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Why Do You Need Tinder In Your Life?

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Back in the day, people did not come across the concept of dating. It was either marriage or nothing. Of course, men always had the option of pleasing themselves either way without society holding them back with its hand. It was the women who were to be strictly prohibited from seeing men. For them, marriage was the only way to go about it. That was the only relation, other than blood, that a woman could share with a man. To this date, times have changed. Arranged marriages have gone down the drain, especially in first world countries. What remains behind is a mutual decision of getting to know each other and taking the next step together. However, with increasing opportunities and increasing stress that comes with busy schedules, the dating pool is dying. Remember when you could easily sit in a bar and meet a nice guy or a girl? You could just hit it on and find your life partner easily then. But today, its hard to find men or women that you can like. Hell, you yourself do not have the time to fish out suitable dating partners. With such reasons, your dating life is going down the drain. You have reached a point where you are not even aware of how dry your love life been. While you should absolutely focus on your career and life goals, do not forget to give love  a chance every now and then. And so, for this very purpose we have Tinder. In the world of technology, you do not have to leave behind the important tasks of your life to find love. You can let love come to you with one swipe. So discover what is Tinder with us now!

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Tinder is an exclusive mobile application that allows its users to find suitable dating or hook-up partners. This application was developed by IAC back in 2012. Almost immediately, it became immensely popular among social media users. We know that the whole idea about meeting a potential partner through an application sounds rough, but Tinder brings with it amazing experiences. It does not require for you to have a specific preference for dating. You can simply choose to date anyone according to your sexual preference. With that, you do not need to make a Tinder account only because you want to date someone seriously. You are allowed to experiment and keep a non-serious attitude. The point of having Tinder in your life is simple- meeting new people and discovering love. This application does not only hold the doors for love though, many users use Tinder to find one night stands, friends with benefits, cheat on their partners (What a shame!) and everything that comes under the category. What Tinder does is it uses your phone’s location to navigate through the users and find out potential partners near you. It also uses data from your Facebook profile to build up your Tinder page. On this application your page will have; Your name (First, middle and Last), your age, date of birth, your preferences (sexual orientation), your brief biography, your images and profile picture and any pages that you have liked on Tinder or Facebook as well. However, when we say it accesses your Facebook data, we do not mean it forces itself into you privacy. It gives you the option of linking your Tinder account with Facebook. With that, it gives you the freedom to choose what can be shared on your profile.

According to Tinder’s own statistics, about 50 million users are active on this app each day. With that, this application experiences several hundred million swipes each day! If you are intrigued, you might wonder how does Tinder even work. We will reveal the fun part first. This application allows you to swipe right or swipe left. When you swipe right, that mean you approve of a dating/hook up request. But, when you swipe left it just means you are not interested! This application creates a card like display of your profile and shows it within the application. As you launch the application in your mobile device, Tinder also suggests you potential people you might like. These cards are of people that are close by your area. Because, what is the point of Tinder if it connects you to a far away match. Nobody has time for long-distance relationships here!

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Now when you or someone else swipes right to a card, it enables you both to chat with each other. This is how you have the ability to communicate with potential matches on this application. Remember, Tinder does not force relationships. When you get a potential match, you get to swipe right or left on their card. Similarly, they also get the option of choosing right or left swipe. So, if they swipe left (REJECT!) and you swipe right, you will be unable to chat with them! Similarly, if both of you swiped right on each and approved the match, you get to talk to each other. From that point, the application has done its job and the rest is on you two love birds!

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Now, Tinder does create a lot of potential for you to date or find a romantic partner. But, in recent years there have been a lot of concerns. These concerns have led people to calculate whether or not this application is for them or not. Because you are trusting an online website, you can never completely trust what you see online. Many cases have reported that the people the swiped right on were not what they were in their profile pictures. Yes, many individuals made use of fake pictures to lure people into dating them. This can cause potential danger to you. If you are not careful, you can run into an online trap easily. And just like that, many times individuals put up wrong intentions on their profiles and while they chat with potential matches. For example, say you were looking for love and you find a match who suggest they are on this application for the same purpose. But after your first hook up, thing’s turn around. This could really cause you emotional disturbance. Similarly, you have to understand that people lie. Many individuals on Tinder do not reveal their relationship status. There are chances that you will run into individuals who are already married, dating or engaged. However, they choose not to reveal their relationship status to lure you into their intentions. Once done, this can really increase your self-guilt. With that, Tinder is not a happy-go-lucky site for dating to be exact. When you begin your Tinder account, there are chances that you will run into creeps, weirdos, people who like playing out their fetishes and people who are desperate for sex. If you can dodge them, Tinder is perfect for you to find a suitable match. You have to understand that Tinder is part of social media. People from all over your country have joined this site and so you will run into all types of people. In order to calculate whether or not Tinder is for you then, you should consider this: If you are a strong, willful, rational, patient and honest individual who has the ability to filter out other individuals before getting involved, then Tinder is truly for you. Otherwise your should steer clear of Tinder. If you have evaluated yourself then and think you are ready for Tinder experience, you should learn how to access it; Because we guarantee Tinder, if used carefully and used right, can prove to be fun!

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Now, we are going to end this article with teaching you how to access Tinder on your devices. Tinder can be accessed through web browsers but it is best if you do so through its application. Tinder is supported by both: Android and iOS supporting mobile phones. First, you need to download the application then. In order to download the application, you will open your app store (Play store or Apple app store) and in the search bar, type “Tinder”. When you notice a suggestion with Tinder’s official name and logo, click on it. When it opens, you will be required to click on Install. It will only install if you agree with the terms and conditions! Once installed, you will launch the application on your phone and the sign up page will appear immediately. Here you will simply provide your mobile number, email address, username and password. If you want to, you can connect Tinder with your Facebook and it will access your likes and dislikes immediately. This way, you will build your profile faster. The next step will require uploading a picture. Make sure you are honest and you load your original and recent picture. Now, type in a sweet and short biography and set your preferences. Well, your Tinder profile is up and running now. Starting swiping through and find potential “lovers”!

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But, focus on our previous warnings and be careful of what you see. You might see a hot guy, but is he really who he says he is?

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