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You may be wondering what LML Meaning is and how it has come into use? It might be that you have seen someone with an LML comment. People use LML in a comment on any online forum such as while commenting on any Instagram photo or may include #LML in a tweet. It is in fact one of the less popular online acronyms. However if you are still wondering as to what LML Meaning is then you have landed definitely on the right page.

Now according to the popular online trends and trends in texting LML can have two potential meanings which are stated below:

  1. One could be that it is usually used to describe an emotion such as Laugh mad loud
  2. Or in an intimate relationship or maybe if you wish to refer to your pet you can use LML as a an acronym for Love my life.Capture.PNG

Now you can see that both of these meanings and referrals are poles apart from each other in difference however there are some tips and tricks you need to know to be able to use this acronym effectively without causing any harm to the other person because folks lets be real, perception is what makes all the difference in the world. To clear out the confusion this article intends to outline the LML Meaning in detail along with the potential scenarios where it can used.

LML Meaning if considered as Laugh mad loud

Now to understand this fully let’s consider LML Meaning to be a sort of a contrast of LOL which is a famous acronym used for the expression Laugh out Loud in case you find something really funny. However if you modify it intelligently then LML can easily stand for “laugh mad loud”. Hope this clarifies a lot of the confusion that this acronym has caused.

We have seen over the past decades that LOL is an acronym that has been famously used online and over text messages which has kind of masked the effect that LOL usage intends to create on the readers and users. To counteract this LML is a great alternate if you are craving to express that you are having the kind of laughter which can make stomachs hurt and eyes tear up!

We listed a few example of LML that is Laugh mat loud as follows:

  • “LML this is unbelievable how Jack got pranked last night.
  • “I just burped out loud in a restaurant full of entrepreneurs. LML!”
  • “LML! Sarah just slipped over a banana peel in the morning assembly.”
  • “OMG! Joseph and Lydia were caught making out in the broom cupboard by the janitor. LML moment man!”


LML Meaning as “LOVE MY LIFE”

If you consider the LML Meaning in form of “love my life” it can portray a totally opposite meaning to the more famously used acronym which is FML which in censored version is the short for “f*** my life,” (we assume that our readers are smart enough to understand the vulgar F- Word) or on the other hand the acronym HML which means “hate my life.” Similarly the rhyming acronym LML can be used as “love my life” to express one’s appreciation, attachment, love to any aspect of their life or an event or even your favorite person such as your parents, romantic partner, spouse or anyone else.

We listed a few example of Lml with the meaning LOVE MY LIFE as follows:

  • “So i finally got time to spend vacations with my best friend. Couldn’t be happy enough. So LML!”
  • “Just finished my semester with a 3.80 grade point average and now I am off to a trip to Maldives. I simply LML man!”
  • “He just gave me a bouquet made out of chocolates and daisies. It definitely isn’t too early to say that I LML!”


How do you know when a person is saying LML to express LOVE MY LIFE or LAUGH MAD LOUD?

Since we have explained that LML can have two potential meanings and can be used in various contexts it is safe to say that this is a very tricky acronym to use which can put the receiver in difficulty and confusion when trying to understand the context in which it is used. To ease up this trouble, tension and confusion we have come up with a list of basic questions that you need to ask yourself before you attempt at using LML in any conversation, chat or even in any comment online so that the interpretation is never masked. Here are those questions:

  1. Are the two of you having funny conversation? Or are they telling you various funny stories of past? In a case like this, if a person uses the term Lml in a chat or makes a comment on any social media platform, then it automatically indicates that they are using it as LAUGH MAD LOUD. This pretty much clears it here.
  2. Is someone making to fool around or trying to make a joke out of something? This is quite clear to know that there are people who are always trying to be sarcastic. But if you feel tha a person is trying to be humorous in their conversation, then here we have the possibility of considering it as “laugh mad loud.”
  3. Is someone posting about something or someone who you idealize or your favorite pet or an ideal situation where you have been already in past? Then you can definitely use the acronym LML in form of “Love My Life” to express you are experience the same level of exuberance.

Written by Hina Akram

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