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Use these Snapchat Saver Apps to Secretly Take Screenshots!

If you want to bypass Snapchat’s pesky no screenshot policy here is how to do it.



Snapchat is one of the most popular applications in terms of social media applications. This should not be surprising considering according to the last official statistics gained, it was seen that Snapchat had about 166 million daily active users! That is by any means a huge number. Certain countries have populations which are smaller than this number!

However, Snapchat has fairly humble beginnings. It was founded by three guys at Stanford university who had the idea of making an application which would send user images or post images which would disappear in a given number of time. This was a great idea according to all three of them and they set about to making this idea into a reality. This first culminated into an application called Picaboo but with time and tweaking the trio had turned into a duo in the meantime; they decided to re-launch the application and renamed it as Snapchat. The two had no idea just how successful the application would be one day.

Slowly but surely Snapchat has turned into a giant amongst tech companies. And with the immense funding and resources Snapchat now has they are constantly innovating and adding new features to their application. Initially Snapchat could only send and post pictures. Now you can make videos on Snapchat, add filters to your pictures, change your voice, use SnapMaps and much more. The application has totally transformed in the last few years and has become one of the most popular social media application. So much so that other social media giants like Instagram and Facebook felt threatened by their reach enough to steal their idea and add stories to their platforms as well.

According to the CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel, the popularity of Snapchat has to do with the simplicity of it. With the internet there is a lot of pressure on people about what you will post online will remain online forever. But with Snapchat you can be safe in the knowledge that what you post will disappear after a certain period of time and hence you need not be worried.

The popularity of Snapchat has taken the world by storm and it is not surprising since the people behind the application and constantly working to make the application better for users.

Screenshotting on Snapchat

Screenshotting on Snapchat

It is no secret that if you take a screenshot on Snapchat, the other person whose post, snap, video or conversation you are screenshotting will be alerted as to what you are doing. They immediately get a notification that something they have sent has been snapchatted. This makes for a very uncomfortable confrontation and at times may end friendships. Imagine taking a screenshot of someone’s story and having to meet someone the next day; what an awkward encounter!

Snapchat has put this feature in place to ensure that people do not screenshot and to discourage this behavior. The entire premise of Snapchat is to let people post pictures and send pictures which disappear after a while thus taking a screenshot totally defeats this purpose.

Even we ethically should advise you that it might not be the best course of action to take a screenshot of someone else’s’ story. But if you still insist on doing so then take a look at these following Snapchat saver apps which will help you take screenshots of other peoples’ Snapchats. But we should warn you that Snapchat is always cracking down on such applications and there is a chance that by the time you read this article, Snapchat has disabled this application and you will not be able to take a screenshot using these. And not to mention a lot of these Snapchat saver apps require a lot of complicated information from you in order to work.

A lot of times applications like these have a lot of issues. Apart from the bugs they tend to have little to no investment behind them thus they cannot function that well. Imagine an application designed by a few people who have little money to sustain it trying to work against a company as big as Snapchat. This would be almost useless because a company like Snapchat has unlimited resources and has an entire team of experts devoted to cracking down on third party apps trying to let users take screenshots. So it is almost futile to expect any of these Snapchat saver apps can last in the long run against the tech giant that is Snapchat.

If you are adamant however on taking screenshots of Snapchats that other people post or send to you then take a look at these follow Snapchat saver apps that we have compiled in a list form to see which one will be fit your purposes the best.

  1. SnapStory

As far as Snapchat saver apps go, SnapStory is a pretty good one. It is only available for Android phones right now. The application lets you capture as many screenshots and make as many screen recordings as you want. Unlike other applications which promise to let you take screenshots; SnapStory does not require you to login with your Snapchat credentials on the application. It also works on devices which are non-rooted and the application claims that they prevent Snapchat bans and account lock outs for users.

The rating for this application is pretty good on the Google Play store at 4.4 currently. Let us discuss if SnapStory is worth the bother and delivers on everything they claim to do.

As expected such apps which try to bypass other app’s functions always have a lot of bugs; so does SnapStory. Once you download the application you will be shown a tutorial. The anonymous screenshot promise is delivered however the saved screenshots have to be saved to your phone’s gallery manually. The screen recording capabilities of this one of many Snapchat saver apps is pretty good but it can crash on you whenever it pleases. If SnapStory does not work that well on your phone, you can still keep it on your phone to make screen recordings and much more.

snapchat on phone

However, the issue with SnapStory that a lot of users report is the constant advertisements. While it is totally acceptable and even expected for applications to use advertisements but there is a certain point beyond which you cannot bear advertisements. You can choose to buy the premium ad-free version for a couple of bucks but that it totally your own choice.

  1. Casper

Casper is a very popular application when it comes to having applications which are supposed to take anonymous screenshots and screen recordings on Snapchat. So as far as Snapchat saver apps go this is a pretty popular one. And this fact is pretty surprising considering that this application is not allowed on the official app stores because it violates certain copyrights held by Snapchat. This a third party application which will let you save snaps and keep them on your phone. However, the application has some negative reviews in terms of how stable it is and the security issues it comes with. You can get the APK file for Casper on various websites.

Once you have it downloaded on your phone, it is very easy to use. Once you have done this you can login to your Snapchat account through the Casper application. This lets the application have access to your Snapchat account and let you use Snapchat through their platform. However the functionality is fairly limited since all the filters and other new features by Snapchat are not available through this application and the features like stories and chat which are available are incredibly bug ridden so it is very hard to do anything with it properly. Thus it might be a good idea to not take the risk with Casper but if you think it is worth the risk then go on ahead.

  1. DU Recorder

This is another amazing application which is available only on Android currently. The thing with DU Recorder is that it is great for screen recordings and does the trick. It is a great application because it has no advertisements bugging you ever minute and it also has options which lets you edit videos and what not. This is a great application for you if you want to take anonymous screenshots on Snapchat since when DU Recorder is running in the background trying to capture everything you do and view on screen, you will that it works well without any glitches and does not shut down and crash in between. This is a great one from all of the Snapchat saver apps. It is incredibly user friendly with a lot of tools and shortcuts which will make your user experience on DU Recorder absolutely delightful.

You can make recordings of whatever you choose and stitch them together with your editing tools on DU Recorder as well as other features such as adding effects and editing the recording in other ways as well. As far as Snapchat saver apps go, this one just might be the best.

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