A Guide to Save Instagram Videos!

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Instagram is that social media platform that does not need any formal introduction and is that sort of social networking web based platform where users can share their photos or videos in form of posts by using the act of hash tagging. It is a social network that has been trending in the use of bloggers; whether it is make-up blogs, photography advertisements, personal blogs, media marketing; Instagram is the right place to do it at.

However watching all these amazing blogs at times gives the urge to Save Instagram Videos so that you can watch them later or may be send it to someone, even though there may not be an apparent option for this and this may seem like a complicated task however you must know that to Save Instagram Videos all you have to do is follow a few steps and these are described in his article.

This is what you should do to Save Instagram Videos or Stories

To be able to Save Instagram Video and Stories that were uploaded or posted in the past requires only a few simple steps which are described below for your ease in this article so follow them carefully.

Guide to Save Instagram Videos or Stories

This is that guide to Save Instagram Videos where you can save media to your cloud. Follow these step by step instructions below:

  1. First you need to grab your device where you are signed in to your Instagram Account.
  2. Then tap the Instagram App to launch it open.
  3. Now you should access the video or story that you want to save from Instagram.
  4. Then click on the button for menu present at the right hand side of the lower side of the display and is shown by three dots.
  5. Now when the pop-up menu pops open, click on the button for Save or the button for Save Photo/Video.
  6. For the Apple users you can simply click on the Save Story icon which will you save the whole story and its contents on a single video file that you can then send or keep it safe in your phone.

This is how you can Save Instagram Videos of another user

Even though it is great to save and retrieve your Instagram Videos there are users who would wish to download these videos so that they can be shared. If you are using a Mac device or a PC then you can easily do this using any web based program of Instagram whether on iOS or Android, users have found functional work around these third party apps. These workarounds are described below for you.

  • You can Save Instagram Videos on your computer
  • You can Save Instagram Videos from your browser

How to Save Videos from Instagram to Your Computer?

To be able to Save Instagram Videos on your computer or PC these are the instructions that you need to follow:

  1. Access your installed web browser and go to the Instagram page where your desired video is present that you want to download on your PC.
  2. Then right tap at any place outside of this page where the video has been posted
  3. Now the menu for context pops up, you can choose the View Source or the Inspect Element.

Note: This procedure might vary for different web browsers.

  1. Now a fresh tap will pop open which would show you the source code of the whole page. Then open the find field of the browser by making use of the keyboard shortcuts which are as follows: Ctrl+F on Windows and the Cmd+F command on mac OS device.
  2. Now when the Edit Field shows up you must type in the following: mp4
  3. This will pop open many highlighted results and each of these will carry a URL along with it. All you have to do is copy and paste the very first of these URL’s.
  4. Now you must launch open a new tab and simply paste the copied URL onto your address bar of the web browser and then hit the Enter or Return button.
  5. The desired video will then begin loading in the standalone player then you should right tap anywhere within the video post and simply tap on the “Save Video as” button.
  6. Once the save video location appears, save this video using your desired filename and the file location where you wish to save the MP4 video file on your PC’s hard drive.
  7. There! You are good to go and enjoy saving your Instagram video file.

How to Save Videos from Instagram to Your Phone or Tablet?

Both of the Android and iOS users have the capacity to save videos on Instagram from other user’s profiles on to their own camera roll spaces however this can only be done using a third party app however you must know that many of these third party apps will not give you the promised services and many of these are infiltrated with horrible malware and other programs that you do not wish to have on your device.

If you wish to Save Instagram Video or send it to any other device such as your smart phone or your tablet or any other device then we would advise you that you must save it on your PC using the instructions and guide explained above and then send it to your device using email or using a connecting cable or Bluetooth or any other method that fits this case.

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