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    How to Make Folders on Iphone?

    Apple device is not easy to use and some people find difficulty to manage their data and other so, to make folders on iphone is ultimate solution you are looking for. Making folders on your iPhone is an Easy way to reduce number of things on your home screen. Grouping apps together can also make […]

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    How to edit Photos on iphone?

    Editing photos mean buying expensive editing programs such as Photoshop and learning complex features but not in the case of iphone and to edit photos on iphone is now a easy job. These days, iPhone owners have powerful photo-editing tools built right into their phones. The Photos app installed on every iPhone and iPod Touch […]

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    What is best Open Back Headphones?

    If you’re Looking for headphones and have come across best open back headphones and the closed back design that’s much more commonly found. The open-back headphones are best quality headphones and provide great sound. Here are some of the options: Best Premium: DT 1990 Pro It is the best open back headphones, but we’ve opted […]

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    What is best photo Editing Apps?

    If you are looking for best photo editing apps and want to make a picture black and white or crop out the edges, you can probably stick with the default photo editor built-in to your phone. However, sometimes you need or want to do more, so here are some best photo editing apps. Snapseed Snapseed […]

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    Best Photo Printers to capture your moments

    There are number of printers out in the market but we have developed a list of best photo printers, so it is easy for you to purchase photo printers and will be able to print your photos. Here are our top picks: HP Office Jet Pro 8720 all-in-One Printer The HP Office Jet Pro 8720 […]

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    How iphone Notes App works?

    The Notes app that comes pre-installed on every iPhone may not work properly so what actually iphone notes app is. Creating and Editing Notes Creating a basic note in the iphone Notes app is easy. Just follow these steps: Tap the Notes app to open it. Tap the icon in the bottom right corner that […]

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    What to do when YouTube Not Working?

    There are time in a day when YouTube stops working or may be slow downs. But other times, the YouTube service functions, but the app, device, or internet connection either won’t stream YouTube videos smoothly or won’t show them at all. Here are several steps to take to troubleshoot and fix problems with YouTube. Check […]

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    How to Unblock YouTube?

    When you have to unblock youtube, make sure you have access to the internet which can be provided at work, school, or a local café. Have you notice that some of your favorite websites are blocked; this is typically done to either preserve network bandwidth or discourage unproductively. However, don’t fret, there’re a few options […]

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