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The SBCGlobal Service is the subsidiary of AT&T. It provides internet, voice and long distance communication services globally. The SBCGlobal offers its services to several federal and private organizations, universities and companies. Initially it was called Ameritech Information Systems; later in 2000 it was named SBC Global Service. The SBCGlobal internet provider offers many bundles and packages for its customers, keeping in mind their interests and trending things. It is well known for its great service but is more popular for its services and offers for customers.

Let’s clear the confusion between SBCGlobal.net, AT&T mail and Yahoo mail

Here is the simple and detailed explanation to give a better understanding between the SBCGlobal, AT&T and Yahoo Mail. The SBC from SBCGlobal are for Southwestern Bell Company. This company SBC bought a well-known company AT&T in 2005. Thus SBC decides to keep the AT&T name as it has a good name internationally and nationally. After this merger the loyal customers who already had an account with SBCGlobal were migrated to AT&T Yahoo service. All the mailing account were transferred to Yahoo mail. This is why the SBCGlobal.net account holders have to access their accounts through Yahoo’s att.net portal.

I hope this simple but a bit confusing relation is clear now. In simple words, the AT&T was bought by SBC which changed their name to AT&T. So SBCGlobal.net mail is Att.net mail. And as AT&T was long time partners with Yahoo, so it is Yahoo’s att.net portal where SBCGlobal mail login is done.

Keep track of data usage and call logs by accessing SBCGlobal.net Email Login

In order to access the online SBCGlobal.net Email login account, you are required to open the Yahoo mail Att.net login page in your internet browser. As AT&T Internet service and Yahoo are official partners, so the AT&T mail is accessible through Yahoo mail. Whenever you browse for SBCGlobal.net; you are automatically taken to Yahoo mail/att.net mail login page. To have a successful login process, make sure you have a reliable and uninterrupted internet connection. On the SBCGlobal.net page you are required to enter data in the fields shown on the right side of the same page. You have to enter the AT&T Email in the first field and AT&T unique password for your account in the second field. Once you have entered the data, click login button to complete the login process and access the account.

The functions you can perform after the access to the SBCglobal login account are numerous. You can check you past emails, create new one, save the emails as drafts. Receive and send the mails. Keep backup of all your emails. You can save the email addresses of the contacts to connect with them. In an email you can attach documents, image, video, audio files. It is quick and reliable mean to communicate.

If you are new on AT&T, you can even create a new account by clicking at the option ‘create AT&T account’ on the same login page. Here you can sign up for a personal account and enjoy the services offered by SBCglobal.

Useful SBCGlobal Email Settings for a proficient use

To acquire the maximum use of the SBCglobal email one has to do the settings accordingly. Follow the given instructions for better functioning. Before you start with the setup, you must know about the terms related to the settings. The AT&T have many domains, which includes att.net, bellsouth.net, flash.net, prodigy.net, pacbell.net and snet.net. The SBCglobal email is also one of the domains that AT&T has provided. For every email server there is a server setting. Each server has two main ports, which are POP Server/ Port setting and SMTP Server/ Port setting. All the email services are under POP3 protocol. And each for each port setting there is a POP3 Username setting. The POP3 is the valid protocol for SBCglobal.

Not only the sbcglobal.net requires SSL but rather every domain by AT&T requires the SSL as well as SBCglobal.

  • net is the simple email server domain setting for SBCGlobal email
  • The POP Server/ Port setting is inbound.att.net/995 for SBCGlobal
  • The SMTP Server/ Port setting is outbound.stt.net/465 for SBCGlobal
  • CustomerID@sbcglobal.net is the valid POP3 username format for SBCGlobal

The benefits of having right SBCGlobal.net email settings is during the sign up of your account and when you are verifying the account. The email setting mentioned above are precisely for email servers. If you are using any other email user like Microsoft outlook or Mac OSX mail, then the settings for email may vary depending upon the mailing software you are using. As the ways for setup and verification of the earlier mentioned two mailing software if different so the settings will also be different.

Guidance at every step for safer mailing experience: SBC Global Email Support

If you are using any other domains for sign up and verification of the SBCglobal mail, then you might need help from the AT&T. You can easily find guidelines for email settings from AT&T Support on SBCglobal.net in the domain section. To do the right settings for the specific domain is very important as it improves the mailing experience.

On the AT&T Support page you can find answers to any query. There are descriptions on many topics related to mail. Queries like how to create an email, resetting the passcode for your account, keeping the backup, creating folders, sorting out mails, deactivating the SBC Global mail, blocking the undesirable mails and much more. You can also find the instructional videos on topics.

SBC Global cares for its customers more than anyone: SBC Global Helpline

SBC Global is always at the rescue for their valuable customers. If you are not able to solve your problem by seeking help from SBC Global support page online, then you may contact the helpline numbers to talk to the customer service representative. The representatives are friendly and well aware of all the technical related things. Feel free to get assistance regarding any problem you are facing; password resetting, connectivity issue or any other, they’ll be there to help you at any hour. You can easily find these contact numbers on the SBCglobal.net from Contact Us tab. For quick fix, the AT&T have the live chat option in their contact us tab. There you can directly chat with the customer service representative and get the rapid response to get your request processed.

Reset your password at SBC Global

To access the SBC Global account you have to enter the correct User ID and the passcode for the account. If either of the one is not correct you may not be able to complete the login process. In this case you have to reset the password if you have forgotten it. To reset the password, click on the Forgot Password option on the login page. This will lead you to the password reset page. On this page in order to set new password you have to verify and enter few fields like your User ID, Last name, and answer to security question. Once you have filled out the information you can now set new password for your account. In case of incorrect User ID or if you have forgotten it, you can also recover it. On the same password reset page you have an option to recover the User ID. For it you have to recovery email that you entered on the time of registration. When you’ll enter the recovery email, the AT&T would send the mail to that email address with a link that will guide you further to the process of resetting your User ID.

SBCGlobal Login: A trusted mean of networking

SBCGlobal is a project of SBC (Southwestern Bell Company) which is an internet provider. SBC bought AT&T Company and changed its name to AT&T. They did this because AT&T was already a well-known telecom company. The SBCGlobal not only provides its services nationally but its services are available overseas.

SBCGlobal Login is an account login which is provided to each one of their customers for the convenience. Its main purpose is to make feasible for the client to keep track of their records regarding mobile data, call logs, emails, billings, backups, TV etc. The SBCGlobal login account is protected and private data of each client. This account login can be done through Yahoo.

To successfully enter the SBCGlobal Login account one has to perform few steps. But before following any steps you have to make sure of certain things. Get your hands on a PC, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. Ensure that the device is sufficiently charged or is attached to an electricity output. Look for a reliable and good internet connection. Once you have validate the above mentioned pre-requisites, now you may start with the login process.

For SBCGlobal Login you need to open the online page att.net login page. SBCGlobal.net mail is the part of att.net mail. You can even access att.net through Yahoo! As they have the collaboration so it is accessible through it. Once you have opened the login page you will see two data entry fields on the right side of the page to be filled. In the first field enter your User ID of AT&T provided to you from the company. Next is to enter the passcode for your account. Once the data is entered correctly now click the Login button at the bottom. This will take you to your personal SBCGlobal mail.

This account has all the data related to you. Your personal mobile data usage statements, the call history, incomings and outgoings. From this mail account you can even create new mails, send and receive mails. Keep your contacts saved here and can even contact them from here via mail.

Useful Links

The following are the links you might need to access and look for each mentioned things above in the text.

Login page- https://loginprodx.att.net


AT&T Support- https://www.att.com/esupport/

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