Quick and easy ways to get the most Instagram followers

Have you ever dreamed of becoming famous? Do you have an Instagram account but do not know how to obtain more followers? How can you use Instagram to gain quick popularity for yourself or your business? In today’s time, social media is everything. You look at social media stars and see how they became famous and influential just by the smart use of this communication tool to reach the masses. Now all important businesses, brands and celebrities use Instagram and other social media sites to stay at the top of their game. Instagram has over 2 million followers which quiet an astounding amount! Hence getting the most Instagram followers is the quickest way to earning money for your business or product or being influential otherwise. You yourself can try to become more influential through social media by following the tips given in this article.

  1. Making your account public

This is the first and foremost important thing that needs to be done if you want to grow your number of followers. Private accounts do not get many followers as the only followers they have are the people they know already, which can be found in their contact list or Facebook. Public accounts can be viewed by anyone, hence giving people the chance to browse through your profile freely and start following you if they find your posts interesting. To make your account public, you need to first open your Instagram application. Then go to the bottom right corner of your screen and tap on the profile option. After that click on the ‘edit my profile’ option. You need to uncheck the ‘private account’ option and with that your profile will be made public.

Instagram Private

  1. Spacing out your photos

Everything must be done moderately, that is the motto. If you post too less or too much consecutively you may not gain followers and you may even lose a few followers! To make your profile more attractive give time between each post of yours. For example per day you can post 2-3 photos maximum. This is because if you post more than this then you will be bombarding your followers feed and they may find it annoying.

  1. Try using preferably popular hashtags

The whole point of hashtags on Instagram is to follow a specific trend and to make your searching easy for photos following the same theme. When you use popular hashtags, people searching for a specific hashtag will see your picture and if it is really good, they will follow you and this way you will be getting instant followers. Are you confused as to what are these popular hashtags? Well not to worry, here are a few famous hashtags you can use the next time you post a photo;

  • #instagood
  • #nofilter
  • #love
  • #swag
  • #cute
  • #amazing
  • #follow
  • #me
  • #tbt (throwback Thursday)
  • #amazing
  • #eyes
  • #nice
  • #smile
  • #beautiful
  • #girl
  • #style
  • #happy
  • #instacollage
  • #photooftheday
  • #picoftheday
  • #Christmas
  • #instadaily
  • #like
  • #l4l
  1. Using geo tags

To make your photos more famous, try using geo tags. Geo tags are basically your photos uploaded with their location, using the location tagging facility given on Instagram. This will help, when people are searching for a specific place and your photo can be shown on nearby places. Every defined location has its own page on Instagram, hence your photo will also be shown on that page and if it is good you will start getting more followers. Remember not to absentmindedly tag a wrong place or a wrong photo because such blunders can result in negative comments. And this of the utmost importance for your safety that you never should geotag your own home because that is dangerous.

  1. Filter away

Another way to make your profile more interesting would be by correctly using filters. Instagram has many different types of filters to offer and you should apply the ones that look the best on your specific photo. The most popular ten filters in use are;

  • Hudson
  • Normal
  • Lomo-fi
  • Early bird
  • Brannan
  • Ex-pol
  • Hefe
  • Amaro
  • Valencia
  • Rise
  1. Telling a story by combining photos

Low them photo on Instagram, make it more interesting by combining a few more photos together and giving out a short interesting story.

Note: You can combine photos using different photo editing apps like ‘Apple’s Pic Stitch’

  1. Share your best photos and videos

The secret behind a famous account is, the quality of what you share. And the amount of times you keep sharing quality content. First impressions are important when it comes to making your account follow worthy. Hence the most recent photo that you upload will be the photo that any person browsing your account sees first. So each photo that you upload should be of high quality and interesting. If the quality is not good you will not be taken seriously. Also keep sharing good content at intervals so that you are entertaining or interesting but do not become annoying.

  1. Follow other Instagram profiles

To gain more followers you can start by following other random users of interest. They will as a way of courtesy follow you back. If they stop posting for a while you can always unfollow them to make space for following new people. Remember not to follow too many users all at once because then you can lose track. This is a sure shot way of at least gaining as many followers as you follow.

  1. Posting photos at peak times

In Instagram it is all about timings and getting the most views. You would naturally want to post something when the maximum number of users are using Instagram, because an Instagram photo’s lifespan is approximately 3 to 4 hours before it gets lost in the Instagram community wilderness. To make it easier for you, we have researched on what are the peak times of Instagram and here are some findings;

  • Popular times are in the morning and after work that is round about 6pm.
  • The most popular day is Wednesday and the time should be 5pm-6pm.
  • 2-3pm is also considered a peak time for Instagram users.

It must be noted that whilst looking for peak times you must consider your target audience and thee time zone in which they live in.

  1. Updating your account once a day

This is very important, as mentioned above posting too much simultaneously can be annoying for your followers. But posting too less can also cause you to lose your followers. The trick is to update your account daily once at least. This way you can keep the interest of your followers and keep them hanging on for more.

  1. Joining a micro-community

Micro-communities are a quick way for increasing followers. These communities are based on user interaction and through it you can get introduced to a lot of other active users on Instagram. Here you participate in challenges and activities given out by the community admins and follow certain hashtags. In this way your posts can be more viewed and if you are really successful you can gain a lot of followers through it. An example is the #joshjohnson community. This community gives a lot of activities and challenges daily. The main rule is that for every photo you post you have to like three other photos and comment on two others at least. In this way you virtual social circuit increases considerably.

Finding out who the most famous person on Instagram is

Knowing all these tips, you must be wondering who the most followed person on Instagram is currently. Well following the most famous celebrities can also earn you followers. And currently on the top of the Instagram’s most followed list is, Selena Gomez the famous singer and celebrity.

famous person on Instagram

Why do I need to increase my followers?

Well people need most Instagram followers for many reasons. More followers gives you a social boost, gives you more influence and you can also earn money through this by selling famous accounts. In the world of social media these days social media celebrities are the new fad. These people who got famous by social media are then streamlined into main media as well, through TV, modelling, ads, films etc. In case you own a business big or small it can be expanded through Instagram by increasing your followers. The more followers you have the more credibility your brand has. Also people can advertise and sell their ideas and influence thinking practices through Instagram and other social media sites. All these causes need followers to begin with. For anything to become famous you need a lot of people talking about it and creating a sensation. Plus it is innate human nature to feel appreciated and well-liked by other fellow humans. And each day consciously or sub-consciously we try to fulfill this human desire. Hence Instagram followers are needed for all these reasons and trying out a few techniques above can be very beneficial for you in trying to better your Instagram game.

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