How to Unblock YouTube?

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YouTube is a very widely used platform, everyone uses them these days and it has a lot of usage. People use YouTube in their everyday life, for different purposes. Some use it for makeup hacks, some use it for recipes and some use it for videos regarding gym. At times YouTube gets blocked in certain locations due to some reason that can vary.

When YouTube gets blocked, people become concerned and try finding ways to unblock it so they can use it like they do in their daily life. When YouTube gets blocked people who use it regularly inn their daily lives get effected.

There are certain ways to unblock YouTube if it gets blocked I a certain region or a certain country so people who use it continue to use it like they do. Accessing YouTube needs Internet access. YouTube has videos for almost everything. People use YouTube as a form of earning income.

Just like using YouTube needs internet access, unblocking YouTube also needs Interest access. Unblocking YouTube can be done with a various methods that include the following but all of them are focused on changing the address from it is being addressed.

Getting internet access is not difficult these days as internet is a necessity of life. Websites getting blocked is not something out of the blue! Websites often get blocked for one reason or the other.

The basic reason websites are blocked is because to manage the bandwidth of the site and the other reasons include the misuse of the website.

This article will tell you how to unblock YouTube with a various methods. The user can choose the method that best suit them.

Unblock YouTube with a VPN

What is a VPN? VP stands for virtual private Network. VPNs are used to get access to sites that are restricted ad are not available in a certain region. They are a little similar to the website proxies. VPNs almost have the same working as of web proxies but it requires a little prerequisite setup and provides a lot more security to the user using the website. These private Networks encrypt the web traffic of the user giving them complete security.

A VPN is a perfect solution for getting access to your favourite blocked content.

To get these services, you first need to get a trusted service provider. These days there are many applications that are available in the App stores that provide free VPN service to the users. The only thing they have to do is to download the Application and install it on your device or your computer. Once you have installed the VPN on your device you have to configure it and turn the protection on. Once the protection is on you will be able to open ay unblocked site through your device. The best part about VP is that you do not need to go to the process again and again. Once the protection is on, you can use the site as many times as you want just like it was never blocked.

Using Web Proxy to Unblock YouTube

The easiest and most accessible way to unblock YouTube is by using the Web Proxy option. Basically, this method allows you to visit sites that are unblocked. Proxys are easy to use and are convenient. Using a free web proxy is an easy way to access the web filter that is applied on a certain site that you want to use.

There are many proxy sites that are available on the internet for the users that wish to unblock a certain site. In order to access a blocked site, you need to go to a proxy website. These websites are very easy to find. Such websites do not require download of any kind to get the services of the proxy. This is what makes it easy to use and more convenient for the user.

If you are not aware of Proxy site, all you need to do is to open Google and Google away “Web Proxies”. The Google will have an extensive search result for proxies, many of them will be free till a certain use.

Select and open link of the proxy that you think is best suited for you. Once you have opened the link a web page will open in front of you that will have a box that will ask you to put in the link of the website that wish to use.

Copy the link of the website that you wish to use in the space provided and press enter.

Finally, hit Enter and begin browsing your favourite website.

What to Do if a Web Proxy Doesn’t Work

At certain occasions, there may be such a time when the certain web proxy that you use does not open! There can be a chance that the web proxy is already blocked juts like the site that you wish to open. This may be troubling ad the user will get very much concerned on what to do next.

There is nothing to worry about even if the web proxy is blocked. The people who are network administrators are well versed and aware of people and individuals who are actively using web proxies to pass the filter systems. These network administrators are one step ahead if they have blocked proxies from accessing the sites.

As I discussed earlier, there are multiple web proxy options that are available on the internet, if the certain proxy is blocked the user can surely go to Google and search for other proxies. These will surely open the page for you, if not then VPN will without a doubt do the trick for you.

What to Do if a VPN Also Doesn’t Work

Various network administrators make a statement about their networks security and take pride in it. People know that the secure networks are reliable.

When the network is made secure for a certain purpose or because it requires protection from certain sites such as YouTube or Sites that are usually blocked this means that the administrator is blocking these two main a certain decorum at that certain place.

This leads to creating a safe and productive environment for working and giving a efficient workforce. These days many people in the offices or schools waste their time o YouTube or other social media apps.

This decreases their productivity and their attention span. Due to this reasons many administrators have blocked access to these sites at many schools and at work place. This means that if you are using an internet provided by the certain administrator, no matter what you won’t be able to use YouTube or other blocked site through those networks.

A new way around this will be using mobile data tethering that is available in different mobile phones.

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