Welcome to Creative Instagram Posts Ideas for Pictures 101!

Welcome to Creative Instagram Posts Ideas for Pictures 101!

Back in the day, only people who appeared on television were considered talented and creative geniuses with their acting skills, facial expressions and the ability to convey their messages with more than just their dialogues. Similarly, back in the day the only part an ordinary person got to play in media was at the audience chair. However, time has changed and today has brought us more opportunities. The media is not only accessible to beings you only see on television. Now, your next door neighbor could be a popular social media star. How? Because as media has developed it has brought with it social media and social media applications. While for some social media applications are just useful for communicating with long lost friends, relatives and so on, for many social media is their key for shifting from ordinary to extra ordinary. Today’s world does not only include television stars and high-profile individuals. It includes you too. At the platform of social media you can get your talents recognized. However, if you are just like everyone else and if you are living on with the brand of copy cat, you have a longer and a twisted road to cover till you reach the fame you have aimed for. Nevertheless, those of us who are creative with our social media application use can open the door to a short cut to their goals. In this article, we will give you a descriptive introduction to the creative Instagram posts ideas for pictures that you can use to stay in trend while you also get to add a little touch of yourself!

What is Instagram?


Instagram is one the very popular social media applications out there. This application began its functions back in 2010. This fairly recent application started off with a small team of employees, however, after Facebook, Inc. became the official owner of Instagram in 2012, this application reached the sky. The application’s marketing, interface as well as unique way of communication with individuals gained it fame. To this date, Instagram is the most frequently use application whereas more and more users create Instagram accounts day by day. So what has made Instagram popular? Firstly, it really is the features. Instagram is an application that allows you to post pictures and videos as well as other media content that gives off a hue of who you are. Instagram has following and followers instead of friends and friend lists. This means that those who are interested in the content you share, will be interested in seeing more from you. Instagram now has the option of sharing 24 hour only stories where you can upload pictures or videos expressing how your day went by, with the addition of instant messaging. With further features of Instagram then, Instagram has gained the golden star.

Although, the second reason why Instagram is very well admired and liked by people and the cyber audience is the content itself. Instagram has one the most creative, innovative, original and trend setting profiles that not only influence other Instagram users but the audience and members of other nearly popular social media applications as well. With that of course, Instagram has a hidden key for what will be considered a creative post and what will not receive any attention at all. Instagram is the world of subjective perfection and if you are a part of it, it’s time your profile could match these standards. So, from here on we will be sharing some creative Instagram posts ideas for pictures. Of course these are in trend and you will be seeing them on various profiles, but Instagram is all about adding a touch of you in everything you share!

Creative Instagram posts ideas for pictures number one: Making A Collage of Images

Creative Instagram Posts Ideas for Pictures

Did you take a lot of well lit and good angled pictures of food? Well, if all these pictures tell a story of how perfect your lunch was, it’s time you make an intriguing collage out of them! You can also make a collage by focusing on one color or one theme, whatever key you use for making a collage, you have to make sure your pictorial collages are cohesive.

Creative Instagram posts ideas for pictures number two: Posting Memes!

Creative Instagram Posts Ideas for Pictures

Yes, you must have heard of memes. If you have not, well its about time you got introduced to them.  A meme is a mere picture evidence of an idea, style or behavior that has become of recent trend or part of conversations. Almost everything can be turned into a meme. Did you recently hear a Donald Trump’s speech and found something comical? Well, you can turn that into a meme. While you can re-post memes shared by other people, this is the platform where you get to share something that completely came from you. Create your own memes, share your bit of humor and who knows, you might become the next Instagram meme King or Queen?

Creative Instagram posts ideas for pictures number three: Sharing Some Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peak

Creative Instagram Posts Ideas for Pictures

Well, while most television show hosts, actors and actresses, singers and popular media personalities get to build a hype with this creative category of Instagram posts, you as an ordinary person can do it too. Sharing behind the scene will show your followers the hard work, the time and what it takes to build something looks like. This helps them relate to you more. If you are famous on Instagram, your followers will more likely be worshiping you. However, these behind the scene posts make them feel connected to you. So, even if you are in your background trying to build a snowman for your children, make sure to snap some behind-the-scenes.

Creative Instagram posts ideas for pictures number four: Re-posting Your Follower’s Posts

Creative Instagram Posts Ideas for Pictures

When you begin to become Instagram famous or if you are a famous YouTube personality and you have an Instagram account, you should include this in your picture posts. What you will simply be doing is posting the pictures of your fans that they have tagged you in. This will not only show them your gratefulness but make your Instagram posts look more personal and engaging.

Creative Instagram posts ideas for pictures number five: Promoting Positive Messages

Creative Instagram Posts Ideas for Pictures

Sharing posts with quotes from time to time gives your profile a personalized affect. Not just that, your Instagram profile becomes a source of positivity. This will help you bring more and more viewers to your profile. Not that just, this will show your followers the things you believe in. And if it is something they relate to, you will have your own fans!

Creative Instagram posts ideas for picture number six: Sharing Product Reviews

Your followers will love to see and know the products you like whether its the books you read, the make up you wear, the brands you like, the food companies you stand by and so on. Make sure that from time to time, you post such pictures including the out fit of the posts. This will show your sense of taste and increase your followers too!

Creative Instagram posts ideas for pictures number seven: Throwback Posts

Do you have old pictures of you saved up in vintage photo albums? Well do not just keep them there! Instagram users love seeing pictures of users from a while back. Whether it was you as a baby, you in your high school year book, you on a family trip, you creating a mess on your 8th birthday! Whatever the story went on in your pictures, sharing them will create a feeling of how time flows on your Instagram.

Creative Instagram posts ideas for pictures number eight: Creating Achievement Grids

Creative Instagram Posts Ideas for Pictures

Similar to collages, these posts include putting together pictures that have a theme. However, in this case, the theme is your achievements. This is a very recent trend set by celebrity. Though the creativity comes from how in a collage of a few pictures, you can highlight a whole year, month and a whole period of your life.

Creative Instagram posts ideas for pictures number nine: Get Some Giggles Going

Whether its a picture of your dog chewing on your favorite sofa or your cat getting scared of its own reflection, the picture content on your Instagram profile should always make visits feel welcomed. With that it should grab their attention. While your photography and editing skills are the go to for this, adding funny posts, especially that consist of your own comical experiences will show your originality as well as leave the visitor in awe!

Creative Instagram Posts Ideas for Pictures

Of course, these are not the only types of Instagram post ideas that you can share. With time, you will create your own post and set your own trends. These do give you an idea of what Instagram is actually about. Whoever comes to your Instagram profile looks for a content that will make them stay. This can only be achieved if you post content from your own library instead of re-posting and sharing posts from other Instagram accounts. We hope these nine ideas get a try out from you!

Creative Instagram Posts Ideas for Pictures

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