How to Unblock Websites?

Unblock Websites

These days there is internet access everywhere. People widely use interest to access websites that they normally use. The use of different websites have increased to a drastic level. People are accessing various websites where ever they find internet connection. People in school and offices think that use of the social media on office and schools degrade the performance of the employee or the student.

Social media is very captivating. It involves the person for hours and hours and it decreased the performance and efficiency of the individual. People according to different surveys sped a lot of their daily time, approx. hours and hours on social media. Most of it is usually wasting time but at times they can be doing something creative.

To tackle the problem of decreased efficiency of employees and the students, the companies and schools have taken measure to block such sites that waste the time if their employees and students.

At times, there are various websites that are not available in the particular region that we live, they can be either blocked or not accessible. At times the country that we live in block certain websites. These websites are the ones they do not deem appropriate for the nationals. At times there are certain sites that do not meet the laws and regulations of the particular country or the state. So because of this reason such websites are banned or blocked.

The blocked websites become inaccessible for the users, this does mean that the user will to have the need to use these websites at all. There are times when the person will have to use those websites and because of that there are ways to unlock websites

There are specify reasons why the websites are blocked, and one should know how to access websites if they wish to use them. Many of these are blocked because the content is deemed inappropriate for the user and the people of that particular area. The contest can be challenging the religion, moral values, ethics and forms of that particular area. The websites can also be blocked because of some controversial material that it has o it. The website can also be blocked if it fails to comply with the norms and the values of that particular country.

Some of the websites are blocked for security reasons too. Most of them are blocked temporarily while some of these are blocked permanently as the website has no purpose I that certain region.

The blocked websites are usually feared to cause an uproar among the people of the county. However, if these are to the reason that matches the cause of a site being blocked and you still wish to use the certain site then you don’t have to worry, this option is available, you can now easily unblock blocked sites after reading this article.

This article will safely instruct you on how to unblock websites that are blocked. The tips given in this article are safe, they are nothing illegal and will cause no harm to the host computer, and neither will it get you into trouble.

If a site is strictly blocked for bigger purposes that pose a threat to national security than it’s advisable that the website is not unblocked! If you unblock a site that is blocked for a strong reason than one cannot be sure of the consequences.

There are times when certain website are only blocked at certain workplaces or schools. If you do not want to unblock a certain site, then you can wait for going home where you can use the sites easily.

If you have a hard time waiting or need to urgently access a blocked website then this article has various solutions for you.

What to do if Facebook is blocked?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites on the today. It is a platform where people can connect to others and interact with them through sharing information, pictures and videos.

There are various reasons that Facebook gets blocked, few of them can be:

The country you live in may be blocking Facebook for reasons such as cultural, political or religious reasons.

The place you work at might be blocking Facebook for reasons such as security, decreased efficiency or workplace ethics.

The university or the school you are currently enrolled in might be blocking Facebook for educational reasons. And reasons such as lowered efficiency and grades.

No matter the reason that the sites are blocked they can be unblocked.

Use a proxy to unblock websites

Proxy are widely available and one of the quickest and easiest ways to unblocked a website that is blocked. There are numerous proxies that are available on the internet. You just simply have to Google a proxy and Google will list various proxies for you. You have to select a proxy that you think is the best for your need.

Once you open the proxy page, you will have to copy and paste the URL of the blocked site I the space below and click enter.

After clicking enter that website will open the page that was blocked. Using proxy is simple as that.

Web proxy basically hides your identity and your location from the website. A new and a temporary IP address is given that enables access to the blocked sites.

Use a VPN

Another way to unblock a blocked website is by the use of a VPN. A VPN is also a simple way but for using a VPN you will have to download a VP from the App store or Play store. Once you have downloaded the VPN you will to open it and enable the protection of the VPN.

VPN when active will let you use all the blocked sites that are not available to you or in your region.

You have to open the App and enable the VPN protection. VPN hides the IP address, Hides the location and gives the user a new IP address that hides the location and the original IP address of the user.

Written by Hina Akram

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