Can You Find Snapchat Alternatives Out There?

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The technology gods give you access to a million applications. These applications include the pre-existing ones and the latest ones too. So really the numbers of how many applications are out there is unknown! However, out of these many applications, each day you only access a handful. And, if you are trying out something new by the end of the day you go back to something you are used to. However, sometimes things that you are used to can backfire. There can be a trillion reasons as to why you would like to replace them without something that gives you similar results with the extraction of any blunders that one application has made for you. One of such applications then is Snapchat. Now believe us when we say that Snapchat cannot get any more famous than it is already. The features that Snapchat carries really grab your attention and before you know it, you become a Snapchat addict. Nevertheless, have you ever wonder if the internet world consists of Snapchat alternatives? Well in this article we are  going to mention a few Snapchat alternatives that you might give a try to. Because who knows, at the end of today you might find one of these easier to use than Snapchat. You might find their features and results more high definition than Snapchat? Read ahead and find it out for yourself!

Now Snapchat was established back in the September of 2011 by Stanford students Reggie Brown, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. Just as this media sharing application was released, it reached the roof! Snapchat is an application that allows you to send pictures and videos out to your friends. However, what is different here is that your friends only get to view your picture or video messages for only a few seconds (and yes, the time limit is set by you!) and then it is deleted! Yes, the media files cannot be kept or stored by your friends. However, if you wish to you can download them before sending them out. This application then became popular among those who love to be silly and comical without leaving a trace. Snapchat also allows you to upload 24 hour time frame stories that can be viewed by all your friends and public as well (if you change the settings this way!) After that set limit, these stories that are made up of both pictures and videos are deleted. Snapchat also allows you to have fun with the media messages that you send; You can add filters, write captions, add stickers and emojis and so on. The latest update of Snapchat allows you to send instant messages as well. Still, the rule remains the same. Everything on this application only lasts until it is viewed.

While Snapchat is for keeps, you might have several issues with it. There is a possibility that this application is taking up a lot of space on your mobile phone. It could also be that the features are not easier for you to function (because well, there are just so many of them!). Other than that, you might not have many friends on Snapchat at all. This could really be a bother because Snapchat is no fun unless you have people to mess around with. Or, you might simply want to try out Snapchat alternatives out of curiosity. Whatever your motivation is behind looking for Snapchat alternatives, we will surely help you out with a lot of them!

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The first from our Snapchat alternatives is Telegram. Now Telegram itself is a fairly recent messaging application (Just came out in 2013, Ya’ll!) While Telegram might be a new application, the founders provide Telegram users with updates, more features and improvements each day. With Telegram you do not have to stick to one single platform to access your application data. You can use Telegram on your mobile as well as on your desktop. All your data is synced to your account! Telegram is available on Android supporting devices, iOS devices, Windows phones, Mac, Linux and so on. With Telegram you can create groups with a limit of 500 people. You can send pictures, documents, voice notes, videos, instant messages and so on. If any of your information is sensitive, simply get it removed with a custom timer. This way, Telegram is more private and secure and keeps anything from leaking out. With encrypted messages, Telegram keeps your data away from hackers. If you wish to have a little more privacy than Snapchat, then Telegram is your way to go!

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Another one of Snapchat alternatives is Wickr Messenger. With this new application you have the ability to send text messages, videos, files, sound clips and so on. You have the freedom to choose any device to operate Wickr Messenger on; Whether its Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and so on. Similar to Telegram, it allows you to create groups with your friends and family, send private chats, set expiration dates for the media files that you share. If your hands are busy (Say, you are driving!), you can simply send audio messages in your group or private chats. Wickr Messenger allows you to share any file stored in your internet cloud. And, with this it become a strong contender of Snapchat!

when it life happens it just happens

A third of possible Snapchat alternatives is ooVoo application. This application allows you to make free of any cost video calls, text your friends and family for free and send free voice messages as well without worrying about the MMS charges. Do you wish to appear as an emoji and chat with your friends? Well, with ooVoo that is absolutely possible. So now if you wish to become a poop emoji and chat with your friends and family it can happen (It is okay if that’s just silly!). You can then pay a visit to the ooVoo Store and select an avatar icon for yourself. During your texts and chats you can even add pictures, videos, stickers and so on. While ooVoo does not have a feature that allows you to add stories or have group chats, it lets you make high quality video calls to anyone for free! In addition to that, this application allows you to have video calls with up to 12 people at the same time!

If you were using Snapchat just for its crazy filters, you can look through our list of alternative applications that allow you to add fun filters to your pictures and videos before you send them out!

filter options

Masquerade is another one of Snapchat alternatives that is available on both; Android and iOS. Also known as MSQRD this is a popular filter application that helps you animate your selfie faces in any whimsical way possible! You can create both videos and pictures with this application and then if you wish to, you can broadcast them live on Facebook. Because this application was originally acquired by Facebook. You can now use MSQRD with your Instagram stories as well. However, the problem with this application is that it is not regularly updated.

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On the other hand, we have Snow. This is a South Korean application that emphasizes more on filter effects. You will most probably find some filters on this application that are quite similar to popular Snapchat filters and other social media sites. You have a plethora of filters and stickers to choose from while Snow also allows you to chat with your friends, upload 48-hour time frame stories, and send out GIFS. If anyone takes a screenshot, like Snapchat you get notified instantly!

Moving forward, we have another application known as BOO! Which comes with a lot of fun filters. You can snap pictures or film videos and then broadcast them live for your friends. It allows you to integrate your art with (popular music video application). Like Snapchat, it allows you to add captions, doodle on your filter filled pictures and videos and so on. What’s exciting is that BOO! Contains daily challenges for the BOO! Community. This helps you unlock even more filters!

filtered faces

Similar to Snow, we now have Camera360 which contains popular facial recognition filters. This application is also from South Korea and contains more than 100 filters that you can choose from. Unlike many applications that we have already mentioned, Camera360 comes with additional filters. It allows you to smooth out any imperfections and take your selfie game to the next level.

making video

Lastly, we have Face Swap Live. This application was up and running even before Snapchat came up with its Face Swap filter. Basically, this application allows you to switch your face with another one of your friend in real time. You can even record a video of your face swap creation. Further, you can make in application purchases to upgrade your experience.

Give any one of these applications a try and see if you find anything that interests you. We hate to say it, but there is a lot more coming to this world that has the potential to be better than Snapchat. If not better, these upcoming and already existing applications can be just as fun!

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