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    Good Instagram Quotes to Up Your Insta Game!

    Ever since Instagram was launched to the public in 2010, it has been making a steady rise in its user base and today has hundreds of millions or users. A lot of applications do not get to do what Instagram has done so seamlessly; survive over such a long period of time. The biggest problem […]

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    Add Text Instagram Stories and Make Your Story Memorable!

    Over the years Instagram has amassed a mass following. The Instagram application was launched in 2010 and no one had anticipated just how huge the application would one day become. Instagram estimates that on average every month they get up to 800 million active users! This is a huge number for any application to have. […]

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    Learn How to Block Unblock Kik with Ease

    A lot of people wonder what Kik is. It sounds like a funny little word but the truth is this funny little word holds a lot of meaning in the tech world. Kik is a messenger app which at the time of its launch revolutionized the way people communicated with people they have met online. […]

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    Wish to Block or Unblock Someone on Twitter?

    Not all of us love using our social media to begin chatting and sending out instant messages to people in our friend list. Because not all of us the time or the energy to invest in a good conversation. You might be someone who likes having a discussion in your personal life instead of typing […]

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    How To: Make Money on Facebook!

    Facebook has been with us for quite some time now. Facebook began its operation in 2003 and since then it has become immensely popular among its users. In the beginning, Facebook was popular for helping its user with connecting and communicating with their friends and family. If had connections that were far away from home […]

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    What is the Deal with Instagram Stories Like

    So basically Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications for people. If you were to ask anyone on a given day what applications they used most often in their phones in terms of social media applications, chances are they would name Instagram as one of them. And trust us when we say […]

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    Easy Ways to Find Friends on Snapchat

    If you are in search of methods which help you find friends on Snapchat then you are in the right place. Snapchat was officially launched in 2011 and was initially called as Picaboo. It was the brainchild of Evan Spiegel and Reggie Brown. According to the story told by the founders of Snapchat, Reggie came […]

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