The Top 3 Best Linux Distros!      

Out in the market there is a huge variety of Linux Distros which can make you confuse if you are stepping out especially to purchase Linux item. Hence if you are someone new to this world and are confused as to how to begin then this article will discuss in detail the Top 3 Best Linux Distros hence the new users can make a suitable decision for themselves.

1.     Elementary OS

If you have experience using the Mac Operating System then the Elementary Operating System that runs on Ubuntu will appear quiet similar to you. The creators of this gorgeous Ubuntu inspired Linux distribution has exceeded all expectations simply to make the PC appear more sound and easy to get acquainted with however the overall design is universal which means that all elements of your PC will appear and feel the same.

The Perks

  • Easy to get acquainted with
  • Interface inspired by minimalism which is similar to the Mac Operating System
  • Advanced recognition for the hardware
  • Ubuntu- based operating system

The Drawbacks

  • Least amount of installed apps

2.     Ubuntu Linux

Without the mention of Ubuntu Linux no list for the Best Linux Distros will be complete. Even though the Ubuntu system runs on Debian but the Linux Distros hosts operate on Ubuntu itself and there is a good reason for this because Ubuntu is the most stable and friendliest of Linux Distros available in the market.

The latest Ubuntu iteration is the version 18.04 which is also known as Bionic Beaver and is one of the most innovative GNOME 3 desktop which has a great similarity to the Ubuntu system. Rather than having a single GNOME Dash to access apps, these developers have produced an easy to use dock towards the left side of the desktop where one pins their Favorites.

The Perks

  • A well integrated community support service
  • A graceful user interface design
  • Easy to install
  • Good installed apps
  • Advanced user interface
  • Learning curve of a Zero

The Drawbacks

  • The system requirements are more than some of the other distributions

3.     Linux Mint

Linux Mint is another name in the list of the Best Linux Distros which run on Ubuntu. However where Ubuntu and Linux Mint differ is in their selection of desktops. Linux choose the GNOME 3 desktop and gives its users the following three to choose from:

  1. Cinnamon
  2. XFCE
  3. Mate

The Mate edition of Linux Mint is easy to carry and operates on a RAM worth of 512 MB RAM with a hard disk space of 9 GB. This will help you load data on older desktops and give it a test run before you complete the installation on new hardware.

The Perks

  • Based on Ubuntu
  • Least to no learning curve
  • Easy to learn user interface
  • Good default apps
  • The requirements for system hardware are simple

The Drawbacks

  • The user interface is very simple and looks antique

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