What to do when your iPhone keeps shutting off?    

We depend on your iPhones literally for everything whether it is to stay in touch with our friends and family or entertainment or simply to get up on time every day we want our iPhones to work properly all the time without any hiccups. Hence when an iPhone keeps shutting off it can be a huge nuisance for us so keep reading ahead to get rid of this trouble in no time.

Why your iPhone keeps shutting off?

There are multiple reasons as to why your iPhone keeps shutting off; this could be due to corrupt apps or water intrusion in the battery however in most of the cases the culprit is the faulty iPhone’s battery. Now there are some ways by which you can make sure that the battery of your phone is the real issue such as by using the tool for Battery Health which is embedded inside the iOS particularly when your iPhone keeps hutting off at 30% battery. This is the tool you can use to assess your battery’s health.

Remember to hard reset your iPhone

When you are facing issues like your iPhone which keeps shutting off then the very first troubleshooting fix to opt for is to perform a hard reset on your iPhone which is a special sort of restart option and here is how you can do it:

  1. Now this procedure will depend on the model of the iPhone which you own:
    • On iPhone X and iPhone 8, you need to click and then take off your finger from the volume increase button at the side and then press and keep holding the side button.
    • On iPhone 7, you need to press and hold the volume decrease button and the side button simultaneously.
    • While on all the other iPhone models you need to press the main home button and the Side button simultaneously.
  2. Keep pressing down these buttons till the screen of your iPhone goes blank and the logo for Apple pops up.
  3. Now you can let go of these button and allow iPhone to restart normally.

Your iPhone Operating System must be updated

In many cases where your iPhone keeps shutting off, there could be a potential fault in the operating system itself. Now if the fix for hard reset hasn’t worked out for you then it is possible that your operating on an iOS version before 11.2 hence you must instantly install the latest update for the operating system. Now here is how you can do this:

  • By updating iOS Wirelessly
  • By Updating iTunes to the Recent most version

If you have tried these fixes and you are unable to get your iPhone updates then you need to do this:

  1. Click on the button for Settings
  2. Then go to Notifications
  3. Now press every app which is installed here and toggle the slider for Allow Notificationstowards the off/white.
  4. Now your iOS will update.
  5. When the update installation is done and your phone finishes restarting then go back to steps 1 and 2 and switch back your notifications for each of these apps that you switched off back in step 3.

Reach out to Apple for Replacement of your Battery

If none of the above mentioned troubleshooting steps have worked out for you then the issue is with your Apple device’s hardware and not the operating system. Your battery could be faulty or is completely dead.

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