How to Set Up iCloud Mail IMAP Access?

You can easily access the iCloud Mail on the web and the configuration of iCloud mail on Mac OS X, macOS Mail and on other iDevices is a simple process as well. This procedure is simple to follow and can integrate iCloud Mail to ever email program on PC’s, cell phones, tablets through the IMAP set up procedure. Hence if you love a particular email program you can simply integrate your iCloud Mail on to it so that you don’t have to toggle between multiple emails servers to check your emails.

IMAP protocol will allow you to access only the recently received messages in your inbox in addition to an easy access to every folder, files across various devices and being able to synchronize the sent mail.

You also must configure a particular set of SMTP server settings which will be used by the email program to deliver emails that are independent of the IMAP settings but the same set of settings can be applied to any email program available on your phone or laptop or tablet. This article will guide you on how to set up iCloud Mail IMAP access along with the SMTP settings that you need to configure.

Guide to Set Up iCloud Mail IMAP Access on to your Email Program

In order to be able to set up iCloud Mail IMAP access on to your favorite email program, you must first create a new IMAP account using the settings configuration as described below so that you can easily download all your incoming emails:

  • For the IMAP server use and then go for or in case the first one doesn’t work out.
  • For the settings of Port: Simply use 993
  • When it comes to STARTTLS: It is not required here.
  • In case of SSL/TLS: Yes that is required in these settings
  • To enter the Username under its field: simply type in your email address for the iCloud Mail. This could end in “” or in “” For instance if your iCloud email address is “,” then you can simply enter “” under your username.
  • In the field of Password: Simply type in your password for the iCloud account.

The default settings for iCloud Mail SMTP

If you want to use your favorite email program to compose and send emails then you must configure the following settings:

  • In the place of SMTP server: simply enter this “”
  • For the Port: You must enter “587”
  • When it comes to the STARTTLS: Yes it is indeed required
  • In case of the SSL/TLS: No it isn’t needed in these set of settings
  • Under the field of Username: Once again simply type in your iCloud Mail email address
  • For the requirement of Password: Give your iCloud password in the field.

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