Zabbix Alternative – The Top Three!

It is nothing less than walking into a mental battlefield when one goes on a hunt for a Zabbix Alternative but folks we are here at this blog to help you figure out the most suitable Zabbix Alternative that can prove to be the most efficient network monitor ever manufactured.  The Alternatives to Zabbix we would be talking about in this blog would either be paid or free because cost is the most prominent contributing factor in decision making for an appropriate Zabbix Alternative.

What are the Top Three Zabbix Alternative?

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1. Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

When it comes to network monitoring, Solarwinds NPM will always be our first choice for the best Zabbix Alternative because of its user friendly interface and instant discover features contained in a streamlined feature set up.  This software can be configured within minutes because it has the ability for auto discovery tools that are in detail when it comes to assigning and categorizing your network connected devices. Some of the most prominent Solarwinds NPM features include:

  • Instant and Multiple Dynamic Mao Generation for all Network Devices whether wired or wireless and can show all crucial details and parameters for each of the connected devices including their overall performance, utility and connection types with each of the other devices.
  • Complete Monitoring of Network for all of the connected devices in addition to extended tabs on crucial networks or any parts of the network backbone.
  • Your reports can be personalized and notifications for various devices, events can also be set.
  • Ability to forecast future utility of a network including the precise calculated data usage during all hours of the day i.e. peak and average hours.
  • Keeping tabs on hardware such as monitoring health of fans including their speed, temperature, power access and other crucial aspects.
  • A portable web interface that can be personalized with a dashboard which can also be customized according to your needs.
  • Scheduled report generation at regular intervals with an access to a collection of 100 templates and ability to identify more than 1200 apps used for Packet analysis
  • Hop-by-Hop Monitoring of all Network Pathways.
  • Tabs on VLAN and its data generation.

Solarwinds NPM hence you can deduce is a complete software package which can efficiently and instantly play the role of Zabbix Alternative and can bring a profound functionality to network monitoring.

However there are users who claim that Zabbix Alternative is difficult in its configuration b is hard to configure but Solarwinds NPM gets operating instantly and hence is the top choice for Zabbix replacement. Furthermore the Auto Network discovery and offered templates features can further simplify the process of software configuration. You can visit the following official website to access complete features list for Zabbix Alternative

Free Download Link for a 30 Day Trial:

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2. PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is stands at the second position for a suitable Zabbix Alternative for network monitoring and overall management which will come with multiple features that were once enjoyed on Zabbix and of course other added features that weren’t accessible in Zabbix. However their cost is what concerns most users especially when you get to know the actual number of devices which can be monitored under once price because the cost of using this software depends on the number of sensors and can go as high as $16,000.

However this still is an amazing Zabbix Alternative given it fits your budget and suits your pocket. Some of the top offered PRTG features are listed below:

  • Can rapidly be configured and the subsequent installation also takes a few moments quite like the Solarwinds NPM.
  • A pre built portable dashboard which can be customized according to your requirements and needs.
  • Ability to monitor Networks using a completed featured set of procedures and apps assigned for monitoring purposes.
  • Set notification alerts for network monitoring and pre-constructed report templates to choose from.
  • Custom map designing for all of your connected Network devices
  • Remotely controlled Probes for LANs
  • and of course a lot more

PRTG is an all rounder software that has definitely made its mark among all Zabbix Alternatives and even though is costly but has introduced a new face to network monitoring. So before you decide to purchase this you must give this software a test run. You must fully read the detailed documentation on PRTG by accessing the link stated ahead:

For a free trial version, visit the following link:

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3. ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager has managed to revamp their services over last couple of years and hence has made the running in the competition of best Zabbix Alternative with their OpManager platform, giving a broad range of tools that can prove to be highly beneficial when in search for a suitable replacement of Zabbix.  Read out some of the best ManageEngine OpManager features listed below:

  • Keeping tabs on packet loss of a given network, parameters on network performance and monitoring intervals for devices connected to a network in your vicinity such as the L2 and L3, VM Hosts, servers and routers.
  • Analysis and Monitoring on Network Bandwidth which is in use of all end users and other apps most famously used to monitor common network flow protocols such as the NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, and the IPFIX.
  • Assembly, analysis and log archive from all of the firewall devices to access all harmful intrusions that can potentially infiltrate your system, loop holes in network security and compliance to standards.
  • Backup, and reverting the configured devices on a specific Network, configuration of alerts and notifications for all unauthorized modifications.
  • Keep constant tabs on IP addresses to make sure that IP addresses have correctly been mapped and assigned in addition to switch port monitoring and of other devices in connection with them on a Real-Time basis.
  • ….. And of course much much more!

Official Website:

Download Link:

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