The Top 2 Tools to find email addresses!

In today’s word of social networking, we can easily locate anyone’s Facebook profile, Snapchat ID, Instagram Page, Twitter feeds and even LinkedIn profiles however there aren’t many tools to find email addresses for the same people whose social media accounts you can find in seconds!

People usually keep their email addresses safe for many reasons and if you attempt to find anyone’s email address by entering their name in the Google search bar, you will definitely end up disappointed because putting out your email address for the entire world to see is an open invitation for all spammers to access your account.  Even in the age of social networking, email addresses are important and here are the top two tools to find email addresses easily.

1.     Hunter to find Email Addresses by Domain

Hunter is one of the top used tools to find email addresses and is just readily available for you to reap off its advantages.

This tool works in a straightforward manner, it requires you to type in the domain name of a company in its designated field which will then come up with a list of ever email address fetching all the sources available on the web. According to the results generated, this tool can also set up a pattern in case its detected.

Now when you have located the desired email address from the generated search results, you can check the set icons beside each email ID to view the confidence score generated by Hunter and an option that you can use for verification. When you choose to verify a given email address, you will then find out if you can use the email address or not to send emails.

With Hunter you can use 100 searches each month free of cost, even put up requests for future searches including their verification and then generate a CVS file for the generated results of these searches however premium accounts obviously allow you for more than 100 searches each month.

Remember to check the Hunter Chrome extension which is essentially designed to fetch list of email addresses as fast as possible when you are searching a company’s website. You don’t have to waste time opening up a fresh bar and then enter Hunter.

2.     Voila Norbert to find Email Addresses through Name and Domain

Voila Norbert is another one of the great tools to find email addresses which is completely free to use and is highly user friendly as well.

The tool gives you an option for a domain name field in addition to the first and the last name for the person of interest and then according to the details you enter the tool begins searching for the relevant email address that the person might own and will then send you a notification if the search yields any results.


The tool operates in the most efficient manner with the domains of companies because there will be only a handful of users who will own a particular company’s email address. Also this tool operates for free email provides as well like Gmail or Yahoo. However if you do choose to conduct your search with a first or a last name ending in the domain name and then the results which Norbert will give you may not be relevant with the exact individual whose email address you are trying to locate since domains like gmail comprise of a huge user interface and there will be hundreds of people who share a common name.

Just like Hunter, Voila Norbert also lets you search for email ID’s either manually or altogether. The tool also has a built in contact tab where you can put your email contacts in an organized fashion along with an option for verification. You can complete the integration of the app with other businesses that are frequently used such as Zapier etc.

However a major setback of this tool is that you will only be allowed to request 50 email addresses before the tool requires you to make a payment.

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