7 Best Smart Backpacks Reviews (2020 Buying Guide)

Smart Backpacks

The 7 Best Smart Backpacks of 2020 for your smart travel or work or school.

In the past decade everything has gone from basic and conventional to smart with the advancements in technology so why should backpacks take the back seat? The Smart Backpacks are not only the fashion forward way but are tech savvy as well.

The keep your belongings secure against theft, come equipped with power banks while allow you to charge your gadgets through solar power. You can also plug and play in your favorite music on the go.

The smart backpacks are perfect for nomadic tech savvy travelers or even for those who are employed at jobs that require them to travel around frequently.

Since the market competition for smart backpacks is on the rise, we have compiled the list of 7 Best Smart Backpacks of 2020 that you can read through and select the most suitable one for yourself.

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The 7 Best Smart Backpacks 2020: Type & Reviews

  1. The XD Design Bobby Tech Smart Backpack

The first one in the list if the XD Design Bobby Tech Smart Backpack which hardly has any drawbacks that we can point out. It is too realistically smart to be true, like an intelligent robotic companion but with aesthetics.

The front side of the bag is equipped with a solar panel powered at 8.5W/1.4A/5V. If you ever run low on charge, plug in your phone or iPod into the USB plug and charge your device fully for a good 3.5 hours.

Moreover, this bag is smartly designed keeping in anti theft perspectives in view, it cannot be accessed from the front hence anyone trying to rummage through the bag would hardly find anything. There are additional two pockets where you can even fit your laptop while side sleeves can adjust your other stuff such as chargers or clothes.

There are options for phone and bottle holders as well making this product literally the best travel partner. Even though it is not one of the budget friendly options but the features are worth every penny that you pay.

The Benefits

  • It is powered with anti theft technology
  • Can easily adjust laptops and tablets
  • In built solar panel
  • Features a phone and bottle strap holders
  • Characterizes secret RFID pockets
  • Offers wireless charging for devices
  • You can use 2 USB ports; one of them is C-Type

The Drawbacks

  • Not budget friendly
  • Relatively small then others
  • Power bank needs to be purchased separately

2.      The Yalundisi Unisex Laptop Smart Backpack


The Yalundisi Unisex Laptop Smart Backpack is one of those options that can take you into the future in fact the next era. It has an elegant, fashion forward outlook with an ideal size for everyday use as well as for short travels. However, this may not be the best option size wise for long travel plans.

You will find a USB port for charging your devices and gadgets towards the side however power bank you will have to buy separately. Next comes the featured headphone jack for all the music lovers. It however, does not have solar panel and anti theft technology but this is what makes it super budget friendly.

Price wise it offers a great deal of things and can in fact turn out to be your best travel companion on short trips.

The Benefits

  • Highly Affordable
  • Features a holder for bottles
  • Spacious Laptop space
  • Elegant style
  • Resistant to water damage

The Drawbacks

  • Anti Theft technology is absent
  • Only top loading option, things deep down cannot be easily accessed 

3.      The Tigernu Business Travel Smart Backpack

Number three on our list of Best Smart Backpacks is the Tigernu Travel Backpack which has best user reviews and ratings.

It features a USB port for your device charging, is resistant to water damage, secret pockets and is smartly divided into special compartments offering ample space.

It even has a back strap that can connect with suitcase handles on your long trips. All you need to do is access you suitcase handle and tie it over the strap on your backpack and you are good to go.

Moreover, the construction material is highly durable and can resistant damage easily. It even has pads towards the shoulder side to make your traveling easier and more comfortable. This one is literally hard to fault.

The Benefits

  • Offers complete value for its cost
  • Only best quality standard material used in construction
  • Features anti theft compartments
  • Can easily hold tablets and laptops
  • Many compartments and sleeves
  • Built in charging cable and USB port
  • Resistant to water damage

The Drawbacks

  • Solar panel is absent

4.      The XT Power Hiking Solar Powered Smart Backpack

The XT Power Hiking Solar Powered Smart Backpack can be an ideal companion for hiking lovers. It is a compact sized backpack with a removable solar panel attached to the front.

It is powered by the XT power which straightforward while its construction material is highly durable to survive the rough hiking trips. The shoulders are padded while there a strap for the chest as well to make carriage easier.

While the solar panel is removable you can easily charge your gadgets and devices on the move. Even though it is expensive but it offers the luxury for its price but is not relatively fashion forward as compared to its competitors.

There is one major drawback which is that it does not have any laptop sleeves or compartments for tablets. All in all, this option is ideal for the outdoor or hiking lovers.

The Benefits

  • Powered by solar panel of 6.5W, 6V, 1.1A
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Resistant to damage by water
  • Scratch proof material
  • Lightweight and portable
  • USB and micro USB cable available

The Drawbacks

  • Not stylish in appearance
  • High Budgeted
  • Less space in terms of sleeves and compartments

5.      Tzowla Anti-Theft Smart Backpack for Travel

The next backpack on our list is the Tzowla Anti Theft Travel Smart Backpack which essentially is a complete package in a highly affordable budget. In less than 30 dollars you can get everything you need for smart and comfort traveling.  

Even though it does not have an eye catching appeal but it still offers great value for what it is priced at and makes an ideal day to day companion.

You will find a USB port with an inbuilt cable however power bank is not available but a headphone slot and password protection features makes this product stand out among the rest.

Also, there are two large compartments with sleeves ideal for laptop or a tablet. Even the construction material is highly long lasting and resistant to any damage by water.

The Benefits

  • Highly Affordable
  • Offers complete value for the price
  • Durable construction material
  • Offers password protection lock for security
  • Can pack laptop and tablet both
  • Featured USB port and charging cable
  • Featured headphone slot
  • Resistant to water damage

The Drawbacks

  • The backpack does not have a power bank
  • Not solar powered
  • May be small in size for many

6.      The Bopai Business Travel Smart Backpack

The Bopai Business Travel Smart Backpack is elegant, fashion forward and smart backpack. Made out of the best quality material, it is highly durable with a smart design and collection of useful features. Its appearance is also the best one out of all.

It has a business like outlook so makes it ideal for your business expeditions and work related travel. It is compact in size but the size can be increased by 40% in case you need to load more items than your usual list.  

Moreover, there is a USB port with an internal cable along with secret pockets where you can stash cash or valuable items. Also you can use the leather pulls to connect to zippers which come in super handy. Lastly, it also has an easy to access laptop sleeve along with other useful sleeve to load your items in to.

The Benefits

  • Has an elegant design
  • Constructed out of best quality, durable materials
  • Secretive pockets for protection
  • Spacious laptop sleeves
  • USB port with charging cable
  • Resistant to damages by water

The Drawbacks

  • Not exactly budget friendly
  • Size is relatively small but can be extended

7.      The Mark Ryden Laptop Anti-Theft Smart Backpack

The last but for sure not the least in our Best Smart Backpack list is Mark Ryden Anti Theft Laptop Smart Backpack which along with its top notch quality is a budget friendly option as well.  

It is fashion forward along with multiple anti theft characteristics however lacks the solar panels. Yet it is hard to be stolen and has a elegant outlook. The unique this is that you can open this back pack like a hand carry to easily access and pack your items. It is also completely resistant to water damage.

The inner finish has many pockets and is indeed quite spacious as well. It also offers a USB port so you can charge your devices on the move.

All in all, this is an ideal travel or work bag with everything that a smart backpack should offer.

The Benefits

  • It can easily fit your laptop and tablets
  • Opens like a suitcase for quick access and packing
  • Good number of pockets and compartments
  • Resistant to damages by water
  • Scratch proof
  • Budget Friendly

The Drawbacks

  • Not spacious enough to pack clothes
  • Kind of over filled with compartments

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