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For many of us, Social media is an escape. When you are in school, your every second is loaded with the stress of completing an assignment to pass your courses without any delay. The only time you do get to spend time with yourself and your friends is during the summer break other than the weekends you get during your school semesters. And when you begin your work and career, your desk is loaded with endless number of files that need your ultimate attention each day of the week. What is the best way to escape from the hardships of your life regardless of which point you are at? Well, we say its media. And we mention media, we mean your social networking sites. These platforms hold the key to making you laugh and make you sad too. You can simply sit on your couch and make yourself a hot cup of good-quality coffee and begin scrolling. And soon, your eyes and your mind will witness content that wows you and relaxes you at the same time. You can stop worrying about pending work and just enjoy the moment. One of these social media platforms is more engaging and allows you to be silly without being sorry. We are sure you have heard of Snapchat around you quite many times now. But what do you really know about Snapchat? Once you get to know about Snapchat you will not waste a second to learn how to use Snapchat with us!


Snapchat is a creation of Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. This application was developed by Snap Inc. in 2011. As fairly recent application, Snapchat has earned a huge engagement and popularity from the very beginning of its launch. Due to high rates of success then, Snapchat is now available worldwide; You can use Snapchat in 20+ languages! Snapchat is originally an image sharing application and a multimedia application for mobiles specifically. A distinctive feature that Snapchat holds is that the media content that is shared on Snapchat only lasts for a very short period of time. After this time ends, the content is forever inaccessible, unless you have it downloaded and saved in your mobile’s gallery. If you are uploading a Snapchat story, it was last for a maximum period of 24-hours only. However, if you are sharing a private Snapchat with your friends on Snapchat, the maximum it will last for is 10 seconds only! While this application is made for interpersonal use, Snapchat has a “Discover” feature that allows brands and companies to advertise their products and build up entertainment for Snapchat users.

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Snapchat is the first of its kind and you must absolutely experience the features that make this application fun to use and addictive as well! This new way of connecting with your friends is not at all hard to use. Now that we have cleared out what Snapchat is, its time to learn how to use Snapchat with us. With each step, we suggest you keep your phone close to you and practice with us- Because practicing with make you a pro at your Snapchat game! So, operate your phones now and go to your App store (whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user) and download the latest version of Snapchat. Once it is installed, scroll ahead and begin using Snapchat as you learn!

Set Up your Snapchat Account!

When you will launch the application, you will tap on the blue Sign Up button and set up your account. Without this you cannot use Snapchat. In order to do that, you will simply provide your email address, phone number and set your password. Now that you have successfully signed up, you will begin to add friends to your Snapchat. From your Snapchat’s camera screen, locate the ghost icon and tap on it. Here you will get the option of “Add Friends”. You can either search them using their Snapchat ID’s, mobile number or email addresses. You can also now scan their Snapchat codes from your social media accounts and add them immediately!

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When you tap this Ghost icon, you will actually visit your profile page. In this section you will be able to view all of your friends, add friends and see who has added you. But the most exciting part is, you can customize a Snapcode! Simply tap on the big yellow button and take a picture of yourself or record a quirky video. This will then appear as your ghost icon and your friends will be able to view it!

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In order to check and update your settings, from this profile page you will locate a gear icon at the top right corner. When you open this you will be able to set privacy settings according to your liking. Snapchat allows you to follow additional celebrities and social media stars as well. So do not miss your chance and simply search for their official Snapchat ID’s and add them immediately! Snapchat makes their users’ experience extremely fun. You get trophies according to how much you use Snapchat! From your profile page, you will locate a trophy icon. When you tap on it, you will be able to view whichever trophy you have unlocked!

Figured out the initials of Snapchat? Now begin to use Snapchat immediately!

With snapchat, you can take pictures like you would normally do. At the bottom of your snapchat screen, you will notice a circular button. Tapping on this button will snap your picture. If you hold on this button for longer, you will record a 10 second video. Once you shoot a video or snap a photo of yourself or anything you wanted to capture, you can add filters to it. For that, simply swipe right and if you wish to go back to a previous filter, swipe left. Here you can experience “Stacking”. Stacking is when you want to use more than two filters at once. Simply use the first filter and hold it with your finger. Then use your other finger to swipe right and use another filter.

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When you use Snapchat, you can either take selfies with the front camera or you can flip the camera using the icon at the upper right corner and use the back camera. When you are making a video, you can do so even during the video! Snapchat also allows you to add a caption. Simply tap on the uppercase T letter icon at the top right corner and add one. You can select font size and color as well! With that you can also move the caption if it is hiding an important aspect of your Snapchat. With this, Snapchat allows you to add emojis and stickers or if you want, you can simply doodle using the pencil icon! Now, an important feature that you need to notice is that Snapchat filters are location based as well. When you turn on your GPS you will be able to locate filters from your community and location as well!

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When you take a snap, at the bottom you can select the time it will last for. It can last from 2 seconds to 10 seconds at max. At the bottom, you can also locate the download arrow and save the Snapchat in your gallery. Once you are sure about sharing your snap or video, click on the three dots at the bottom and select whether you wish to send your Snapchat to a single or few of your contacts or upload as a story. If you upload it as a story, your friends (all of them) will be able to see it! With that you will get alerted when someone sends you a Snapchat. From your main Snapchat screen, swipe left. Here you will have a list of all the incoming Snapchats from your friends. The ones with a red square are unopened. Simply the ones with an empty red square are the ones you have opened. If you have send out a Snapchat, it will appear as a blue error. If the arrow is empty, that means your friend has viewed your snap. Similarly, if you take a screenshot of a Snapchat or someone takes a screenshot of yours, you will be notified immediately!

When you use Snapchat, how do you upload stories?

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Snapchat stories are basically a compilation of various pictures and/or videos that you record. These only last for 24 hours of a timeframe and they are mainly for public viewership. When you swipe right from your Snapchat’s main screen, you can view your own stories and stories by others including any celebrities you are following. Here you can also note who has viewed your story and how many of your friends have viewed them. Open your snap story by tapping on it and swipe up from the bottom to view this feature.

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Snapchat has a lot more features and if we begin talking about each one in detail, we will be left breathless for sure. Because with each update, something new adds up. Regardless of that, Snapchat is an amazing application for everyday use. Once you begin using it by following the above mentioned basic level instructions, you will get familiar with all of it as you experiment. Good luck!

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