An Introduction to Wowzers

In the world where every word has a short version, that could be a crazy word or acronym you find on social media channels or your friend has used in his text, some people wonder what Wowzers meaning is?

If you are one of those people who do not have the slightest clue what does this word mean then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will not only learn what the meaning of Wowzers is but also learn how it is used in a conversation and what is its origin.

The Meaning of Wowzers

The term ‘Wowzers’ is nothing but an exaggerated short version of ‘Wow’. It is not the frequently used word but some people like to use it in their conversations. Therefore, the term Wowzers is neither an acronym similar to FTFY or WYD, nor it has a complex meaning.

It is a simple word that is more often used and acceptable in specific circumstances than in others. However, you can use the word Wowzers in some of the sentences and not in every one of them. Carry on to learn how and in which sentences it can be used.

The Usage of Wowzers

The term ‘wowzers’ is similar to the word wow as it is a reactive exclamation used in a sentence. It can be used as an independent word to show some reaction or can also be used as a part of the sentence to elaborate on the specific reaction.

However, most of the people find it as an aggressive word to use since it does have a sarcastic tendency which may be offending for some people. But in other cases, most people used it in their text messages and on social media when they find something surprising or shocking.

In these cases, people often run out of words to express their amazement and thus they use this word to perfectly communicate their lack of words and when they do not want to spend time in writing long sentences.

This can also be used in utter exciting situations. Most of the people are likely to use this word when they are extremely excited and do not know how to properly express their emotions. They might take the help of multiple exclamation marks at the end of the sentence to show the depth of their excitement.

The Origin of Wowzers

It is hard to say who invented the word Wowzers. However, many people claim that it was used by a famous cartoon character in the 1990s as the favorite exclamation. In case you do not recall, Inspector Gadget would say the word ‘Wowzers!’ to express his humor and sense of shock. It can be assumed that this word was first used and came into existence through the well-renowned cartoon character but it is still not an absolute verdict.

Examples of Wowzers

Here is a list of some real-life examples of Wowzers and how it is used in any conversation:

Example 1

Fellow 1: “Hey, guess what? Jack just broke up with his weird girlfriend.”

Fellow 2: “Wowzers!!! Never knew he would actually have guts to do this thing!”

In this example, the Fellow 2 is using the Wowzers to show how shocking the news is how surprised he is during a random conversation going on with the Fellow 1.

Example 2

Fellow 1: “Listen, pal!!! IGI Project is making a comeback with the latest version!!!”

Fellow 2: “Wowzers!!! I seriously can’t wait!!!!”

This second example is the best scenario to show the utter excitement. On hearing the news, the Fellow 2 gets excited to such an extent where he uses the word Wowzers along with exclamation marks to express how happy and excited he is about the news Fellow 1 told him.

‘Wow’ versus ‘Wowzers’

As fascinating as the word ‘wowzers’ seems, there are times when it is just not right to use it. There are varying situations in which you should either use wow or wowzers depending on the nature of the situation.

Therefore, when is the time you should actually say wow and when is the time when you should say wowzers? However, there is no definite rule that you should be following, but there are some general instructions that you might want to know about in order to get a clear picture:

When You Should Use ‘Wow’

The word ‘Wow’ should be used when you are either writing an article or a blog that may require perfect grammar or spelling. Even if you are writing a copy for a web page, it is best to stick with the word ‘wow’ as it seems more formal, professional and acceptable for the general audience.

In addition to that, the use of the word ‘wow’ makes you look sober and mature. It is indeed a fact that the word ‘wow’ is not completely a professional word but if you are communicating with the employers on LinkedIn and you end up writing ‘wowzers’ at the end of the conversation, the chances are they might not take you seriously or your goal.

If you want to show your excitement and praise their services, then you must not do it in an extra or exaggerated way. The word ‘Wow’ is a very common form of exclamation that is alone can get your point across to the other people.

When You Should Use ‘Wowzers”

The word ‘Wowzers’ can be used when you are either texting your friend or posting something funny or exciting online to share with your friends or family. It is generally accepted in casual conversations.

In case you or your audience is much more concerned about the perfect grammar and spelling, using the word ‘Wowzers’ can allow you to be a bit more creative in conveying your message or expression.

As silly as this word sounds, it could be a great way to show the other person that you have a good sense of humor. It could be a perfect substitute to exaggerate your reaction in situations where you cannot undermine your excitement.

Written by Hina Akram


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