Unblock on Twitter and Get All The Drama Back In Your Life!

Unblock on Twitter

Twitter comes with endless features that enhances your experience on this specific social network. A lot of times, especially those of us who are not used to technology or do not have time to explore the “settings” due to busy schedules, it can be hard to figure out how thing’s work. With the growth of these features, you now have the ability to reverse your decisions. If you accidentally like a post you did not mean to, you can simply unlike it. But we can’t guarantee that they post’s owner did not receive a notification. And you might dread yourself for some time. Since your actions can be undone, if you have had differences with someone on Twitter and as a result, you have blocked them you can now unblock on Twitter. You may do so for various underlying reasons. How do you unblock on Twitter? Read on to find out!

Social networking sites have allowed people from all over to connect. Conversations which used to take place in real life most of the day in olden time can now happen while staying at home. Yes, technology has lived up to its expectations. You got a friend that moved miles away from you in your childhood? Well, now that you have social networking accounts, all you have to do is search their name or find their working email address. Once you locate their profile on social media, you can simply reconnect and have your long lost conversations through Instant messages. In the end, no matter the side effects of technology, internet and these social networking websites you get to keep up with your personal life. You might think social media is limited to your personal life but as it has grown, your professional life has connected to social media as well especially if you work in a media-based work field.

Unblock on Twitter

Just like these social media sites and their perks, we have Twitter. Twitter was established back in 2006. However, back then social networking sites other than Myspace were not popular. But gradually as more and more popular individuals began using Twitter as an important platform to share updates, Twitter profiles grew. Today Twitter is one out of many popular applications where people come together for fun, entertainment, knowledge, news, and other purposes. While applications like Facebook were mainly made for connecting to your friends and family through one cyber space, Twitter was launched for a slightly different purpose.

Unblock on Twitter

Twitter was mainly used for sharing tweets- these tweets are 160 characteristics worth of messages shared by Twitter users. You get to read millions of tweets by your friends, family, and other important individuals that you follow. These tweets could be about what they did in their day, their stories, childhood anecdotes, pictures from their gallery, news of the day, support messages, humor messages, recommendations, endorsements and so on. The themes of these messages are never ending. Other tweets simply call out people, brands or social media personalities and can be scandalous. Either way, Twitter experiences never ending entertainment each second of each day.

Even though these tweets on Twitter are shared with no harm intended, there are always accounts that practice something otherwise. Social media comes with the biggest problem now- fake accounts and accounts that share links with hidden virus. These fake accounts could have the same name as your friend’s or even yours. Then such accounts begin to share inappropriate messages and posts related to deviant topics or personal topics related to you or your loved ones. Other than that, Twitter accounts might also tweet links to videos or posts that may look tempting. However, such links are not virus-ridden and will effect your cyber safety. You also have accounts and profiles on Twitter that bully or harass you or anyone you know. Furthermore, profiles on Twitter just might share agendas or humor that you do not agree with. These reasons can lead you to block them permanently.

Unblock on Twitter

There are various other personal life based scenarios that can lead you to block profiles on Twitter. Say, you have a friend and in recent days you got into a situation with them that created a certain level of misunderstanding. Over time, your misunderstandings turned into a series of confrontations and led to a huge Twitter feud. This must have grown a distance between you and led you to block them on all social media applications, including Twitter. Another scenario could involve a bad experience with a popular hair stylist. Due to differences in expectations and the services, or due to bad reception by their staff you might feel disappointed. This disappointed may lead you to block their  profile in order to never get a tweet from them again in your Twitter feed.

Whatever the reason was, you must have used the block button on Twitter several times and you must have a ton of profiles in your Twitter block list. But picture this when you go back to our first scenario. You gather with your old friends after what feels like a long time. Little do you know, your ex-friend meets you there with all the other friends. It might get awkward. For some, they just might not consider interacting. But say, you eventually get to talking and this leads you onto reconciling with your friend. Things go back to normal but there’s one issue. You cannot connect with them over your social networking accounts. And since most of your day goes busy with work and other tasks in your schedules, social media seems to be a much more convenient way to keep in touch every week. And so, you just might begin to feel guilty or subjective difference among yourselves. After all, social media has become a huge part of our everyday life. But don’t worry, if you can block someone on Twitter, you can also unblock them.

Unblock on Twitter

Well yes, you might think blocking is permanent. And for some accounts such as those extremist accounts, fake accounts and virus-laden accounts you’d rather just block on Twitter. But then there are other twitter profiles that you regret blocking and wish to unblock on Twitter and see their activities again. You can easily reverse that action. For example, you blocked your favorite hair stylist due to subjective differences of their services. But, you find out that they were considerate enough to understand your query and apologized for your bad experience on Twitter. That might settle things for you and you may wish to follow them again. But when you block on Twitter, that seems impossible. However, you can simply reverse this. And how do you do that? It’s just as simple!

Unblock on Twitter

You will firstly navigate your web browser to access Twitter or your mobile Twitter application. Then once you have logged in to your account, you will move on to typing their Twitter name in the search bar. Press enter and that will lead you to a list of items. Click on “people” and from that list of people you will find the specific blocked profile. Once you locate their profile, you will notice that the button that used to say “Follow” or “Following” now states “Blocked”. However, you will click on “Blocked” and proceed to “Undo”. Now, that you have successfully gone through the process of unblock on Twitter, you can follow them or allow them to follow you on Twitter again. Unblock on Twitter also means that you can instant message with that profile too now.

Unblock on Twitter

However, you must know that when you block on Twitter, the other person can do the same. And when you can unblock on Twitter, they can unblock on twitter as well. Say, you blocked a page on Twitter due to unnecessary drama and Twitter attacks but you now wish to unblock on Twitter to view their profile and follow them again. You will be unable to do so if they have blocked you as well and do not wish for you to follow your tweets. Since they did not unblock on Twitter as well, your access will remain restricted. But well, Twitter features are the same for anyone who uses it!

Unblock on Twitter

In the end, social media allows you to stay in charge of what you can view and cannot view. If you find something offensive, you do not have to sit through it just so you can enjoy your access to social networking sites and connect with your loved ones. You have the right to block such material from your cyber space and liven up your experience. But, if you feel the need to go back to viewing blocked profiles with your own reasoning, you have the right to do that as well. These features are standardized on social media and the privilege is accessible everyone. We must say that it is always safer to explore how you can properly use your social media accounts and increase your cyber knowledge. Who knows when you might feel the need to unblock on Twitter? Well, now you know how to!

Unblock on Twitter

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