Useful Apps for People Who Want To Learn the Art of Cooking Food

With COVID-19 still at large, you can’t afford to go to a restaurant and violate social distancing and SOPs. Also, going almost every day or after every 2 days can become a burden on your budget. One of the best ways to enjoy a tasty meal is to polish your cooking skills via a plethora of resources available and prepare your favorite food at home. This is not only going to help you stay safe but will also help you adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle.


Learning any skill, especially cooking is quite easy these days. One option is that you start following cooking channels, given you have them in your cable TV package. If you are subscribed to Spectrum silver packages, you would have at least one cooking channel with famous cooking shows such as Masterchef.


Another easier option is that you get help from different Android and iOS applications that provide users with the best recipes, and easy to track grocery stores that collaborate with apps and brands and get you easy shopping options. Many apps also offer you to take snaps of your grocery items and leftover food to help you create some delicious recipes without wasting food in the refrigerator. Also, if you have any special preferences or diet plan that you want to follow, many of these apps will give you suggestions accordingly.


Let’s have a look at different apps that can help you learn cooking and prepare meals.



The app is amazing for experts and people who want to learn to cook some delicious food as it helps people share your food pictures and recipes. You can think of Cookpad as a social media app for people who want to get inspiration from recipes shared by other people and follow experts who share their recipes that you can enjoy using the app. You can also get into a conversation with people from different parts of the world, who share their recipes and different techniques and their cooking skills as well.



Tasty already has a really good following on social media and has even launched its own cooking app. You can search your favorite recipes and filter them up according to breakfast, brunch, lunch, or if you want to prepare something for dinner. Also, you can use a dietary restriction and even the prep time. Also, if you are someone who is on a schedule and want to have a meal with a prep time of 30 mins or less, there are some quick and healthy meal options for you as well.


NYT Cooking

This is one of the best apps that is known for providing the best skills to people who are already proficient in the art of cooking. The app has more than 15,000 recipes with easy to follow directions, descriptions, photos. It also allows you to make private notes and do a lot more. All these features make the app quite useful and considering it is one of the free applications, it will help you improve your cooking skills and try new recipes.



This is one of the most convenient apps if you are very conscious about wasting food and ingredients required to cook some delicious recipes. You can select ingredients that you have at hand and let the app suggest you best recipes for them. You can also filter out recipes by selecting ingredients and can create something as easy as a salad or something a little more complex like a casserole.



The app can become one of your best friends when looking forward to getting on a healthy diet and a change in your lifestyle. Using Yummly you can get help if you want to create your diet using recipes just the way you like it. You can get a personalized recipe list and get recommendations on things that are according to your preference. So whether you are someone who needs a high protein diet or a diet with all-carbs ingredients or a vegetarian, you will definitely find yourself a tasty recipe that will make you crave other recipes in the app.


Kitchen Stories

The app is free to use and is one of the best apps available. It not only has a wide range of recipes that you can prepare but also has videos and tips available as visual content to help you get a grip on your cooking skills. Also, you can find a photo display and visual guidelines that provide information about every step involved in the preparation of your food. The app also becomes a handy tool for creating your grocery list so that you can get right ingredients in the right quantity. You can save the recipes and try out later on.


Unleash the chef inside you


If you are someone who wants to use your time in a productive way, these apps are a great help. Apart from being a great hobby, cooking food can become a great skill for people living alone or on a tight schedule. Cooking food at home is not going to save you time but also a lot of money if you plan your meals ahead and use the ingredients in the right proportion. You should definitely go for recipes that are healthy and give your body proper nutrients and help you keep healthy,


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