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All that you need to know about iPhone Touch Disease!

It is not unusual to assume that iPhone Touch Disease refers to some technical illness or is a syndrome related to Black Mirror psychology however this isn’t the case because iPhone Touch Disease is a real thing for some users. If you suddenly find your iPhone showing weird signs then you have the iPhone Touch Disease problem at your hand and keep reading ahead to know all about it!

Which Devices are prone to the iPhone Touch Disease?

As stated by Apple the only version of iPhone which can get the iPhone Touch Disease is the iPhone 6 Plus model however there have been incidents of this disease on iPhone 6 as well however Apple hasn’t passed any official statement.

What are the Symptoms of iPhone Touch Disease?

The iPhone Touch Disease has two of the following major symptoms:

  1. The touch screen of your iPhone will stop responding normally which means that when you tap on the screen, the touch sensitivity isn’t being recognized by the iPhone or that gestures like zoom in or pinch aren’t working out at all.
  2. You will see a flickering bar in gray at the top of your display screen.

What causes the iPhone Touch Disease?

This question has a lot of debate going on it however as stated by Apple this disease can occur if your iPhone has been dropped multiple times especially on hard surfaces which puts increased stress on your device hence Apple says that this disease occurs due to the fault of the user himself who are careless regarding their device.

On the flip side of the coin the iFixit website talks about repairs and helps users understand Apple products in a better way and has released a statement that this disease occurs because of a fault in the iPhone’s design and occurs on iPhone which haven’t faced any damage at all even apart from those models which aren’t iPhone 6 Plus. The issue lies somewhere in the attachment of the two controller chips in the touch screen.

Is it really a disease?

Well, of course this isn’t a disease and it isn’t named the “iPhone Touch Disease” by random users because diseases are generally problems that can spread through infection across devices however this isn’t the way the how iPhone Touch Disease occurs. Touch Disease occurs because of the damage caused to the phone or a manufacturing fault as discussed above and not because your phone caught a virus by sneeze. Remember iPhones don’t get viruses and phones don’t sneeze over one another. So disease is just an interesting analogy to explain this.

How can you get rid of the iPhone Touch Disease?

In majority of the iPhone Touch Disease cases, users don’t really take steps to get rid of it. If you have necessary expertise using a soldering iron and can take the risk of opening up your iPhone then you can go ahead and try this out however we will advise you not to do so. You can attempt at joining you’re your broken screen however this may not fix the issue for you.

The easiest way is offered by Apple and the company itself will fix your iPhone. Even though you will have to make a payment for this however it will cost you much less than buying a new iPhone or you can simply take services from any other repair shop however they must have people who know how to use micro soldering and if they damage your iPhone then even Apple will not be able to fix it for you.

How to

How to use the iPhone Recovery Mode?   

Multiple issues can disappear in moments simply by restarting your iPhone however some of the more advanced problems will need you to restart your iPhone in Recovery Mode. This although may not be the most appropriate fix for your problems however at times this does work. If you wish to know how to use the iPhone Recovery Mode then read ahead to keep your iDevice safe from any errors.

When should you use the iPhone Recovery Mode?

You should opt for the iPhone Recovery Mode under following circumstances:

  • When you have to complete the installation of an iOS update and all of a sudden your iPhone gets held in a continuous screen loop. This occurs when something has gone wrong while the update installation or it might be because that your battery isn’t sufficiently charged while the update is installing.
  • When you complete the updates on your operating system and restore all your data from the back up and this doesn’t occur properly or process stops in the middle.
  • When you upgrade using the beta version and there is any malicious file
  • When you are looking at the Apple logo or trying to connect to your iTunes for sometime without any advancements

When you restore your data using the iPhone Recovery Mode you will lose all your precious data so you must have a recent backup of all your files on iTunes or iCloud. If you don’t do this you will end up losing all your information.

How to switch on iPhone Recovery Mode?

This is what you need to do for iPhone Recovery Mode:

  1. Switch off your iPhone by pressing the side button which is present on right edge of iPhone 6 and late versions and towards the corner on older versions of iPhones.
  2. Keep pressing this button till the slider button pops up on the screen and then you can simply slide this button to switch off your phone. If your phone is stuck then press the side button and the Home button simultaneously however on iPhone 7 you must press the volume decrease button instead of the Home button.
  3. Now connect your iDevice to your PC. If you don’t own a PC then go to any Apple Store location or get one from somebody.
  4. Now you must do a hard reset on your iPhone which you can do by pressing the side button and the Home button simultaneously but once again on iPhone 7 you must press the volume decrease button instead of the Home button. Hold this for a good 10 seconds and if the Apple Logo appears then press the buttons for longer.
  5. Now you can release these buttons and get connected to the iTunes when the display for Connect to iTunes appears on your screen. You have now put your iPhone in Recovery Mode.
  6. iTunes will show a window asking you to either Updateor Restore data on your iPhone. \
  7. Here you must press theUpdate
  8. This will fix the issue for you without deleting any data.
  9. If this update isn’t installed properly you must try putting your iPhone to recovery mode again and then hit Restore.
How to

How to Reset Apple ID Password? 

Your Apple ID is basically your access to multiple services offered by Apple for your device hence if you ever forget this password it means you are pretty much in hot waters. If you will not be able to sign in to your Apple Account then you will be handicapped in terms of using services like Apple Music, Apple App Store, iMessage even FaceTime. Hence you must Reset Apple ID Password immediately to be able to use your iDevice with the perks of all the services.

Many people are registered on a central Apple ID which they use on multiple Apple devices hence if you forget this password then you have a serious trouble at your hands. Read this article thoroughly to know how you can Reset Apple ID Password in case you have forgotten it because otherwise your device would be good for nothing.

Reset Apple ID Password on the Web

  1. In your web browser visit the following web address
  2. On the main page type in your Apple ID username and the CAPTCHA which is displayed
  3. Tap on Continue.
  4. Then select the details you wish to reset such as your Apple ID password or any of the security questions
  5. Tap on Continue once again.
  6. Now there are two options that you can use to Reset Apple ID Password:
  • Make use of the registered recovery email ID
  • Answer your security questions
  1. Then press Continue.
  2. Now if the option to “Get an email” appears simply place a tick mark on the email ID shown then type in the verification code sent on the email and hit Continue.
  3. However if you select the option for “Answer security questions” then start answering first by telling your date of birth and then the two security questions that you had set while you were creating an account
  4. Then hit Continue.
  5. Now type in your new Apple ID password. This password must comprise of more than 8 characters which must have at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter and a numerical value. Check the indicator for Strength to know how good is your password in terms of security.
  6. Once you have created a good password, simply click on the button for Reset Password to save these changes.

Reset Apple ID Password using Two-Factor Authentication

When you decide to Reset Apple ID password there are actually many steps involved for setting the password with a two-factor authentication and here is how you can do it:

  1. In the last tutorial, follow the steps 1 and 2 to begin.
  2. Then enter your registered phone number for confirmation and press the button for Continue.
  3. Then you will be given a choice on how you wish to Reset Apple ID Password. You can do this by any of the following methods:
  • Reset from another device 
  • Use trusted phone number
  1. We advise you to choose the option for Reset from another device, because the other option is complicated and will direct you to the process ofRecovery which can take ages before the password reset option is sent to you.
  2. If you select the option for Reset from another device, a notification will inform you on which device the details were delivered. Now on that specific device, the Reset Password pop-up window will show up.
  3. Then hit the Allow.
  4. Give the passcode of your device.
  5. Now you will be able to enter your new Apple ID password, type it in one more time for verifying it then click on Next to Reset Apple ID Password.
How to

How to Reset Snapchat Password?    

Have you ever experienced trying to access your Snapchat account and have been denied access because of wrong password? If yes then you would know how frustrating this can be especially when you are at event and immediately want to begin snapping. Under such situations it becomes essential to Reset Snapchat Password and this article will guide you exactly how to do that.

Steps to Reset Snapchat Password

It is extremely easy to reset Snapchat Password for your account and here are the simple steps that you can follow for this:

  1. Launch the app for Snapchat on your smart phone and then click on LOG IN after which type in your username or your email ID in the field assigned for it.
  2. Then click on the button which says Forgot your password? Present right under the fields for username and password. Then you must type in your username or your registered email ID or else your password will not be associated.
  3. Snapchat will reset Snapchat Password using the SMS link or by an email.

Steps to Reset Snapchat Password on Phone

  1. If you select the option to Reset Snapchat Password through phone then click on the link for via Phone. Snapchat will then require you to enter your contact number.
  2. Then click on either Send via SMS or Call me instead to get a verification number for password link.
  3. When you receive this verification code through text message or call then type it in into the assigned filed and hit the button for Continue. If you have given the correct code then you can type in a new password in the next field and enter it again for confirmation.
  4. Now click on the button that says Change Password to finish the process.

Steps to Reset Snapchat Password by Email

  1. If you select to Reset Snapchat Password through email then click on the button for via Email and then you will be asked to type in an email ID in the next field.
  2. Click the Submit button present in blue.
  3. You will then get an email in your inbox from the Team Snapchat with the title “Snapchat Password Reset.” If you cannot find the email then you can wait some time or see your spam inbox.
  4. Click on the link in this email to access the page for Snapchat password reset. Type in your new password and then type it again for confirmation.
  5. In the end click on the yellow button for Change Password to complete the process.

If you have activated the Login Verification on your Snapchat account you will be given a Verification Code that you can use to access your account.

Tips to Reset Snapchat Password

To increase your account security while resetting your password then you can compose your password with the following:

  • More than 8 characters;
  • It must have at least one uppercase letter and one lowercase letter
  • Must include numbers and symbol

It is also advised that you do not include the following in your password:

  • Your Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Number
  • Anniversary Dates
  • Any other personal details

You can Reset Snapchat Password on your account as well at any time you want given that you know your presently set password.

  1. If you are already logged in your account then click on the icon for your Bitmoji at top left of the screen and click on the icon for gear 
  2. Now choose Password and type in your present password in the assigned field. Then click on Continue to type in the new password using the tips explained above.
  3. Then hit the button for  save your password somewhere so that you don’t forget it.

The Best Compass Apps!    

If you are someone who frequently spends time hiking, or in the woods then compass is one essential that you cannot just forget to pack. Hence if you have a conventional compass device that you must pack each time you are out on the road then it is time that you ditch it because with a smart phone, you simply don’t need the weight of a compass on you anymore. There are multiple apps for a compass and this article enlists some of the Best Compass Apps for both Android and iDevices that you can instantly download.

If you are an Apple user then you must know that all iPhone now come equipped with a built-in compass which you can find in your Extras folder or your Utilities folder. All you have to do is follow the shown prompts for the calibration of the compass especially when you are using it for the very first time.

1.     The Best Compass App: Compass

If you wish to own a compass app that works for free on your Android devices to be used during camps, off road tours or other adventures or for letting your friends know your whereabouts then “Compass” app definitely fits the profile.

The Perks

  • Compass makes use of your mobile network and the GPS location services to find the “true north”
  • It can easily locate your magnetic north and will display the strength of the magnetic field to check for any possible interference.
  • You will be able to copy, access and share your exact coordinates on the map.

The Drawbacks

  • It isn’t compatible with any of the Apple devices.
  • If you put your phone’s display on landscape, you will not be able to view all the icons and your exact directions for calibration of the compass.
  • The app also needs to be calibrated every now and then.

2.     Best Compass App for Off-Road: Smart Compass

This Android app is essentially a branch of the collection of the Smart Tools apps which provides useful apps such as the metal detector, space measurement apps etc.

The Perks

  • This particular app for Android devices comprises of a telescope as well as night vision, mode for Google maps that can be switched to street map view or satellite map view.
  • Standard mode of this app makes use of your camera to get a real view of your direction.
  • The app also has a GPS speedometer in addition to the option for screen capture.

The Drawbacks

  • Cannot be downloaded on Apple devices.
  • If you wish to get rid of the advertisements in between, you will need to purchase a premium version of this app.

3.     Best Compass App for Exploration: Digital Compass

This is an Apple app which gives many choices and outdoor expedition options.

The Perks

  • This app contains up to 10 various options for the compasses.
  • In addition to your current location and true north direction, you can use this app to open up the map and access the direction of your selected location to where you are headed.
  • The app also has a drop down list of many cities across the globe so that you can view their orientation from your present location.

The Drawbacks

  • Cannot be downloaded on Android phones or tablets.
  • To get rid of the on screen advertisements, you will have to purchase its premium version.

4.     Best Compass App for Boating: Compass Steel 3D

This app will pop open a request for permission which you must not worry about. This app will need to access the exact coordinates of your location to conduct proper calculations and you will need these when you are stuck in the middle of a water body such as a river or a sea.

The Perks

  • When you turn or tilt your phone in your hand, this compass app will move around in three dimensions just like a real compass device will move in your palm.
  • You will be provided both true north and magnetic field (the app will contain the variation) and you do not need internet access or network services for this compass app to operate properly in middle of the sea.

The Drawbacks

  • You may need to calibrate it frequently.
  • It cannot be downloaded on your Apple devices.

The Best Chromebook Apps!  

There is a very common misunderstanding regarding Chromebooks among all users who essentially believe that Chromebooks are basically PCs with bare-bones which provides web browser services along with other functions at a cost that can be easily afforded. Even though the laptops that are operating on the Chrome OS do not provide a wide range of software that can be otherwise used on other operating systems such as Mac and Windows, Their tool set can significantly be increased by the installation of apps offered by Chromebooks.

There are many Chrome apps available on the Play Store and it can be a laborious process to find the best one out of these hence this article will talk in detail about the Top Three Best Chromebook Apps that you can download and reap benefits from.

1.     Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop has been a forever favorite on the Web Store as it lets you remotely sign in to any other PC through the Google’s browser given you have the permission! This app can be very useful in unforeseen situations where you want to help out a friend, relative or your office mate even if they are half way across the world from you. You can even access your own documents on your PC from a remote place.

The Perks
Chrome Remote Desktop lets you cross platform and allows you to open up Linux, Chrome OS, Windows and Mac given that they are operating on the Chrome browser.

The Drawbacks
You may have to face issues with the stability of connection especially when browsing sessions have been way too long.

2.     DocuSign

If you wish to add John Hancock to a contract document or any other type of file, you will have to pick up a pen and then put it on paper or you could given this to your recipient and then drop it in the mail. However now you do not need to do this because eSignatures are a crazy trend in today’s world where they are considered a legal binding in a lot of cases, you can easily pen down your eSignature and submit important files in a matter of moments using Chromebook.

It is in sync with your Gmail Account and your Google Drive and the app of DocuSign will allow you to sign any PDF documents as well using your email provider.

The Perks
DocuSign has made a time consuming and laborious process highly convenient even for the people who are not so technical.

The Drawbacks
You will have to make a payment when you have to send more than three files with your eSignatures.

3.     Spotify

Spotify gives its users an open access to a huge music collection with millions of song titles which can be searched by song names, artist name or the album in fact even the genre. The app has the ability to change your Chromebook into an amalgamation of music beats that no professional DJ can compete with and you can sing your favorite songs or find new addictive tunes and much more.

The Perks
This app has the option of creating and storing playlists with a highly advanced search engine.

The Drawbacks
Many Chromebook users have filed complains about the annoying apps that pop up in the app and take over the playback music resulting in a poor experience.


The Top 3 Best Linux Distros!      

Out in the market there is a huge variety of Linux Distros which can make you confuse if you are stepping out especially to purchase Linux item. Hence if you are someone new to this world and are confused as to how to begin then this article will discuss in detail the Top 3 Best Linux Distros hence the new users can make a suitable decision for themselves.

1.     Elementary OS

If you have experience using the Mac Operating System then the Elementary Operating System that runs on Ubuntu will appear quiet similar to you. The creators of this gorgeous Ubuntu inspired Linux distribution has exceeded all expectations simply to make the PC appear more sound and easy to get acquainted with however the overall design is universal which means that all elements of your PC will appear and feel the same.

The Perks

  • Easy to get acquainted with
  • Interface inspired by minimalism which is similar to the Mac Operating System
  • Advanced recognition for the hardware
  • Ubuntu- based operating system

The Drawbacks

  • Least amount of installed apps

2.     Ubuntu Linux

Without the mention of Ubuntu Linux no list for the Best Linux Distros will be complete. Even though the Ubuntu system runs on Debian but the Linux Distros hosts operate on Ubuntu itself and there is a good reason for this because Ubuntu is the most stable and friendliest of Linux Distros available in the market.

The latest Ubuntu iteration is the version 18.04 which is also known as Bionic Beaver and is one of the most innovative GNOME 3 desktop which has a great similarity to the Ubuntu system. Rather than having a single GNOME Dash to access apps, these developers have produced an easy to use dock towards the left side of the desktop where one pins their Favorites.

The Perks

  • A well integrated community support service
  • A graceful user interface design
  • Easy to install
  • Good installed apps
  • Advanced user interface
  • Learning curve of a Zero

The Drawbacks

  • The system requirements are more than some of the other distributions

3.     Linux Mint

Linux Mint is another name in the list of the Best Linux Distros which run on Ubuntu. However where Ubuntu and Linux Mint differ is in their selection of desktops. Linux choose the GNOME 3 desktop and gives its users the following three to choose from:

  1. Cinnamon
  2. XFCE
  3. Mate

The Mate edition of Linux Mint is easy to carry and operates on a RAM worth of 512 MB RAM with a hard disk space of 9 GB. This will help you load data on older desktops and give it a test run before you complete the installation on new hardware.

The Perks

  • Based on Ubuntu
  • Least to no learning curve
  • Easy to learn user interface
  • Good default apps
  • The requirements for system hardware are simple

The Drawbacks

  • The user interface is very simple and looks antique
How to

How to Wipe Hard Drive?        

If you ever hear the words “Wipe Hard Drive” then you should automatically assume that this refers to erasing all data present on the drive. If you delete everything it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are wiping your hard drive and even when you format your hard drive this also doesn’t always erase all data. To Wipe Hard Drive you will have to take some extra steps for erasing this data.

When you complete formatting of a hard drive or erase any of the partition then you are essentially deleting the files and nothing more which is like hiding the data which becomes no longer blatantly visible however it isn’t gone for good. Using a file recovery software can easily retrieve this information hence if you wish to ensure that all your data is wiped for good then you will have to Wipe Hard Drive using a recovery software.

How to Wipe Hard Drive on your PC?

Time Required: This can take some minutes or several hours according to the size of your hard drive and the kind of software you select to Wipe Hard Drive. Here is what you need to do to Wipe Hard Drive for good:

  1. Create a back up of everything that you wish to keep safe because once you Wipe Hard Drive then no method will be able to salvage anything back from your hard drive.

If you have been using any cloud service then you can be sure that all your crucial information has been backing up online continuously. However you should still remember to create a back of all data you’re your require because at times many drives are present on one hard drive. You will be able to access these drive volumes on the Windows Tool for Disk Management.

  1. Then complete the download and installation of data destruction software. Any of the free data destruction programs will be able to do the job of wiping the hard drive outside of the Windows Operating System which is an essential tool if you wish to Wipe Hard Drive which was installed on the Windows system.

Wiping any hard drive must be independent of the kind of operating system that you use hence you must use the tools that are bootable. This means that you will be able to use a single process for wiping hard drive whether you are using Linux, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7 or any other kind of operating system.

  1. The next task is to finish all the essential steps that are required to complete the installation of your data destruction software. If it is bootable software such as DBAN, then you require the ISO image on a DVD, CD or any pen drive such as a USB flash.

If you opt for a CD or DVD, this will require you to burn an ISO image on to this disc and then boot the software from within this disc to be able to operate the software. However if you have a USB Flash Drive then you will have to burn the ISO image on to this Flash drive and then complete the booting process from this flash drive to go ahead.

  1. Then Wipe Hard Drive following the instructions that are shown by the software.
  2. When you are finished wiping the hard drive then you can stay free of any worry that your hard drive is now cleared for good in a way that the data cannot be retrieved.

You will now be able to complete the installation of the drive on Windows, make a fresh partition or simply sell the hard drive, throw it away or even recycle it or you can restore your files from your previously created backup.

How to

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document?  

There are only a handful of things that can induce as much panic and fear as one losing their Word Document before they have saved it and that too right before the deadline or any important submission. Even though there is no guarantee that you will be certainly able to Recover Unsaved Word Document however there are a couple of precautionary steps that you can take which may be able to retrieve some of the lost data if not all considering you desperately need to salvage it.

This article will discuss the process that you need to apply to Recover Unsaved Word Document however it also depends on the type of Word software version that you use.

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Word 2016 and 2013?

On both the versions of Word whether it is 2016 or 2013, there are certain methods that you can adopt which may be able to salvage your lost Word document. You can easily learn all these processes to Recover Unsaved Word Document on your PC.

How to use the Recover Unsaved Word Document Tool?

  1. Launch the Word Document on your desktop.
  2. Then access the tab for File and choose the option for Manage Document.
  3. Now click on the button for Manage Document. This is the tool which will assist you to Recover Unsaved Word Document.
  4. Then click on the button Recover Unsaved Documents which will appear in the drop down menu. An Open dialog box will pop open which will display a list of all the unsaved Word documents which are recoverable.
  5. Simply tap on the Word document which you wish to salvage and hit Open. Simply save this file instantly.

Note: If this also doesn’t Recover Unsaved Word Document that you needed then continue the hunt.

How to use Word to locate a Backup?

  1. Access the menu under File menu and tap on Open.
  2. Now click on Browse.
  3. Go to the place where you have saved the last version of that document.
  4. Find the file that is saved under the name of “Backup of” which will then show the name of the file which has goes missing or simply look for files that end in the extension “.wbk.”
  5. Now launch open any backup files that you have located. How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Word 2010 and 2007?

On the versions of Word 2010 and 2007, this is how you can find your missing document on your PC: Access the menu for Start then enter the name of the file or part of the name inside the Search box and run the search. Simply double hit the file when you have located it.

How to find backup files on Word?

  1. Open the Word document and choose the tab for File especially when you are using the Word 2010 version, or choose the Microsoft Office Button if you are on Word 2007.
  2. Choose All Files in the list for Type of Files.
  3. Now search for any of the backup files and simply click on Open to find if any of them is the document which you were searching for.

How to “force” Word to find AutoRecover files?

  1. Click the button for Task Manager to launch it by hitting the blank space inside the taskbar and Click on Task Manager.
  2. Then access the tab for Processes.
  3. Choose any file for Microsoft Word or exe.
  4. Keep doing this till all the word instances are closed.
  5. Now close this Task Manager and open Word. Then the pane for Document Recover will launch open in case your Word locates any AutoRecover files. Simply double press this file in the pane to launch it and remember to save it to any location on your PC instantly before you lose it again.
Email & Messaging

How to Separate Multiple Email Recipients?

These days it is very convenient to send the same email to more than on recipient by being able to separate multiple email recipients under the field of To which is essentially the header field, or alternately you can enter the other email addresses in the fields of Cc: or if you want others to not see who you have forwarded the mail to you can add their email addresses in the field of Bcc:.

However when you add more than one email address in any of these fields, you must distinctively separate them and here are a few methods that will help you separate multiple email recipients successfully.

1.     Use Comma to Separate Multiple Email Recipients

Even though not all of the email clients need comma as a separator to separate multiple email recipients on any of the fields where you enter email addresses of your recipients. However for these email services, the best way to separate multiple email recipients for the header field is shown below in the example:,,

and just like this you can keep adding email addresses. For every 10 email service provides, 9 of them use comma to separate multiple email recipients and they work effectively except on Microsoft Outlook.

2.     One Exception to Remember

Email programs like Outlook that search for names in the format of last name, first name and use comma in form of a delimiter hence may cause issues if you try to separate multiple email recipients using a comma. Now senders who are in a habit of using comma in form of delimiters would then use semicolons instead to separate multiple email recipients in the field of header. So basically in Outlook semicolon is what you have to use by default to separate email addresses. Here is an example:;;

So if you are an Outlook user then you must adopt to the habit of using semicolon to separate multiple email recipients when signed in to Outlook and you would be good to go. If this switch is something difficult to get adapted to, you will see an error message saying name could not be resolved and then you will be able to change the separator to a comma as deem convenient for you. Read the next section for details.

3.     Exchange the Outlook Separator with a Comma

Now in all the Outlook versions that came after 2010 have the feature which allows you to assign comma as a permanent separator in the headers field to separate multiple email recipients instead of a semicolon which is usually the default separator for Outlook. If you are also used to of using comma for a separator then you have to access the section of File and then go to Option after which you must navigate to Mail  and finally to Send messages. Place a tick mark beside the sentence that says Commas can be used to separate multiple message recipients and you will not have to deal with semi colons anymore.

For the versions of Outlook earlier than, access the section for Tools then go to Options and then to Preferences where you must choose the E-mail Options and navigate to Advanced E-mail Options and place a check before the option for Allow comma as address separator.