If Tinder Was Not Helpful You Can Look At These Tinder Alternatives!

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Do you want to find the right partner for yourself, but not have to go through the tiresome ritual of barhopping till you find the one? Do you want to hook-up right at the moment, but don’t want to go out to a pub and face the possibility of being rejected to your face? Well have you heard of Tinder? With Tinder you must also get familiar with Tinder alternatives that might just help you find someone you can click with. After all, its all about the magical spark that you encounter when you meet someone worth spending your time with!

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The word Tinder from the application Tinder literally means flammable or ignitable, is an apt description for the new dating application you where instant gratification is guaranteed. Tinder is the hottest dating application on the market, with an easy interface which promises a more convenient alternative to the regular dating routine where one hangs out at a bar and invests long spans of time trying to hit it off with some random strangers. No, rather tinder has pictures and short biographies that you can simply read. They are there for anyone interested to see and at the swipe of a finger you may be connected to your next boyfriend or girlfriend! If on Tinder you swipe right that means you are interested in the potential date that requested to connect with you. Swiping left however, means that you are simply not that into the other person. You must note still that the both parties on Tinder must have a mutual swiping rhythm. If not, both of you will be unable to communicate with each other. Because when it is mutual, Tinder only then allows you to chat with each other and that is how you both hit it off. When you meet your perfect match with Tinder, you will simply be hooked for life. And who knows, you might just meet your ultimate partner. Another positive thing that comes with Tinder is that Tinder caters to all sexual orientations, you have easy access to settings where you can choose the gender and other preferences of the possible partners that are presented to you, by preference of one’s closest to your proximity and location. And the best part is that tinder is absolutely free!

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Although Tinder is all encompassing and possibly the best application you can get, some other applications have recently started to emerge in the market that may be of interest to you. These other applications vary in their features; some are specific for a certain sexual orientation which really help you connecting within your community better. Because Tinder is more diverse, many times it can be hard to find someone who really is your type. So, the following Tinder alternatives might work for you if with Tinder you are simply unable to connect the one in your life!

Tinder Alterntives #1: Grindr

Grindr is the popular dating app in the gay community, popular for hook-ups, this app does not shy away from celebrating everything that is gay and convenient. Grindr has a very easy interface, with a vast variety of categories apt for filtering your preference in men. Grindr’s services are free for the most part, but at the small fees you can access a whole wider range of filters, options and even more guys, making your experience even more satisfying. Grindr is complete with its own emojis, called “gaymojis” that are sometimes the perfect fit for conversations on the app, they are maticulously crafted for the gay community and have an underlying understanding of their connotations. If you’re gay and ready to mingle, Grindr is the app for you.

Tinder Alterntives

Tinder Alternatives #2: HER

Alternatively, our lesbian readers mustn’t despair. Her is an amazing app, that focuses on lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and any other sexual oriented woman that you can find. It is an engaging and new way to comfortably find the woman of your dreams with just a click of a few buttons. An enthralling experience that sets you on a ride into making gay dating safer and more convenient, HER is an innovation in its own right. It exclusively caters to women, making the whole aesthetic complementary to a woman’s appeal.

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Tinder Alternatives #3: Coffee Meets Bagel!

Well yes, we love the name of this website as well. Coffee Meets Bagel! Is an innovative idea which might be considered a little slower by its users when compared with Tinder. However,  statistics show that Coffee Meets Bagel! Is a rare dating application which has more female users than male users. The quality it offers definitely overcomes the quantity, still. Because at Coffee Meets Bagel! You do not have to worry about running into creepy potential dates. Just imagine you get your match and you approve of them. However, when you meet them in person they are complete opposite of who they said they are. In fact, they might be a little too possessive on your first date. Well, that is a bummer is it not? On Coffee Meets Bagel none of this shenanigan happens. Instead, each user gets one match each day as an alert on your mobile phone. The rest is then up to you. You can like them or simply ignore them. This way, you do not have to worry about fishing out the good men or women. You can just sit back while Coffee Meets Bagel! Works its wonders.

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Tinder Alternatives #4: Happn

Now Happn is an application that is most useful if you are an urban resident. Because Happn will use your mobile phone’s GPS to receive your location. From then on it will begin to highlight people nearby you: Yes, the people with whom you are going to cross paths with have crossed paths with already. If you both like each other you can simply swipe and make things happen for the both of you. However, the reach of Happn is not particularly beneficial if you are someone who lives on the countryside.

Tinder Alternatives #5: Hinge

Now Hinge is particularly interesting. Because, Hinge makes use of your Facebook profile and network in order to widen the pool you can reach. When it suggests the match you make your decision by swiping. From then on you can talk to the person and find out more about each other. When you hit it off together, you can begin dating. This application particularly tells you if anyone is cheating on their partner using the application because it simply shares your Facebook’s relationship status!

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Tinder Alternatives #6: OkCupid

You must have already heard of OkCupid somewhere. If you have not, this application is a hybrid of old school dating application and app gaminess. You can filter out your potential matches by using a feature that lets you ask questions and then you can set your profile setting according. On OkCupid you can either search for a serious relationship or a simply hook up/one-night stand. You also get a profile card like Tinder and you can only chat if you both have liked each other!

Tinder Alternatives #7: How About We

This application is recent in the dating applications pool. For now it might not have a lot of users that you can meet. Still, How About We is able to provide you with good quality matches instead of just more frequency of matches that do not do you any good!

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Tinder Alternatives #8: Plenty of Fish

This particular application is known for its numbers. That means it has a large pool of users and while it increases your chances of meeting the one, it can also work against that goal. Because a larger number of people create more chaff and so it becomes really hard to find a suitable match. If you like challenges then, this application is made for you. If not, give this application a try and you will soon get used to it. Because it still increases your potential of meeting someone real nice!

With these applications, you can either pick one or make an account on all of them. They are here for one purpose only: Helping you in finding someone you can connect with. Not just in cyber space but in real life as well. If you are feeling a little weird about online dating, you should not. Because with our busy schedules it has really become hard to find the right ones. You do not want to settle for dating your work friend whom you are not even that interested in. You have these dating applications just waiting to help you out. With a few swipes and tries we bet you can already see yourself sitting on a beach with your loved one and sipping on some tropical cocktail. If not that, you can make your weekends a little more fun and kick away your pile of work when these applications help you find a steamy hot hook up! Because some of us are not in it for the long run and that is okay.

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If you are someone who is one these applications to cheat on your already existing partner, have some shame!

Good luck then!

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