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    Protect Yourself from Malware using these effective tools!

    Let’s first talk about what is Malware? Malware is an abbreviation for “malicious software,” which is used to describe a form of computer program that is manufactured for infecting a real computer of any user with the intention of invading it and causing harm to the data. More

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    PRTG Alternatives – What other Network Monitor has your back?

    Going on a hunt for effective and suitable PRTG Alternatives for managing your network can be a daunting task but folks that is what we are here for, to help streamline the process for you. What we have essentially done in this post is that gathered information on all potential PRTG Alternatives, with similar tools […] More

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    The Top 5 Xbox One Headsets!

    You must have heard about the Xbox One that has become the most favorite gaming device for today’s generation. This gaming device can be used both online and offline making it even more likable by the teenagers. However, the gaming experience becomes more exciting and enhanced if used the right Xbox One headsets that make […] More

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    How to Fix Err Empty Response and the Best Way to Do It

    When we use computer and technology these days we are well aware of the many differences and many advantages that we have. The most that you can do is follow the rules that the technology world puts out for you and follow them in any case. See the problem arises when you have a problem […] More

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    VM Manager – The Best Virtual Machine Monitor!

    All kinds of Networks or Sys Administrators have to deal with a sea of virtual machines in this era-this cloud is constantly hovering over us and visualization is now a basic for constant redundancies, better payment layouts and of course saving tons of precious time by enabling users to imagine a problematic VM rather than […] More

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    All that you need to know about the Charter Speed Test!

    The Charter Speed Test in its full form is known as the Charter Communications Nationwide Speed Test, which is essentially an internet speed test whose services are given by Charter, which is a renowned ISP in the United States. If you choose to run tests for your internet connection using the Charter Speed Test then […] More

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    The Top 5 Best Light Meters

    A light meter is an invention that has the purpose of measuring the exact amount of light in photography. With the help of digital and analog electronic circuit, it successfully determines the accurate exposure for a photograph. It helps the photographer to decide the shutter speed and f-number for the best exposure. They are largely […] More

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    Get to iOS Jailbreak but with caution!

    Jailbreaking is a procedure that modifies step by step each of the upgrade of the iOS. So instead of having you go through new guidelines for each of the update of the iOS, we would give a comprehensive overview of how to jailbreak in general hence if you have a device that runs iOS you […] More

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    Cisco Network Monitoring Tools- The Best Ones!

    If you are ever stuck in a situation where any specific data-center is unavailable or slow to access and you cannot really access the devices either for instant troubleshooting, the first thing you must do is check if the particular organization has been keeping tabs on the server traffic routed through this data-center particularly the […] More

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    All that you need to know about the Speakeasy Internet Speed Test!

    Speakeasy Internet Speed Test is one of the simplest connectivity tests available out there to test the strength of your bandwidth between your home connection and with any of the servers based in United States. Their website is highly user friendly and saves the history of all your previous Speakeasy Internet Speed Test results and […] More

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    Cyber Attacks- Everything that you need to know!

    Cyber attacks today, is known to be one of serious issues raised by people. Although cyber attacks may differ in various forms but people facing this, always complain that their personal information has been compromised and their computers were controlled by someone. In this scenario, the attackers, in order to release control, get paid in […] More

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