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Living in an era where everyone is so caught up with insane working hours, academic commitments, campus life, family and friends, people hardly get a chance to spend their quality time at some recreational and entertaining places like a movie theatre.

Even when the most anticipated movie gets released or the movie that has our favorite actor and actress in it, we rarely get a chance to even spare two hours out of our busy schedule to treat ourselves with a movie playing on the big screen while you savor the popcorns and indulge in the world of entertainment for a while.

By the time one actually succeeds in planning a visit to the cinema to watch their favorite movie, it usually gets off screen leaving with the only option to buy DVD or keep looking for the HD prints online which are certainly a tiresome job. These are most of the cases the people have to face whose only escape is to watch a good movie and spend their two to three hours away from the world.

However, despite the DVD shops and website like Netflix where one has to pay a minimal amount to be able to watch movies, still, people are constantly looking for some online platforms to be able to watch movies online for free.

It is actually a trend nowadays because most of the people do not prefer to buy CDs and DVDs and spend even a single penny when they can watch their favorite movie online for free, that too right from the comfort of their own favorite couch. All you need to do is to arrange a television, computer, laptop or even smartphone that has an internet connection and you are good to go!

And let’s be real who would not want to savor a great cinematic experience right from the comfort of their own house or better to say their cozy bed with tons of snacks to munch around. This is how the majority of the people wants to watch a movie without having to spend energy and money to go to a cinema considering the awfully busy life everyone lives these days.

There are gazillions of online websites where you can easily watch free movies online. However, we often fail to find some of the great websites from the clutter that is available online. For your ease, we have listed down some of the most popular websites that have the biggest number of movies that you can watch for free without downloading them.

These sites are completely safe and legal for you to use and watch movies. Most of these websites also provide people with free mobile apps that allow them to access free movies on their smartphones.  This complete guide will help you not only in watching free movies online but also will provide you with some best movies sites that you have been looking for so long!

Discover Some of the Best Ways to Watch Movies Online

If you are one of those people who is desperately looking for an online platform to watch your favorite movies on your long relaxing weekend then you have definitely ended up on the right article online because the free movies online that we will talk about here will not disappoint you or anyone for that matter.

Moreover, there are also some free movies you can download that fall under public domain as well as free movies just for the kids, and tons of free documentaries. If you are unable to search the free movie you are searching for, make sure to check out how you can have free DVD rentals as well as free movies.

There are some websites that offer a wide variety of your favorite series and movies but the only downside is that you have to pay for them. Such one online streaming platform is Netflix that requires you to buy a suitable package for you on a monthly basis and watch movies online throughout the month without any interruption.

However, not everyone has the resources to buy their monthly subscription packages. Therefore, the only best way to watch movies is through websites and apps that are offering free movies without you having to pay a single penny for it.  

Here is a List of Top Online Websites to Watch Free Movies

We have listed down below some of the great online websites that let you watch movies for free. These are as follows:

  1. PopcornFlix
  2. YouTube
  3. SnagFilms


When we talk about the top online streaming websites, PopcornFlix is the first name that pops into our heads. With the largest number of online movies, PopcornFlix is the best website to quench your movie thirst.

You can find every kind of movie on this website as their renewing their collection with the latest ones from time to time. It has more than 1500 movies that include action, thriller, romance, horror, science-fiction, comedy, romance and documentaries.

They also feature web and film school originals. You do not need to have an account at PopcornFlix to access the movie. Al you have to do is simply hit ‘Play’ on your selected movie and enjoy watching it with that big bucket of popcorn in your hand.

These are just a few of the free movies we have been able to watch at PopcornFlix: The Amityville Terror, Stan Helsing, A Turtle Tale, Tactical Force and many more that people have forever been waiting for to watch in a good print.


Of course, YouTube is that one name which needs no introduction and almost everyone who owns a smartphone with a display screen they use YouTube! It is the place to go to watch free movies, latest trailers, music videos, online series, and other informative videos.

Some of the movies require you to rent it out but it is widely famous for the movies that you can watch for free online. You can easily access the latest and popular movies that are listed under the ‘Movies’ section of YouTube. It also allows you to search various genres such as horror, comedy, action, sci-fi, romance or thriller that you can access and watch at no cost,


SnagFilms is another great online platform that offers a wide array of movies and series. It has more than 10,000 videos including movies, shows, documentaries, and fresh content. You can find all of them listed on its website that you can watch for free, anytime and anywhere.

It allows you to search your favorite movies by genre, most reviewed, most popular and newly added options. All the videos are divided under various sections such as History Lessons, Celebrity Pride, Refugee, and Immigrant Stories, Athlete and Their Triumphs, Climate Change and the Environment and so many more.

Written by Hina Akram

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