The Top 3 Storage Management Software in the Market!

Any business whether large or small scaled needs an ample amount of storage especially as much of it as you can get even if it is for emails and their follow-ups and for other imperative tasks as well such as crucial applications, host documents, web pages, servers, server exchange and overall devices. Considering all those, it is hard not to have a good Storage Management Software.

The Monitoring Tool used on your network should be able to keep close communication with the Storage Management Software even for one system operating in form of a NAS or as a separate SAN device in form of tape driver and you can obviously leave the LUNs somewhere back. In the bigger enterprises setups you must have a well equipped LUN Monitoring Tool to make sure that all RAIDs are systematically distributed and used it to their full functionality.

Top Storage Management and Monitoring Tools and Software Packages

Listed below are the Top 3 Storage Management Software that can used for effective storage monitoring, you can give these a trail run to select the best one for yourself and your system.

  1. Solarwinds’ Multi-Vendor Storage Performance & Capacity Monitoring

Solarwinds’ Storage Management Software gives a real time monitoring ability to a wide range of vendors including the simple and comprehensive dashboards plus their interfaces. The software suite gives a complete feature range to cater to both physical stores and visual ones and can get through many layers of the virtualization aspect to fully view the real storage setup which can beneficial with how tough virtualization can be and especially when its layered with multiple covers!

This software suite comprises of a wide range of alerts that are already configured with many monitoring tools that can be customized according to your needs to ensure that central oversight is fully catered to.

Click the hyperlink ahead to download the Free Trial Version of Solarwinds’ Storage Management Software Download Free Trial Now!

2.     Nagios

Nagios Storage Management Software is an amazing piece of software which gives an impeccable variety in terms of its flexibility and overall feature functionality and not to mention is very modular. The software like SAN/NAS and some others need added plug-ins through the Nagios Software but when the Nagios is installed, you can have a complete set of functionality in terms of all features needed for effective storage management.

Moreover it also needs the basic Nagios installation, which gives you the advantage of a management suite that is robust. But for an effective Storage Management Software, Nagios has everything anyone can need in addition to being highly flexible especially once the plug-ins are installed for customization.

You can find out further details by visiting the link given ahead:

Cost: Free Trial that begins with $1,995 with certain additional add-ons for added costs plus licenses of course!

3.     ManageEngine OpStor

ManageEngine’s OpStor is a strong Storage Management Software for a good comprehensive network interface. It has a minimalistic touch to it and is the overall interface is pleasing to the eye but does have some setbacks and many users get annoyed due to limited control, features that other software in the competition have to offer. Still it is a powerful software with a complete range of features with a great outlook given that you are open to the recent aged concept of “App” then to a Software.

To access complete details on the software, you can visit the following link ahead:

Cost: Free Trial and then the license starts at $795 and so on depending on the amount of disks that have to be monitored.

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