The OXY diet could be a new protein diet, the same as the once-popular Dukan diet. However, it’s been improved to scale back the potential side effects of the protein diet.

We check what the OXY diet is and the way it can affect the body.

OXY DIET – what’s IT?

The OXY diet could be a slimming system consisting of three phases, due to which – in step with its creators – even in three weeks, you’ll be able to lose up to a dozen unnecessary kilograms. As its authors argue, the OXY diet is an improved version of the classic protein diet, which, however, doesn’t adversely affect the kidneys and liver, which is accused of the Dukan diet and improves the condition of the body and improves well-being.

What are the principles of the OXY diet?

As mentioned, it consists of three different stages – each of them lasts seven days. The menu’s idea is rich in antioxidants OXY cranberry fruit shake throughout the diet, which stimulates metabolism, and kefir and wheat bran. The creators of the diet claim that the OXY shake, when drunk, regularly supports the detoxification of the body, cleans the track, and as a result – reduces the potential side effects of a protein diet, including fatigue, heaviness, deterioration in well-being, problems with defecation, and kidney and liver problems.


The OXY diet consists of three phases: fat burning, step, and balance. What’s each of them?
The first stage of the OXY diet – fat burning – involves rapid fat reduction. At this stage, the diet of a slimming person is predicated on animal protein. Because of the very fact that it’s consumed within the correct quantity, it accelerates fat burning but doesn’t cause side effects typical of protein overdose and doesn’t burden the liver or kidneys. Cenforce 100 and cenforce 200 best for ed.
The second stage of the OXY diet – step – is to consolidate the burden loss effects achieved. Vegetable protein is included within the menu. In line with the diet authors, the ratio of vegetable to animal protein should be 50:50.
The third stage of the OXY diet – balance – is the stabilization of the load loss process. This phase of the diet is to cut back the chance of the yo-yo effect. The diet creators argue that the content of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is suitable at this stage of slimming and meets the standards recommended by the Food and Nutrition Institute.


The OXY diet raises similar doubts among specialists because of the once highly regarded Dukan diet. The OXY diet’s primary phase is incredibly the same as the strategy of weight loss criticized by nutritionists and doctors because it relies solely on animal protein. However, changes were made within the second stage, during which it’s already allowed to consume vegetable protein. Additionally, the chance of side effects is to be minimal because the amount of protein consumption is proscribed to 2 weeks. Vidalista 20 and Kamagra Oral Jelly try to cure ed. The third phase is – in step with this slimming system’s creators – nothing quite a healthy, balanced, and merely digestible diet, providing the body with all the required nutrients.

So does the OXY diet have any disadvantages? Nutritionists agree that the rapid weight loss at the start of the diet isn’t the result of burning unnecessary fat, but glycogen, i.e., excess sugar stored within the liver and skeletal muscles. It takes about a fortnight for your body to burn fat slowly. Like every fast diet, the OXY diet is related to a high risk of the yo-yo effect.


The OXY diet isn’t suitable for everybody. Among the factors that constitute a contraindication to its use are:

to its use are:

  1. pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  2. kidney and liver diseases,
  3. stomach and duodenal ulcers,
  4. kidney stones,
  5. diabetes
  6. food intolerances and allergies to protein,
  7. elevated liver test values,
  8. confirmed nutritional deficiencies,
  9. anemia,
  10. other diet-related diseases.

The OXY diet may be a reasonably new protein diet, the principles of which are kind of like the Dukan diet. In contrast, the OXY diet was presupposed to be improved to scale back the possible side effects of the protein diet. Nevertheless, the OXY weight loss system raises some doubts among nutritionists and doctors, so it’s worth consulting a specialist before using it.

Written by Faraz Butt

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