Are You A Content Writer?

We are looking for articles that are original and unpublished on any other web site. We only Accept unique and Fully Optimized article. We reserve the right to decide if the content fits our site. If it does, then we will put the material into our system and publish it.

Article Specification

We accept text file, word doc, and page documents. The article should be anywhere from 1000-5000 words. For larger articles, we reserve the right to split the article into parts for more comfortable reading by our audience. You may also want to include a PDF showing where images are to be placed.

Since we are a Tech website, we want to publish an article on Some specific Categories Mentioned Below.

  • Technology
  • Auto
  • Social Media
  • Gadgets
  • How to
  • Lifestyle

It has been our practice to use one picture for every two paragraphs. This splits the article up into easy to read segments. I suggest that you run your article through Grammarly before submission. Grammarly will look for spelling, punctuation as well as grammar and make suggestions for corrections.

Must Provide With Keyword, Tags, Feature Image

If your article needs to use before and after examples, we offer this as part of our service with a before and after slide over. Please indicate which image is before and after.

If images need to be placed in specific locations of your article, then please make sure it easy to match the image up with the location. Also, please include a caption if needed at the position in the text of the article where it is to be placed.

You can Send your Content We will generally confirm receiving new content within 24 hours.

You can send email to contact @ for Price of Backlink and Opportunity.