Samsung VRT Steam Washer Error Codes And How To Instantly Fix Them!

Use our extensive guide to fix any error code your machine gives you!


The Samsung VRT Steam Washer is the latest offering from Samsung in their line of home products. And some people have reportedly faced issues with their washer. However, this is not because of the fact that the company is bad but because sometimes machines get issues and it’s not a big deal. These issues can be easily fixed and below is the entire manual on how you can fix them with no problems at all on your own without having to call in an expert. Sometimes the issue might have arisen because you messed something up yourself but at times it is because the machine was acting up too. But whatever the issue may be, the error code is very frustrating when you see it.

Now if you read the piece, you will be able to tackle any problems. So next time you get a Samsung VRT Steam Washer Error Codes on your machine, you can deal with them on your own with all the information you have received. In this piece, we will not just tell you about Samsung VRT Steam Washer Error Codes and how to fix them but also what they mean.

Error codes nd, 5E

If you are suddenly presented with any of these two error codes, this means that your washing machine cannot drain anymore. If you notice 15 minutes after this code that your machine has stopped draining then you are right on the money. Now you first need to see whether anything might be blocking the drain pipe. If that is the case, remove the thing which was causing the blockage and your problem will be fixed. However, if this is not the case, then check your drain pan since it might be damaged and the one causing the issue in which case you will immediately need to purchase a new one.

Error code LO, dE, dE1

If you are getting one of these Samsung VRT Steam Washer Error Codes this means that the door of your washing machine is not locking properly. And even if you do not look at the codes themselves, you will see that the issue lies within your door since it will not open unless you try to open it manually. However, make sure the washer is not plugged in when you are attempting to do this. Use as much force as you need to get the door open since the main issue is to get your washing out and once you are done with that, you might need to replace your washer’s lock but that is about it.

Error Codes nF, 4E

When these are the Samsung VRT Steam Washer Error Codes you see on your machine the problems lies with water filling. There are two ways that this error code may appear; one where the water keeps filling into the machine for 40 minutes straight. And the other where the water level does not change even after 6 minutes of filling. If you see this code, you immediately need to check the faucets which your machine is connected to. Make sure the faucets are actually turned on. And if they were already on, then make sure there is no obstruction in them which might be causing issues for your machine. If nothing fixes the issue, then you might need to call in a plumber to check out your water lines properly.


Error codes FL, dE, dE1

The Samsung VRT Steam Washer Error Codes mentioned above, the problems will be with your locking the door for the washer. You should try to lock the door several times but if after half a dozen times it still does not work, then you need to check your door lock. However, before you attempt any of this, you need to unplug the machine and then check the wiring. You may need to replace some parts such as the lock or the switch assembly.

Error code LE

If you get this particular error code, then it means that your water level has some type of issue. This means that the water level has dropped below the level which it should be. This at times occurs during the rinse or wash cycles. If this happens then you need to check the drain immediately and if that is fine then you will have to check the tub and hoses attached to the machine.

Error codes IE, 1IE

If your washing machine displays then this means that the water level sensor has some sort of issue. When you see this error code you immediately need to turn the washer off first off. And then check all the connections to your washer. You will probably need to get a new water level sensor if it is the worst case scenario however, you might just need to fix the connections.


E*’ Error codes OE

This message is usually associated with an issue with water overflowing. This is almost always why this message is displayed on your Samsung washer. So when you see this message, you need to check the water connection. You will either need to replace them or fix them up a little. If the water connection and valves are fine the problem is within the water level sensor itself and thus needs to be replaced.

Error dc, UE

This error is usually displayed when the load for the washer is a little too much. This error usually occurs when the spin cycle is in its final stage and becomes unbalanced. When you see this particular error, you have two options; you can either choose to cancel the cycle or just let it complete itself. Next time you do your laundry make sure you balance your load and if the error still occurs. If this still does not fix the issue then you will need to check the suspension system to see if that has any damage or issues.

E2, bE2

This error comes on your screen when your control panel key has become jammed and you can try to loosen it up manually but if this does not work then you will need to buy a new board for your washing machine and replace the current one.


This error is shown when the door does not lock properly. When you see this error all you will need to do is check the lock for the door and if that still does not work after you tinker with it and try a few times then you will need to replace the lock entirely.

tE, TE1

When you see these two Samsung VRT Steam Washer Error Codes it means that the temperature of the water is too high or it even may be too low. If you see this error then you need to run a diagnostic test to check what the water’s temperature is. You might have to get a new temperature sensor is the issue persists since it might be broken and giving an incorrect reading which might be causing the errors to appear.


This error is displayed when there is no signal from the tachometer. What you need to do to get rid of this error is to check all the wire connections inside the machine itself. And if all the connections are intact and perfectly fine then you need to change the tachometer itself entirely.


This error usually comes about when there is an issue with the heater relay. The first thing you should do upon seeing this error is unplug the washer itself and wait for about five minutes the re-set your control board for the washing machine. Once this is done, you can plug in your washer again. If this error is still displayed than the issue is probably with the entire control board and it needs to be changed.

nF1, 4E2

These Samsung VRT Steam Washer Error Codes mean that your hot and cold water connections are messed up and have exchanged with one another. You need to turn off the power for the washer and then connect them again carefully in the correct slots.


This error comes about when the internal control board has failed. If you see this error, then you need to turn off the power supply to the washer and wait for five minutes before you plug it in again. While you reset the entire control board. If the error is still there, you will probably need to replace your entire electric board.

Sud, SUd

This error code is pretty straight forward; there are too many suds and you will just need to get better detergent next time.


This error shows that your electronic control board is not relaying messages to your interface board. You will merely have to check connections and the harness itself. If everything checks out and nothing is amiss then you need to either change the interface board or the electronic both or if it is the worst case scenario then both of them.


This error usually affects the electronic control board and for this you will again need to unplug the entire machine for about 5 or 6 minutes. Once you have done this, you will need to reset the control board and do this when you plug the machine in again. If the error persists after you have done this you will need a new electronic control board.




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