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    VM Manager – The Best Virtual Machine Monitor!

    All kinds of Networks or Sys Administrators have to deal with a sea of virtual machines in this era-this cloud is constantly hovering over us and visualization is now a basic for constant redundancies, better payment layouts and of course saving tons of precious time by enabling users to imagine a problematic VM rather than […]

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    PRTG Vs MRTG – Would you take any of them as your Network Monitor?

    Whenever two competing entities are launched in the market, the debate over their perks and drawbacks is something that will never cease to exist and same goes for “PRTG Vs MRTG” analysis but here today we will definitely encourage you to come to a conclusion as to which software you should invest in.

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    PRTG Vs Nagios – What is your cup of tea?

    The constantly emerging debate on which software is best for network management and monitoring is something that will never cease to exist and this is the reason we are here running a comparison analysis of PRTG Vs Nagios. To make this comparison simpler for you we will be analyzing the presence and absence of some […]

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    NTFS Permissions Tool – Your Effective Active Directory Tool

    NTFS Permissions Tool is this useful package of software which lets you select any User in the Active Directory along with a particular Share, File or Folder and the software will give all Effective Permissions to that specific User and the file or folder. This software is completely free to use and will be extremely […]

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    Is your Smart TV worth all your hard earnings?

    Do you ever wish that on a cozy winter evening you can just cuddle in your blanket and watch high definition YouTube videos or films or use Internet service to have that HD Skype call with your friends? If you do, then Smart TV can offer you all this and this article will guide you […]

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    No need to Jailbreak, simply install the GBA4iOS!

    Are you the kid who got to play with the famous Nintendo Gameboy consoles? If yes, then reading the name of the game must have brought a lot of good memories. Nintendo is a classic plastic game console that has been the crazy to go for gadget in a specific era for kids who played […]

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    Get to iOS Jailbreak but with caution!

    Jailbreaking is a procedure that modifies step by step each of the upgrade of the iOS. So instead of having you go through new guidelines for each of the update of the iOS, we would give a comprehensive overview of how to jailbreak in general hence if you have a device that runs iOS you […]

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    How to Fix Err Empty Response and the Best Way to Do It

    When we use computer and technology these days we are well aware of the many differences and many advantages that we have. The most that you can do is follow the rules that the technology world puts out for you and follow them in any case. See the problem arises when you have a problem […]

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    Protect Yourself from Malware using these effective tools!

    Let’s first talk about what is Malware? Malware is an abbreviation for “malicious software,” which is used to describe a form of computer program that is manufactured for infecting a real computer of any user with the intention of invading it and causing harm to the data.