What is a Passbook Bank Account? Can You Still Have One?

Bank accounts are not a very odd thing these days. Everyone has one and everyone can open one if you don’t have one. There are different kinds of accounts that are available for people with different professions and also based on age.

Then what is odd?

The bank account that comes with the passbook is really odd these days.

You might remember that in earlier days we opened an account with any bank we used to get a notebook from the bank. But now it is slowly disappearing from the old.

Ok, then what is a passbook bank account?

First, let us understand what is the exact meaning of the passbook bank account. And then later on we will discuss if you can open one for you.

It is a normal bank account in which you can deposit your money, receive and send payments, and also earn interest rates on your savings.

But the only change is this account comes with a physical book that is given by the bank to the customer. And the bank does not charge you anything for the book.

Even if all the pages of the book are used. The bank will issue you a new book free of cost. All you need to do is get in touch with your bank and tell the bank that you want a new bank passbook.

Do the Passbook Bank Accounts Still Exist?

Yes, it is hard to find the banks still issuing this kind of accounts in the United States of America and Canada. I can say in the developed countries.

But in developing countries like India and Bangladesh. 90% of the banks provide the passbook by default to the customers who have an account with them.

Of course, the new age banks of these countries are also not issuing the physical book. Because things are easier to use online with the help of mobile banking and internet banking.

What Can You Find in this Book?

There are a number of useful details that are printed in this book. Let me list out some for you.

  • The name of the account holder of the customer.
  • Bank account number in full.
  • The address of the customer.
  • Information about the type of bank account the customer holds.
  • And all the transactions that are made by the customer. (Including Loans)

This book is mostly used to track the transactions that happen in the bank account. Each and every transaction is printed with details like date, narration, amount, debit, or credit in the bank.

But to get these details printed the customer has to visit the branch of the bank. But in some countries like India, there are automatic passbook printing machines as well.

So the customer care directly goes to the machine which is normally called a kiosk. And get the details printed with ease and no contact with the employees of the bank.


Now you know what is a Passbook bank account. And the answer to the questions if you can still get one is Yes. Find the bank near you that offers this kind of account and you can get one. But before that I recommend you to get in touch with your bank and ask them if they can provide this kind of book for you.

Written by Casim Khalid

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