What does “Shawty” mean?   

Have you ever seen someone use the word shawty” in chatting or text messages? Or have you even observed anyone comment “shawty” on someone’s Instagram post and have always wondered what it means?. Then let us tell you that Shawty is essentially the slang word for “shorty” and is used to refer to someone who is attractive.

This article will tell you all that you need to know about the usage of the word “Shawty” including the situations where you can use it and where to avoid it.

How can you use the word “Shawty”?

At times when the word “Shawty” is used it is added with other additional slang words to keep the tone of voice consistent and emphasize of this genre of language. The following are some of the examples which will help you better understand the user of the word “Shawty”.

  • “How u doin shawty?”
  • “That Shawty a lil crazy but sexy AF”
  • “Been out with this shawty all weekend but she actin like I don’t have a GF nigga.”

You The Do’s and Don’ts of using “Shawty”!

You must always keep in mind that “Shawty” is a term of slang language and hence must be used at appropriate moments because it can praise some people while also offend others so it is important that you consider who you are referring to while using this word.

You can use “Shawty” when

  1. You are talking to someone on text that you know previously and have a comfort level with to know that it is okay to use this sort of slang reference with them. If you have that level of understanding with your spouse, partner or any friend then you can safely use the word “Shawty” with them in any conversation. This would show them that you have some kind of attraction towards them. People who know you have sweet intentions will always like you using this word in the conversation.
  2. You are casually chatting with someone you have never met in person or have recently met and are talking with them over chats or maybe you have seen someone attractive on your way home or on someone Facebook post and want to text them then it is safe to use the word “Shawty”.
  3. You wish to use this slang term to give someone a compliment. When using the word “Shawty” with someone always say it with kindness so that you don’t sound like a creep. Sometimes people can interpret this word differently hence it is important to see the context of the conversation before using this word.

Never use “Shawty” when

  1. You are talking to any stranger or a friend of a friend you have recently started talking to.
  2. You are in the middle of a respectful conversation especially when on professional terms. It is natural to find a colleague, professor, teacher or your boss attractive however this doesn’t give anyone the license to call them “Shawty” because it isn’t professional.
  3. You are having a fight with someone and you wish to offend them or use this term in a derogatory manner. Even though at times people will get offended regardless of the usage of this term but you can make it sound really mean when you intentionally use it in a fight.

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