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These days everyone is in a race of creating a better image of themselves through social media apps. And people do a lot of stuff to show their daily life happenings in an extraordinary way. Snapchat is the most popular app being used by everyone these days; talk about celebrities, agencies, companies, brands or even common people. Everyone is a crazy fan of Snapchat like this and does give a lot of effort to make its stories look better than the other’s.

What could be more extraordinary than having your own personalized GeoFilter? Now you can make your own GeoFilter on Snapchat and make your event, place or occasion a hit. If you have clear idea that what is snapchat-numbers-meaning, then you would be more eager to use it in order to increase the scores.

About GeoFilter

GeoFilter is feature introduced by Snapchat to give an event or a location the popularity. The filter has the custom design for the location or event which is used on the snaps by the people. These are creative overlays of your location or occasion you are on.

How to get your GeoFilter?

Here comes the easy procedure to create your personalized GeoFilters. The GeoFilters could be used for the location you are in or the event that is coming up. You can have a GeoFilter for your birthday, wedding, convocation or any other party coming up that you have organized. It could be made for big scale or small scale events.

The GeoFilters could be for the personal use and the business use. It depends what you are creating it for. For personal GeoFilters you cannot use any logo, mark or business/branding. The personal use Geofilters are simple and can be used for 30 days exampler here.

The Business GeoFilters for any promotion, campaign or upcoming event or sale have different procedure. It must follow the Snapchat’s Business Guidelines. It can include Logo, mark or branding.

To create you have to upload a transparent image on Choose a date, time and location for it. Submit it to the Snapchat along with your payment for the GeoFilter. The Snapchat will review your request and get back to you within one business day.

You can create your GeoFilter design by choosing the theme and premade template. The price varies depending on the size of the filter.

Once your GeoFilter is created, you can use it on your snaps and ask others to use it to increase you scores. And tell other people about the snapchat-numbers-meaning, so that they can help you with improving your score.

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