will be sent via text message on your phone which you will be required to type in before accessing iCloud.

Step 2: In the iCloud section, tap on the icon for Text Messages. Here if you cannot locate the text messages icon then your phone service provider doesn’t offer the backup messages option on iCloud.

Step 3: However if you do see this icon, you must make use of the search bar to locate the message or conversation that you want to recover.

Step 4: Then access the iCloud Settings on your iPhone and switch off Text Messages. You will then be shown a pop up where you must choose the option for “Keep on my iPhone”.

Step 5: Once this is done, you can switch the Text Messages back on and then click on “Merge”. In a few moments, your deleted messages will be recovered on your device.

Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone using an iTunes Backup

message recovery using iTunes Backup

If your phone carrier or operator isn’t compatible for message back up or even if it does support and you cannot use the option for some reason then here is another method that you can use to recover deleted messages on iPhone. Once again this will only operate if your messages are already backed up otherwise this will not work. This procedure would work in the similar way as iTunes backup is used to recover lost data.

Step 1: Get your phone in connection to your PC or wait for the iTunes app to appear on your screen or you can manually launch this iTunes program yourself.

Step 2: Your phone will show up in the box present in the bar beside that of iTunes. When you click on this box, you will be directed to the page with your phone’s details on it.

Step 3: From here, choose the option of Restore Backup and this will make your phone as it was before when you backed it up last time.

Use a Third-Party App to Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

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If any of the above mentioned methods don’t work out for you for any reason then the only option left is to turn towards third party apps in order to recover deleted messages on iPhone. There are multiple apps in the play store and the app store which are available there so that users can retrieve lost data however in reality, many of these apps are useless and in fact terrible to use and may not always work. Hence it is always prudent to read online reviews on various apps before selecting and downloading the one. Furthermore many of these apps will cost you some money as well hence if you do have to make an investment, make sure you do if after full research so that your money doesn’t go wasted.

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