How to Unblock Websites?

Unblock Websites

If you’re at school or work, and if you see different website are blocked, firstly you have to find why it’s been blocked. How do control the situation and More importantly, how do you unblock websites.

First of all, most schools, universities, and workplaces block websites for different reasons, not just to Purpose of blocking. Many schools and workplaces do blocking of websites when they see it is inappropriate for school and work use, and sometimes, this tends to block sites that are perfectly reasonable in an educational or professional setting. There are sites on the Web that present threats to network security, are inappropriate for a school setting, or cause distractions in the learning environment. The fact that a legitimate learning site might be blocked from student access – and does not pose a threat to the school’s security – is most likely grounds for readdressing. In other words, it never hurts to simply ask.

However, if this option is not available, you can unblock blocked sites with the tips in this article that are safe, cause no harm to the host computer, and will not get you into trouble. No one but yourself is responsible for what may happen if you attempt to unblock a site that has been blocked for a legitimate reason! Most of the time, your best bet is to simply wait until you get home and use your own private computer. Schools and universities, as well as professional workplaces, usually have very good reasons behind their site-blocking policies, and take a very dim view of students and employees who try to get around them. Be very careful and use common sense when making this decision.

Why if Face book blocked?

One of the most popular social networking sites on the Web today is Facebook, a site that you can use to connect with other people in your circle. However, sometimes Facebook is blocked, meaning you can’t get to it from where you access the Web. This could be for many reasons:

The country you reside in blocks Facebook for political, cultural, or religious reasons.

Your workplace blocks Facebook for security reasons.

Your school or university blocks Facebook for educational reasons.

Whatever what might be your situation, there are several ways you can access the site.

Try using an IP address:

Don’t type in “facebook.com”; try using Facebook’s IP address (the numerical signature of any site on the Internet). You can locate the IP address of any site using a WHOIS tool, such as Whois Domain Tools.

Access the mobile version of the site:

Facebook is accessible via m.facebook.com; this URL is available from any Web-enabled device, whether that is a computer, smartphone, or tablet device.

Use a proxy to unblock websites

A Web proxy is used to unblock websites and basically shields your identity from any site you’re trying to access, acting as a substitute IP address so your personal IP address is hidden.

What if I want to block other people from finding me on Facebook?

Many people have concerns about privacy on Facebook, and for good reason: the popular site is notorious for changing security settings that don’t necessarily benefit the user. If you would rather not have your private Facebook information accessible to the public at large, read How to Block People From Finding You on Facebook, a quick tutorial on how to make your Facebook profile private.

Use a URL redirect or shortening tool

There are many URL shortening tools on the Web that will take a long URL and shorten it to something that’s easier to copy and paste. Sometimes, these shortened URLs can be used as a substitute for the actual URL of the site that you’re trying to access.

For instance, if you use TinyURL to shorten the URL of websearch.lifewire.com, you would get this link: http://tinyurl.com/70we, which you could use to access this site (if it was blocked) rather than the actual URL, which is http://websearch.lifewire.com.

Try an RSS reader to unblock websites

You can use an RSS reader to subscribe to the sites you’d like to see that are blocked (if they have an RSS feed). You can search within a feed reader for the site’s feed you’re looking for; most feed readers will also have a list of Most Popular feeds that you can browse through to see if the sites you’re trying to access are there already.

Convert the IP address to a decimal number to unblock websites

In the first item on this list, we shared information about using an IP address instead of typing in an entire domain name. You can also convert an IP address to a decimal number to unblock blocked sites. Use the tools mentioned in item one of this list, and then use this IP Address to Decimal Conversion tool to get what you need.

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