What are the Different Types of SEO?

When it comes to creating a robust online presence of a business, having a well-designed website serves as the foundation. However, the real challenge is to get traffic on the website. No matter how appealing a website is, it wouldn’t rake in leads without search engine optimization. And for this, you need to rely on SEO Agency New York services. They will be responsible for getting your website to rank on the Google search engine, which, in turn, will result in more traffic and, hence, more leads.

It is important to note that your work doesn’t end when you have hired an SEO expert. You, too, need to know a bit or two about SEO and its techniques so that you can understand their working. For example, if you don’t know much about SEO, there are high chances that you do not know there are various types of SEO. If you don’t know about these necessary details, you wouldn’t know techniques the agency is applying and the results you can expect from them.

For your assistance and guidance, we have discussed some of the major types of SEO. Take a look:

Technical SEO

It is a type of SEO that deals with the technical parameters that impact the visibility of a website. Its major purpose is to make sure that the website can be crawled and indexed quickly by the search engine crawlers. Because, if a web page cannot be crawled, it is, more or less, useless.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO, as the name suggests, deals with the page. It relates to making the website not only search engine-friendly but user-friendly as well. Because both these factors hold crucial importance for a website to rank.

If you want to improve the performance of your website, see that you are paying attention to each page. It should be properly optimized. Do not neglect the page titles. They must be optimized as well. Every page must have an interesting and relevant title. It should give search engine bots an idea about the content that’s on the page and be captivating enough for users to click the page. Apart from the title, H1 and sub-headings must be optimized.

Content SEO

Very apparently, this type of SEO relates to the content written on the page. Earlier, websites with subpar content, stuffed with filler information and keywords everywhere, could rank. However, this tactic doesn’t work anymore. Google now takes the quality of the content very seriously. Therefore, websites having relevant, engaging, and keyword-optimized content can rank only. And this is where content SEO can come in handy.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO deals with practices that are for promotional purposes. This doesn’t have to do with the website itself as it deals with promoting the website on other sources/platforms. For example, link building technique is used to promote a website. The use of backlinks helps to increase the authority of the website.

Local SEO

This type of SEO is more suitable for businesses that desire to increase their visitors. It requires the website to be optimized to get local clients/customers visiting a business, which can be a retail shop, an office or any other kind of company.

For a local SEO to be successful, the website must have complete contact details, including the address of the business mentioned clearly. Furthermore, the business should also be registered with trusted directories like Yelp and popular portals, depending on its nature.

You must rely on a local SEO company to get better results.

Mobile SEO

In current time and age, most of the internet users have shifted to their mobile devices to surf the internet. Therefore, Google now ranks websites that are mobile-friendly. If you are missing out on this feature, you are missing out to a lot of leads. And, of course, a chance of ranking among the top search engine results.

The website should have a fast loading time, easy usability and offers enhanced user experience if it wants to rank among the top results.

eCommerce SEO

With ecommerce becoming such a huge industry, it makes complete sense as to why you must take its SEO quite seriously. It is different from typical SEO since it doesn’t involve writing content or keyword placement. It deals more with promotional activities. In addition, the process of optimizing an ecommerce store is complex since there are numerous pages to deal with.

Most important among the numerous pages on the ecommerce store are the homepage and category pages. Once these pages are optimized, you should start with individual product pages.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! These are some of the most common types of SEO everyone must know about whether they intend to become an SEO specialist or not. 


Written by Faraz Butt

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