What is Google Santa Tracker?


Few years back Google created the Google Santa Tracker to keep track of Santa during his holiday deliveries and to check everyone has got the gifts or not (talk about science brusting through the the seven skies to the elves eh?) each year, the Santa Tracker is improved, and it’s grown to include lots of free games, short movies to watch, and other fun activities. Besides the obvious perks, they also includes lots of other activates especially for the children. Hit in the holidays season, you cn have a good christmas time on the comfort of your couch mate!

Santa Tracker Starts at Santa’s Village

Google Santa Tracker started long before other Santa services and the things load up the sleigh and Santa starts his amazing journey around the world. You can find it on the Google Santa Tracker Page. Officially launching on 1st December, allowing you to dive heads into amazing activities and cool stuff to keep you hooked on till the very christmas eve. With opening of 2018, you would find many movies and games, and what is more you can even give a call to Santa with the Google assistant.

Because December seems to go by slower than any other month of the year and Santa’s Village is designed to help pass the time and give different presents. You will find New games released around the corner each day during December, even a day before the Christmas Eve. (That’s when the real fun begins, but we’ll get to that…)

The games are designed to keep your brain busy and provide you fun.The game can be customized according to your liking. You can even design your own customized emoji and use it in other games!

You can also do alot of other fun activities. It is not just just about games but also has information about different holiday traditions around the world. Learn how to say Merry Christmas and ‘Ho Ho Ho’ in Japanese and Polish.

Google Santa Tracker App

‘Ho Ho hey!’what is that all about?

Apparently there is also an app designed for this tracking device system which can update you about where the Santa has Claused at the moment. In case you don’t want to be hanged to your computer all the time, it hasthe inbuilt  Google Santa Tracker  (including Santa’s Village) available on Android.It comes in wear watches too. Its best for those who do not like using laptop.

If you feel like checking over Santa, you can always pop up ”Hey Google where is Santa?”. Sounds like fun right?

Google Santa Tracker to Find Out Where He Is

You can easily Google Santa. Yes! That’s a definite thing guys. Google will not only pull out his current location somewhere in the skies, but would also update you on Santa might be doing now. It comes and features complimentary songs, stories, affliations, news, movies and a lot of other options and updates.

Where is Santa Now?

The Google Santa Tracker to find out where is Santa now. The big dollar questions. you have went through all the hassle to know just one thing where is Danta exactly.

When you reach at the Google Santa Tracker website and app, that will tell you how long it is until you find your Santa Claus!

As the date nears the Christmas Eve countdown you would be able to see the map where you can locate your Santa. In case you find your Santa slighting waving off your location map, Dont worry! Santa would have a lot to do that night.

Written by Hina Akram


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