WhatsUp Gold Vs Solarwinds- Make your choice folks!

In this article we will be giving our users an in detail comparison of Whatsup Gold Vs Solarwinds in terms of managing servers and applications plus keeping tabs on them. Locating the most useful, prompt and user-friendly software monitor is treasure for all IT professionals because it will save tons of time in addition to getting crucial tasks done for your one’s business.

If you are wondering what a smooth network monitoring and management suite should include then let it be known it is its ability to grow and support all kinds of systems when in need. Hence having a software packages which inculcates all features to ensure that everything stays on top of your system and practically saves your business, will definitely save your day.

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Choosing an appropriate server monitoring suite can be a tiresome job however when one experiences an important server going down right in middle of a crucial task, then you would thank all the gods who invented server monitoring suites and packages as it will save you tons of time that you would otherwise waste on screaming.

Server and Hardware Monitoring- WhatsUp Gold Vs Solarwinds

We will mainly focus on three frontiers that is Uptime Monitoring, Event Log Monitoring and Server Performance Monitoring.

These 3categories are the most crucial aspects of network monitoring; each of these categories has their own criteria for triggering according to the set thresholds in addition of sending out notifications when the set thresholds have been reached. Remember folks “Monitoring” is definitely the most imperative aspect when it comes to network monitoring in terms of its availability, problem solving and disruptions to services.

Server and Hardware Monitoring

Monitoring Event Logs is the second most crucial part of this process that helps track and identify errors, malfunctioning components and triggers of the operating system and its associated hardware. The quicker you are able to track the problem, the quicker you can find and apply a solution to the issue rendering your work useless. The quickest process of filtering out any issue in a given service is by conducting analysis of their event logs. This is an important feature that is absolutely necessary when comparing the two software packages.

In the end comes Server performance monitoring which is equally important as the other two discussed above and helps ensure smooth operation of business applications so that they are running at peak performance for both internal employees as well as customer programs. An application that is operating poorly can drastically affect the customers and can potentially drop your business to the bottom end. Hence monitoring servers and applications to check if they are working at peak performance is the only solution to providing a consistent service to all your customers.


SolarWindsWhatsUp Gold
Hardware Monitoring


Native Monitoring for Dell, IBM & HP Health Indicators
Server Management


Kill Processes along with Start/Stop/Restart and Shutdown/Restart Servers.RDP, Ping, Browser, Telnet and Traceroute
Performance Monitoring
All Counters
Memory/Ram, Disk, Utilization and CPU/Processor
Process Management
View Task Bar Remotely via Process Explorer utility
Remote viewing of Task Manager
Event Log Tasks
View, Filter and Organize all Events within Application
Requires Plugin for Event viewing/managing (Event Log Management plugin)
OSes Supported
Windows Servers (all recent versions), Hyper-V and Vmware vSphere (via API or CIM protocol), Solaris, Linux/Unix, HP-UX and AIX
SNMP based
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Business Critical Application Monitoring- WhatsUp Gold Vs Solarwinds

Now that we are done explaining the importance of hardware monitoring, Application monitoring is next in line that completes the puzzle of network monitoring to ensure smooth business and all critical aspects that need to be monitored. We all have experience applications crashing all of a sudden and that too in middle of a task even if your hardware is perfectly fine, consequently an application monitor can save your day. Given below is a summarized table outlining important applications on any operating system and how are they monitored in terms of a comparison between WhatsUp Gold Vs Solarwinds.

SolarWindsWhatsUp Gold
Native Templates for Common Applications


YesAdd-On required (Application performance monitor)
Number of Applications Supported


Over 200+.Not as Comprehensive
SQL Server MonitoringPerformance, Query, Fragmentation, Log Sizes, etc etc.Add-On required (Application performance monitor)
Exchange Server MonitoringMailbox Stores, Mailbox DB, Mailbox Capacity and Quota’s, Logs and etc etc.Add-On required (Application performance monitor)
Centralized Event Console/DashboardYesRequires Plugin(Event Log Management plugin)
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VMware and Hyper-V Monitoring- WhatsUp Gold Vs Solarwinds

Many operating systems have a virtualized environment operating on many redundant hosts, making the hypervisor the center of monitoring. As all our server rooms change streamlined virtual hosts, it is crucial to keep close tabs on all vital processes of any hypervisor and its associated hardware.

Now at this point we will give a comparison analysis of WhatsUp Gold Vs Solarwinds which essentially complete the heavy lifting tasks of notifying troubles, monitoring and generating reports on the set up virtual environment, no matter what platform is in use. There are other pre-bundled tools and packages which come equipped with hardware which is used on advanced level monitoring. See the table summarized below for details.

SolarWindsWhatsUp Gold
Hypervisor Compatibility


Both VMWare vSphere & Hyper-VAdd-on Needed for VMWare vSphere
VM Inventory SummaryDisplay resources and counts for Host and Virtual Machines by Hypervisor.Add-on needed to view vCenter inventory
Resource Monitoring
CPU/Processor, Memory consumption on Both Host and Virtual Machines as well as Network traffic and utilization for Host/Vm’s.
Add-on needed in order to monitor VM Stats including CPU, Memory, Disk and Network utilization.
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Solarwinds provides Hypervisor and ability to monitor Virtual machines in addition to leveling of sperformance metrics, overall management and planning capability without the need of any add-ons.

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