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    Runtime Error 429 – All that you need to know!

    The Runtime Error 429 is an error message which pops up to the user when they have crossed their request limit to the server which essentially means that the user has attempted to open the server way too many times in a stipulated set of time. As set forth by the Internet Engineering Task Force […]

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    DIRECTV Error Code 775 – The Do’s and Don’ts!

    “During the past few decades, modern technology, with radio, TV, air travel, and satellites, has woven a network of communication which puts each part of the world in to almost instant contact with all the other parts”. – David Bohm For over decades now, DirecTV has been a renowned name that provides direct satellite service […]

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    The Top 14 Valentine’s Day E-Card Sites!

    Love, is one of the most pure and genuine emotion which has had all of us to our knees at least once and what better way to express it then on Valentine’s Day. If you have your significant other at a distance then e-cards are the best and one of the most exciting ways to […]

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    Slack Tips – Just the ones you need to know!

    Do you need some Slack Tips urgently? If yes, then you have definitely ended up on the right page because believe it or not staying constantly in touch with never-ending conversations and communications is preventing us from getting our day to day tasks done! So keep reading ahead for some useful Slack Tips that you […]

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    How to do Mobile Photography?

    If you want to learn to take great pictures on your mobile phone then you have to learn mobile photography. You’ll become pro in a spam of number days. We can also take you on a journey through mobile photography and to your left is a series of articles that can help you in a […]

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    How to do Crowd Photography?

    The best way to do crowd photography is when conditions are perfect and lightening is perfect. Shooting photographs when the large crowd is gathered adds much more difficulty to the situation. Crowd photography is a challenge for several different reasons, but you can overcome these potential problems with good shooting techniques. Use these tips to […]

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    How to send a Video through Email?

    To send video through email, make sure the file isn’t too long and have long duration. The email company has limited the size of files attached to email messages, and your friends may not be able to receive large video files. How to send Large Video Files When your video file is too large to […]

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    How to use Google Reverse Image Search?

    Using Google to reverse image search is a good method for finding the origins of a photo found online. Whether it’s a historical picture presented with little context or an image that seems doctored, you can search the web for other instances of its use with Google Images. Perform a Google Reverse Image Search With […]

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