The Top 5 Best Fallout Games!


If you are an obsessive gamer then it is impossible that you wouldn’t know all about the Fallout games series. These are famous for their amazing landscape graphics, fierce characters and complicated guests. The game has it all covered starting from California to all the way to Massachusetts and even Las Vegas or Washington D.C. and many other places for which it has even won multiple awards.  Who wouldn’t want this game added to their library?

The game has further been released in multiple spin offs and even has smart phone versions. To make things further simplified for all the gamers out there this article comprises of a list of the Best Fallout Games with their strengths and drawbacks so that you can better get an idea of which one to invest in.

Then all you have to do is select the one that suits you the best and begin your amazing gaming experience whether on PC, mobile phone, as role playing; whatever best suits your world.  Keep reading ahead for your Top 5 Best Fallout Games.

1.      Fallout

Almost an entire decade has elapsed between the launch of the second and third game releases in the Fallout Series. This is because they have changed multiple developers starting from the Interplay to the famous Bethesda Softworks, and their locations to Eastern United States which they started from California.

This game in the series is a lot different in many ways and has combined all their strengths from their ten years of computer development and all advancements in their hardware products.

They have introduced turn based fighting combat feature which provides the users a real time experience with the isometric perspective instead of the old boring third-person perspective. You will see the sad cityscapes rather than the heated desert places and the entire story plot will be in sync with the city settings and mood.

2.      Fallout: New Vegas

Now after the launch of the new game in the Fallout Games Series which is famously known as the Fallout: Las Vegas has the same gaming engine and the visual effects like the previous ones however this version is more expanded instead of an entirely new concept. The game is based mostly on the city of Nevada of course but has a lot of exciting tweaks to it and is definitely worth playing especially if you are already a pro at the previous versions.

The core feature of this game is its addition of factions. All of your interactions will majorly influence how the story line will unfold with your reputation taking you into a new town as your progress ahead. You may also get a gift or a surprise if you are liked in the game or you can skip any fight. If you are famous for violence as other quests unfold or move ahead simply based on your past activities.

3.      Fallout games 4

The Fallout Games 4 is based on the East Coast. The entire action occurs on the streets of Boston. You wake up from hibernation 200 years after a nuclear attack which has ruined the world then you move ahead to locate your kidnapped son who got lost in the wastelands, however you end up in the horrible mess of what is left in the world.

All of your actions will have severe effects much more severe then what you have seen in the previous Fallout Games. You will be required to tackle competing tasks while doing the job of locating your son and keeping yourself breathing and stay healthy while at it; all this is not easy at all in fact is a daunting task.


In the previous games, all of your partners both human and others would have popped up to help you but they can create more trouble than solve issues for you. In the Fallout Game 4, you would have to create new settlements. Which will be voluntary and not compulsory to do but can keep you addicted for multiple hours. You will spend most of your time locating the loot in the search for fetching advanced weapon and all the everyday tools will serve your purpose as well.

4.      Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

The Fallout Tactics was launched back in the early 2000s as a real time game instead of the traditional RPG game.

In this version, you and a team of squad members will have to face dauntingly set tasks of missions. which will require you to master skills on tactics and combat instead of individual fighting or solving problems as a standalone. The conventional Fallout elements would be there such as the character personalization and its development features is something you will be able to do. All the graphics will remain similar to the whole series.

This is in fact the first game of the series that has multiplayer set and your friends can simply take over all your squad members. You can have a go at it completely on your own. There would be numerous campaigns which you would have to fight your way through many of which will be tiresome and would seem never ending. However, you will have to invest 60 hours of playing to go all the way to the finish line in this game. This would definitely be a great addition to your gaming library.

5.      Fallout Shelter

A rather strange addition to the Fallout Games series which only resembles a little to the other games in the series is the Fallout Shelter. It has a colourful, cartoon based graphics where you are responsible to take care of the health and wellbeing of the dwellers of the vault which will keep multiplying.

This game can best be enjoyed on your smart phone and is pretty easy to learn as you keep assembling resources to construct and advance rooms to keep everyone secure, healthy and happy!

You will be able to send individuals to the wastelands to look for loot, however, if you leave them there for too long then they would have to face enemies. Which they would not be able to handle and frequent raids will always keep you busy so you will not even be safe in the vault as you are perceiving it to be.

The game is the most severe in terms of its difficulty level in the starting stages. At the starting stages you have to manage resources, but this gets much simpler as you progress ahead and reach the population limit. When you have reached this limit and constructed all the rooms there will not be anything else to do. Hence, this is not one of the proper end games and there would always be a purpose of going back and playing again. However it is completely free of cost!

Written by Hina Akram


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