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Buzzfeed is a media company that was discovered in 2006 by Jonah Peretti and John Johnson. This internet based company is based in New York City and mainly includes content related to social news and entertainment as well. Instead of focusing on print media, Buzzfeed focuses on digital media. Now, in order to know more about Buzzfeed we should really get into the facts. The following section is going to include a lot of things to know about Buzzfeed. Why? Because today Buzzfeed has been able to expand its network remarkably and frankly, all of us are flabbergasted by just how quick Buzzfeed was able to spread its roots in the media world!


Things to know about Buzzfeed: A ton of emails!

Buzzfeed began with a chain of emails. Because Jonah (one of the founders) was actually supposed to be working on his master’s thesis. Instead he diverted his attention to the online world. So in six weeks’ time, after noticing the posts on social media and so on, Peretti and Jonah established the idea that Buzzfeed now follows through a lot of emails! Peretti simply wished to prove that he could create similar type of virality through his own channel. And if you notice today, he succeeded. Buzzfeed has a monthly audience of more than 150 million at least. With that Buzzfeed’s founders expanded their creation pretty fast. Reports suggest that Buzzfeed has become such a big name that they have even had businesses investment proposals from big names like Rupert Murdoch!

Things to know about Buzzfeed: Staff


Buzzfeed’s statistics show that it has employeed over 1300 people in its 18 offices around the globe. While you as an audience member have the option to upload content on Buzzfeed and write for them as a freelancer, Buzzfeed does not leave it all in the hands of the public. Instead, you might not know this but Buzzfeed has its own eidtors, writerts, content managers, people who deal with technology and basically all of those who are responsible for making sure their site is up and running.

Things to know about Buzzfeed: Mockery

Well you might think that if Buzzfeed is a news reporting channel or website, why does it look more like an entertainment blog instead? Well, one of the really cool things about Buzzfeed is that they are not supporting one political line or agenda that they need to follow. Instead Buzzfeed has a decentralized nature when it comes to their content. This means that the things that are said aand published by Buzzfeed are dependent on the creator. They can be really serious or just as irrelevant. However, either way Buzzfeed ensures that the content you receive does not involve any fake news.

Things to know about Buzzfeed: International Media

While in the beginning Buzzfeed started off as a local media company that only worked in America. However, in recent years right before our eyes Buzzfeed was able to expand itself and take itself international. Buzzfeed has confirmed offices and headquarters in a total of eleven destinations. Thes include Japan, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, Spain, France, Germany and United Kingdom other than United States of America. These various Buzzfeed operating destinations do not stem from the same content as America’s Buzzfeed. Instead they have the freedom to come up with their own innovative ideas and posts as well. If you have seen, Buzzfeed Japan is mainly in Japanese language so it could be experienced by the large pool of Japanese individuals who are unable to speak or understand English language. Well, isn’t that just considerate?

Things to know about Buzzfeed

Things to Know about Buzzfeed: This company does not advertise!

Instead of making money from advertising and increasing their revenue, Buzzfeed rather finds economical support for itself from sponsored content. This way of earning their cash makes Buzzfeed more forward as compared to many other organizers. And then it gives Buzzfeed more choice and they only get sponsorships from people and companies they believe in instead of being a dull dud who follows finance blindly. This also means that when you open Buzzfeed’s website you do not have to start downloading a hefty amount of adblockers to allow yourself free of spam space. Buzzfeed helps you access the content you are looking for, right away!

Things to know about Buzzfeed: You can read but you can also create!

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At Buzzfeed, you are a reader but you also have the opportunity to create anything that you think is Buzzfeed worthy. Buzzfeed will allow it to be consumed by its audience members quite happily. In order to make a post then, you will open Buzzfeed’s website and at the top menu you need to click on “More Link”. From here you will simply select “Make a Post” and you will be good to go. Just log in, give some details and begin. But remember one thing; Buzzfeed’s editors will check your content before it is published.

Things to Know about Buzzfeed: They do not just love kittens out there!

In the beginning, Buzzfeed used to launch kitten videos every now and then. They still do that though and they also include a lot of celebrity images for release. However, when Buzzfeed planned on expanding it looked beyond just kitten videos. While Buzzfeed now includes a lot of real estate posts, presidential elections and so on, it has started sharing pictures of little tiny pugs as well!

Things to know about Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed is very particular about its user statistics


Now Buzzfeed’s website receives a particular amount of seven billion views whereas each month they have about two hundred million visitors from around the world. Out these two hundred million users, approximately 75 percent directly jump to Buzzfeed through social media. How did we find out about this statistics? Well, Buzzfeed conducts its own statistics to note down the algorithms many Buzzfeed users follow!

Things to know about Buzzfeed: They have about forty-five distribution Channels!

Because, as we previously mentioned, Buzzfeed runs on a decentralized nature that means that Buzzfeed can appear anywhere and everywhere. Then the sources of the content uploaded on Buzzfeed can come from everywhere too. So, Buzzfeed network makes use of forty-five different channels which include Buzzfeed’s applications, partners, social media accounts, messaging applications, video sharing websites and so on. So, Buzzfeed as an organization has a massive reach!

Things to know about Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed has been working on changing its online media content

Buzzfeed lives for challenging the traditional media models that exist in United States of America. While you might criticize Buzzfeed for its quality, you should know that unlike many other websites and organizations Buzzfeed has more coverage, diversity, advertorial content and popularity. This way Buzzfeed has the ability to shake up the traditional ways the existing media companies work. They might have biased views about international media coverage, but at Buzzfeed you get content that is straight forward and as it is.

Things to know about Buzzfeed

Things to know about Buzzfeed: It is worth your while, Baby!

In the beginning of Buzzfeed’s time, this organization was not popular at all; locally and internationally. They had poor media content to share, slower uploading speed, more click baits, lower editorial skills and so on. However, when Buzzfeed’s team wanted to take themselves to the next level, they delivered and today if you are hesitant about going on their website you should not be so. Because Buzzfeed really does cover serious media ans well as a lot of fun stuff that you can indulge in. Because according to Buzzfeed (unofficially) life should be a mix of fun and responsible choices. So now Buzzfeed has its own YouTube channel which includes all the entertainment you can live on for days: The try guys, Buzzfeed Tasty, Buzzfeed Blue, Buzzfeed unsolved, Buzzfeed Worth it and so much more. You can even follow then on Instagram and Facebook and get latest updates. With news, Buzzfeed also offers fun quizzes that you can take. You can even create your own quizzes with Buzzfeed and show you creativity.

Things to know about Buzzfeed: It has big competitors!

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In United States of America, Buzzfeed has a total of 180 employees or staff members. Out of these they have approximately seventy reporters and editors. And so, Buzzfeed has become a formidable competition for all digital media companies. This latest organization has captured the attention of Daily Mail’s online website; Mail Online which is now expanding internationally as well.

There has been a lot of talk about whether Buzzfeed is now representing a newer and modern model for America’s media. Will they new and emerging digital media companies begin to adapt to Buzzfeed’s style? Who knows but we can predict that Buzzfeed truly has made a remarkable footprint for a lot of the other organizations. Even existing media publishers might adapt to the way Buzzzfeed is handling things.

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Enough about the facts, you should quickly divert from this article to Buzzfeed’s website or social media accounts now. There are a lot of cat and other animal pictures waiting to be adored!


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