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Here is how You Can View Old Snaps on Snapchat

Can you view old snaps or not? Read on to find out!


Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications available in the world today. The application took the world by storm when it was released in 2011. However, the actual story and issues behind the release of Snapchat to the general public is actually very interesting. Like a lot of popular applications, Snapchat was also designed by a few university students who had the idea and set about to make it a reality.

But this is where the story gets juicy. According to sources it was Reggie Brown who originally came up with the idea of Snapchat. At the time he had no name for the application but just suggested to his friend Evan Spiegel about an idea he had which was of an application where people could send and receive images which would only display on screen for a few seconds after which they would disappear. And apparently Evan loved the idea and the two set about trying to make it happen. According to sources their idea was ridiculed since people thought it was too weird to actually catch the publics attention.

But soon the duo turned into a trio when Bobby Murphy joined the team to help make the application seeing as he had experience with coding and could help with actually making the application into a reality. Soon the trio released an application called Picaboo which worked on the principals that Snapchat works on. The logo for the application was the now famous Snapchat ghost logo. However, in the span of about two months, something changed and Murphy and Spiegel decided to freeze Brown out of the equation and launch Picaboo again under a different name. Allegedly Reggie did not know about this and when he found out he asked Evan to renegotiate his share but apparently his emails and inquiries went unanswered so that in the end when he saw Snapchat had been released he resorted to filing a lawsuit since he saw no other way to be able to get credit for his work and his fair share of the profits made.

The trio decided to settle out of court and Reggie was given a generous monetary compensation as well as the fact that he was also given the right to be called as one of the original founders of Snapchat. Even with all of the negative press this issue caused Snapchat was not harmed in the least. People still used the application and it was one of the fastest growing applications in the first two years of its launching. And thus it should be no surprise that today Snapchat has over 166 million daily active users.

The biggest demographic that uses Snapchat is the millennial generation. These are the people who have essentially grown up with Snapchat and have thus seen it grow into what it is today.  Test this out for yourself, go talk to a group of millennial and I guarantee that you will find that most if not all of them have Snapchat in their phones!

snapchat on phone

The people at Snapchat have made sure they innovate and inspire constantly by adding new features in Snapchat which they know their users will love and use happily. The reason why Snapchat has remained so popular is because the application is always changing and improving itself. Snapchat has turned from an application which could only take pictures and send them to one which can make videos of varying lengths and then add voice effects and what not to them as well.

Every application benefits from innovation and keeping up with the times. If you do not keep making changes and introducing new features understandably your users get bored and move on to the next thing which they find more entertaining. If you were to sit and look at all the applications in the world that failed, you will see the common thread of stagnation within almost all of them. Or if not stagnation then the fact that all of these applications tend to be introducing changes which no one wants or really cares about. To introduce effective and popular changes to your application one needs to know their audience and then work accordingly around it.

But even with all of the changes one of the features of Snapchat which made it incredibly popular was is still the feature which keeps it relevant and popular amongst users. This is the feature where the pictures you send on Snapchat disappear once they have been viewed and the pictures you post in your story disappear in 24 hours.

Save your Snaps

Initially you could not even really save the snaps you took through your Snapchat. So if you took a great selfie on Snapchat then you probably had to screenshot it because there was no other way you could save the image. Thus for some people being able to View Old Snaps on Snapchat is very important since there are some great shots which they think they have lost by being not being able to do so. But then Snapchat introduced the feature which let you save snaps you take on both your camera roll and within a folder of old snaps on Snapchat as well. When you take a snap, there is a tray with a downward facing arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen, you need to tap on that to save the snap. So in order to View Old Snaps on Snapchat, all you need to do is go to the app, and when the viewfinder is displaying to swipe up to reveal your old snaps. This is the easiest way to View Old Snaps on Snapchat. But remember unless you saved the snap you will not be able to see it.

View Old Snaps on Snapchat Sent by Friends

old snaps on snapchat

Now this is the real question since no one is particularly worried about the fact that they need to View Old Snaps on Snapchat that they took but they are more worried about people they have sent weird snaps to being able to see them. Snapchat based itself on the fact that pictures would disappear after a while so does that really happen; the answer is yes it does but like everything else in life there is also a secret way around this.

One of the ways to save snaps by friends is by taking screenshots. What happens when you take a screenshot on Snapchat is that the person who’s picture or video you screenshot will be alerted and will know that you did it. So this might be a very awkward situation for you to be in.

But recently someone has come up with the news that you can definitely View Old Snaps on Snapchat because anything you put on the internet and which goes through servers and is delivered through the use of the internet does not really ever disappear. According to researchers, when snaps are sent the extensions turn into .NOMEDIA and thus cannot be displayed but to make the image reappear you can simply change the extension and immediately access the snap and thus be able to View Old Snaps on Snapchat. However, to get to the metadata and everything which we have described you need to not only be a professional but also have extremely expensive software which will help you View Old Snaps on Snapchat.

So unless you have that there is little you can do to View Old Snaps on Snapchat which other people sent there is no better option than taking a screenshot.

However another technique to View Old Snaps on Snapchat you can use is to contact one of the data labs which can do this for you. You will not need to get expensive software but can ask the people to recover your snaps for you at a price. The price depends on the company you choose.

One of the issues with accessing metadata on the iPhone is that it is very hard so while it is hard on Android too, it is not entirely possible and just something for professionals to do but with iOS you do not know what you are getting into and till now researchers do not know for sure how to View Old Snaps on Snapchat on an iPhone unless you have saved them yourself or taken a screenshot.

If you cannot find a way to View Old Snaps on Snapchat then you need to calm down and do not worry about it. This is because you need to remember that Snapchat is an application which works on the assumption that no picture will be saved so maybe it is better to not try to outsmart this feature. Since if you do this then you might be breaking the trust of those who trust you enough to send you raw pictures of themselves and you will try to access these photos again when they have disappeared.

So it is better not to want to do something which might betray or hurt other peoples feelings. Good luck with your Snapchatting adventure!


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