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What LOVE legitimately means…

Do you guys really know the true meaning, essence, depth, and worth of loving or being loved? We can interpret love as, LOVE is an obsession, a madness, a disease, an insanity. It is a limit that we cannot live without crossing, and if we cross, we become unable to bear it. But do you know the limit of love really is? When found, it is an attraction. An attraction that turns into a knot. A knot that colorizes as extreme passion. This passion resides upon TRUST, and trust, that is worth more than worship. Thus we may say that,

“Love is an obsession that recognizes no limits; an obsession who’s every limit is limitless.”


We know it very well that Love is not always being around your special one #yourvalentine, and in a majority of cases it is not even possible if you want to do so. There are many long-distance relationships in which both the partners are miles apart. Cheer up, guys! The moments of loneliness, parting, division, and feelings of being separated have come to an end. Now you can be conveniently connected to your lover miles apart by connecting with their hearts. Yes! You can accomplish and eradicate this long-long journey by simply sending them a ‘Valentine’s Day Ecard’. Let the aroma of your love spread in the air, let your love go digital.


14th February is one of the world recognized date that is over everyone’s mind as soon as the year dawns. We can understand the pain of being miles apart from your beloved or your valentine on this special day.  However given below are the top 08 websites you would have ever come across in order to choose one of the best Valentine’s Day Ecard for your love.

1.      Ojolie

There are many unique ways to express your loved ones and to those you behold a special corner in your heart. In Japan ‘the red-crowned cranes’ dance and the heart-catching movements are believed to be the symbols of luck, joy, longevity, love, and compassion. In order to make themselves different from other websites, Ojolie has used the animations of these swans and red-crowned cranes, dogs kisses, cats love and much more to make their Ecards unique and eye-catching.

2.      Open Me Ecards

If ever for once in a lifetime I get a chance and authority to give away the award of the best website for the Ecards I will definitely give it over to Open ME ecards. The moment you sit down and go through their ecards collection you become an addict to their wide variety of exclusively designed ecards having an amalgam of sense and humor. Their styles are loveable and heartwarming. Their collection is not only restrained to be sent to your lover, boyfriend or husband, but from this collection, you are free to choose cards for your mother, father, siblings, and grandparents that hold a special place in your heart.

3.      Jacquie Lawson

If you want to greet your loved one in a manner that makes his/her day worth life recalling, blossomed, enchanting and sweet as chocolate then ecards by Jacquie Lawson this the best choice. They have put a special essence of love, tenderness, and compassion in their Ecards by choosing cute little animations

like flower and composition of soul striking and peacemaking music. You won’t have to think twice before you choose from their Ecards.

4.      123Greetings

If you have got fed-up by always sending funny Valentine’s Day Ecards and making your beloved laugh, this is the very best option for you if you are seeking to send them a heartwarming and sentimental ecard to make them feel overwhelmed. 123Greetings Ecards is a site that has a wide variety of affectionate, lovable, romantic and lovey-dovey sort of cards. So, hurry up and choose the one you feel is the best for your lover.

5.      Someecards

Amongst the list of most famous ecards websites, some Ecards is the one that comes at the top of the list. Their cards are very differently designed. They do not have a burst of colors and images rather the overall theme of the Ecards have always been kept really simple by the site keeping in the mind that simplicity is the best. If your lover is the one who is quite blunt and doesn’t mind going vulgar, some Ecards will surely be the best choice to serve as a firecracker and ignite your emotions for the specific day making it your lifelong memory.

6.      Punchbowl

Hand-crafted paper cards with beautiful illustrations are one of the best material things loaded with true feelings one can give to his beloved ones or to one that holds a special place in your heart. Punchbowl has made their best efforts to make it easy for people who have a long distance relationship are not physically in contact. Punchbowl has designed their ecards by best of typography, graphics, and images to give is the same look as that of paper and handcrafted cards. Don’t miss these ecards this Valentine’s Day.

7.      Red Stamp ecards

We often get so busy in our monotonous and daily routine that there come times we forget some special dates and 14th Feb is not an exception. If you have run out of time to send or post a paper greeting Valentine’s Day card, there is no need to worry. Red stamp ecards is a mobile app that a wide range of traditionally designed ecards for your special ones. These cards are very appropriately funny ad specially designed in order not to injure anyone’s sentiments and make everyone satisfied.  The specialty of these Ecards is that they are most up to the date as the designs are regularly modified and updated. The spec that makes this site different and more acceptable than other sites is that you are able to customize your Ecard according to your desire by choosing different photo-card options.

8.      Hallmark

Hallmark is recognized as the biggest greeting card serving company. They have come across with one of the biggest good news for you. You don’t have to spare time to go to a store and waste plenty of time searching for an appropriate valentine card for the one you love as the Hallmark has now their ecards online besides having them only available at retail stores in hard copies. You can now easily visit the site and pick the card of your choice.  The most appealing feature of the site is that you can choose your own handwriting as a font to give your card a more realistic look.

Written by Amen Younis


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