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Use Tinder Hookup to Spice Up Your Love Life!

These neat little tricks will make your Tinder life a lot more easier.

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Unless you have been living under a rock or most probably in a happy marriage or relationship; you probably know what Tinder is. The application has become infamous for its reputation for, well, because people use Tinder hookup and not to pursue serious relationships. But the application set out to make dating for people easier; not so people could use Tinder hookup as the only thing the application could actually do.

So if you are here to know how to use Tinder hookup, well my friend, you are in the right place because today we are going to discuss all things Tinder and how you can use Tinder hookup to actually hook up! While this article will definitely up your Tinder skills there is no guarantee that any of them will definitely work. But one thing is for sure they will definitely get you the attention of a lot of ladies and gents on the application.

So brush up on your flirting skills because you are going to need them big time!

Work on Your Profile

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The first thing someone on Tinder sees about you is your profile and through your profile is how they decide whether or not they are interested so of course you have a lot riding on your profile so it is safe to say you need to ensure that your profile is flawless so that you get as many people interested and to swipe right as you can!

So how do you make a Tinder profile which will make people interested instantaneously. The thing about Tinder is that you really need a great profile since the average person only spends a few seconds on your profile and then either swipes right if they are interested or left if they are not. So how do you ensure through your profile that you will be swiped right on? Well keep on reading to know more!

The first thing someone will see when they view your Tinder profile is your picture so make sure the first picture you use is flattering but it should not be edited or augmented either. You need to ensure that you use a picture of you in natural lighting, dressed well and smiling. This will make you seem more approachable. Make sure the picture is high resolution and not the picture you took last night in dim lighting with a Snapchat filter on your face. That is a complete no-no! If you use a filter people will automatically swipe left because no one wants a cat fish when they use Tinder hookup!

The first image you have should only feature you. Do not post a picture with your better or worse looking friend because this will confuse people. Make sure you choose an image which reflects well on you and people can immediately know who you are instead of guessing which person in the array of people in the picture you are!

Now you have five more picture slots and in this you want to show what kind of a person you are. The advice for these slots is the same as well; that the pictures should be well lit and good resolution. But you can add more variety instead of just selfies and solo shots. Maybe add a picture of you doing something you like; skiing or reading a book or having coffee. Add pictures of you with your pet dog since this is supposedly a great hit. And if you add a picture of you with a baby, well my friend you have likely hit the jack pot! Now that you have your pictures sorted we need to work on your Tinder bio.

Your Tinder bio is also very important. You will have 500 words to describe who you are and honestly your toughest final seems easier than this ask. How do you condense yourself and who you are in 500 words? Well we have a few ideas. Add what you do and what you like to do. Maybe add your hobbies, what shows you enjoy and it is always good to add a little self depreciating humor to lighten the mood but make sure you do not go too hard on yourself either since this will make the other person think you really do not like yourself and no one wants to go out with someone who has self image issues or something!

Your Tinder Strategy

Now that you have your profile sorted you need to work on what kind of a strategy to swiping left or right you will have on the application. If you are going to use Tinder hookup and for nothing else; no meaningful relationship then your strategy might be a little different from someone who wants to actually find a significant other and love!

So when you have people on Tinder, the people most likely to have swiped right on you already appear earlier in the parade of people you have. So what you can do is try to swipe right on as many people as you initially see since these are your most likely matches.

But make sure you just do not blindly swipe right on anyone who initially appears because this would just defeat the purpose. You want to have a little bit of a connection or attraction even if you are going to use Tinder hookup that does not mean you will swipe right on anyone. Make sure you swipe right on people you actually like and think you would want to spend time with.

Get the Ball Rolling

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Now that you have matched with someone because they swiped right on your profile as well you need to start a conversation with them. This can put a lot of pressure on you but do not worry since we have your back and will give you some guidelines to follow when starting a conversation.

Do not just start with a simple hello or a crude pick up line because this will not go over well. You want to seem different so adhere to some of our tips below.

  1. Unique

You want seem cool and collected and also stand out from the crowd so your opening message needs to be different. Do not send just a hello that is extremely contrived and very commonplace.

  1. Curiosity

It is more impactful to send a message to someone which will make them curious and compelled to reply. Maybe ask them something they do in a questioning tone to make them think why you are asking them that so they end up replying to ask.

  1. Custom to Them

If you use the same line on everyone you match with on Tinder chances are you luck will run out. No one wants to read a generic message or a pick up line. Make sure you send them a message which is tailored to what they have written in their bio and the pictures they have put up. If one of the pictures is with a cat then ask them ‘so you’re a cat person, huh?’

Make sure the message is friendly and flirty. Do not seem distant or uninterested to seem cool because all this will do is make the other person unmatch from you because of your weird attitude. If you want to make a move and ask them out then start a conversation about the best place to eat and offer to take them there. Make sure you approach this topic gradually and do not just ask them after two message to meet with you.

Of course you first need to establish at least some kind of trust with one another so that the person can feel comfortable enough to say yes and meet you.

Making the Date

So now that you have officially use Tinder hookup and have successfully scored someone who is interested you need to establish a time and place for where the two of you will meet. But please remember while you are trying to use Tinder hookup, the other person might just want to use it to find a significant other so do not be under the impression that you date is on the same wavelength as you. Make sure you do not pressure them into anything and are respectful of their choices. Just because someone has agreed to go on a date with you does not mean they owe you anything.

So now that you two are deciding to meet make sure you ask the other person what time and place would suit them and decide on something mutually agreeable instead of imposing something on them and putting them in a difficult spot.

Once you make the date, make sure you show up on time and are respectful. Even if you are going to use Tinder hookup does not mean you get to be careless or inconsiderate to the other person. And remember if you play your cards right, every Tinder date could turn into a hook up but that depends on whether the other person is totally comfortable with it and is just as eager to participate.

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