Everything you need to know about the “WYD” Meaning!   

Have you ever gotten a message in any conversation saying “WYD?” and you have been left wondering as to what this acronym refers to and are unsure as to how to respond then read this article and solve all your queries. This article will in short guide you on the WYD Meaning and the contexts where you can use them and how to respond in case you receive such a message.

The exact WYD Meaning

If you wish to know the proper grammatical context of this acronym here then you can view this as “what are you doing?” however ever since the world on internet and texting has evolved the use of grammar and correct spelling has literally become obsolete and for speedy replies the long sentences are usually turned into casual acronyms like “WYD”.

How can use the acronym WYD?

One way the acronym of WYD is generally used is when a question is directed at someone the way one would say it in a face to face conversation in reality. This is used to either begin any conversation or to get a break in middle of an already ongoing chat.

Of course WYD is essentially a question which is ideally used in a face to face conversation when one is trying to inquire about something in the present moment and it is commonly seen in text messages or other messaging platforms. You may even find the question “WYD?” on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest however it is a term usually used in a private char or personal conversation.

Scenarios where WYD can be used

Scenario 1

Person 1: “WYD?”

Person 2: “Just watchin a film”

In this scenario the Person 1 has used this acronym in a way anyone would ask “what are you doing?” in any real conversation because Person 1 is inquiring about something from Person 2 who has responded to the question according to what they were doing in the present moment.

Scenario 2

Person 1: “WYD after work on Monday?”

Person 2: “Prob going out for drinks”

Even though WYD is usually used as a sole question in any conversation it can also be an extension to a larger question with an added context just like in the scenario above. The Person 1 here asks Person 2 as to what are they doing after work on Monday and Person 2 replies accordingly.

Scenario 3

“My roommate used all the milk this morning and left for work without bringing more…WYD man this ain’t cool”

In this scenario, you can observe how the acronym WYD has been used in form of a hypothetical conversation to pass a comment about something that has happened. You can see that the person who is saying the statement isn’t using WYD in form of a question to get answers instead they are only expressing their disappointment at what their roommate did.

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