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    How to edit videos on iPhone?

    Every iPhone and iPad that is manufactured comes equipped with a built-in app for camera that not only allows you to take images but also make videos as well. In extension to the capability of shooting and saving videos, iPhone also has the ability to edit these videos without having them to transfer it to […]

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    What is Jailbreaking iPhone?

    Jailbreaking iPhone is the term that we often come across on multiple places online particularly in terms for Mac and iPhone devices. However there are places that although talk about the procedure for Jailbreaking iPhone but do not guide on what this term actually means. Hence in this article this is what we are going […]

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    The Top iOS Sticker Apps

    So let’s get the obvious question out of the way which is, who doesn’t love sending out emotionally constructed stickers to shout out your emotions and sentiments to your loved ones? Of course everyone does! Wouldn’t you love when someone sends out a lovely message filled with colorful stickers with hearts popping out or your […]

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    How to find iPhone Serial Number?

    Every iPhone that is manufactured in fact every Apple product that is released in the market comes stamped with a unique serial number on it. Many of us are completely oblivious as to what our device’s unique serial number is or how to access it. At times one can do away with this because the […]

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    How to check IMEI unlock status?

    If you have a smart phone which of course everyone in today’s world has and it is unlocked then it can be used on any network anywhere. Basically having an unlocked phone essentially means that you aren’t restricted to a single network or carrier plan which has a number of perks in itself. Now the […]

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    iPhone won’t turn on- What to do?

    Almost all of us own some form of handheld device these days and are aware with a number of troubles that they suddenly pop up with however out of these entire list of issues, one always stands out on the top. I don’t think there is anything more disturbing and panic striking than when your […]

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    How to upgrade and transfer Apps from iPhone?

    It is no secret that technology is getting advanced with each passing second of each passing day and this holds true for all kinds of technology fields in particular the cell phones that we constantly hold in our hands all day long. Classic example of this is that each year in September, Apple launches a […]

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    How to Import photos from iPhone to Windows 10?

    It is not a hidden fact that many people rush to spend their hard earnings on iPhone for its amazing camera quality which allows you take professional photographs. However the trouble comes in when you have to professionally edit those pictures and even though there are multiple editing apps available in the App Store, the […]

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