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    iPhone won’t turn on- What to do?

    Almost all of us own some form of handheld device these days and are aware with a number of troubles that they suddenly pop up with however out of these entire list of issues, one always stands out on the top. I don’t think there is anything more disturbing and panic striking than when your […]

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    How to upgrade and transfer Apps from iPhone?

    It is no secret that technology is getting advanced with each passing second of each passing day and this holds true for all kinds of technology fields in particular the cell phones that we constantly hold in our hands all day long. Classic example of this is that each year in September, Apple launches a […]

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    How to Import photos from iPhone to Windows 10?

    It is not a hidden fact that many people rush to spend their hard earnings on iPhone for its amazing camera quality which allows you take professional photographs. However the trouble comes in when you have to professionally edit those pictures and even though there are multiple editing apps available in the App Store, the […]

  • Challenges with Friends


    Challenges with Friends to Keep You Entertained

    How do you spend quality time with your friends? Do you go hiking and swimming? Do you go down to the beach or have a nice picnic? How about a nice game of football or volleyball? What do all these activities have in common? They’re outdoor activities. And for outdoor activities, you need the weather […]

  • Cool Username Ideas


    Cool Username Ideas to Make Your Profile Attractive

    If you could choose your own name in real life, what would it be? Would it be something conventional and boring? Or would you go crazy and come up with something unique that reflects who you are as a person? Your name is your identity, the first thing people know about you and the last […]

  • Funny Birthday Memes


    Funny Birthday Memes to Make Someone’s Birthday More Fun

    If you’re a person using the internet in this century, then there is no way you don’t know what a meme is. You may not be able to explain what it is technically, or what the purpose behind a meme is, but you do know that it’s cool and funny. Regardless of you how old […]

  • Get More Matches on Tinder


    Get More Matches on Tinder and Find Your Soulmate

    How do you plan on finding your soulmate? Are you going to wait forever till the right person comes along? Are you going to go through the many options and see who the right fit is? Do you go out to clubs and parties and meet people that you could date? Or do you have […]

  • Halloween Captions for Instagram

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    The Best Halloween Captions for Instagram

    What is the best way to show the world your scariest costume and all the amazing parties you attend on Halloween? Through the power of social media, of course. And when you have to show your night in all its glory, pictures are the way to go. So, which social media platform will be best […]

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