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    What to do when the User Profile Service failed to Logon?

    If you are a Windows 8 or Windows 10 user and are getting annoyed by the “The User Profile Service failed the logon” error message then no need to worry, this article will quickly guide you on how to get rid of this error. When one is installing windows there are multiple things that can […]

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    What to do when unfortunately email has stopped?

    Every Android device by default comes equipped with a common email program in form of an app which can allow you to sign into all your email accounts. This email app will let the user access, view and check their email accounts from any of the email programs that they use out there. This universal […]

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    Hulu Error 5003- The Do’s and Don’ts!

    This article will basically cover the main reasons as to why the Hulu Error 5003 occurs and then we will give you a few fixes that you can apply to curb the issue at hand. Why is the cause for Hulu Error 5003? When the app for Hulu is activated, you will be able to […]

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    How to Set Up iCloud Mail IMAP Access?

    You can easily access the iCloud Mail on the web and the configuration of iCloud mail on Mac OS X, macOS Mail and on other iDevices is a simple process as well. This procedure is simple to follow and can integrate iCloud Mail to ever email program on PC’s, cell phones, tablets through the IMAP […]

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    Looking for How to Delete Your Google+ Account?

    Those of us who thought MySpace was the only social media site for everyone were proven wrong with time. With more minds concerned with taking social media to the next level, a new application comes around almost everyday now. This has also built up the competition between social media applications. If one social networking site […]

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    How to Repost on Instagram and Relive the Old Memories!

    Social media accounts allow you to broadcast the important and even regular moments from your life. Each day, something unique can happen; you can run into an old friends or colleague and snap a picture with them. Then in order to share with your followers, the joyous coincidence, you share it on your social media […]

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    Need to Download Facebook Videos on Android Urgently?

    Social media began as a way for people to connect. Social media and social networking sites enabled people to open a doorway to knowing each other, getting personal, making new connections, working from home, getting into romantic relationships and what not. Social media allow allows people from one community to step into and enter the […]

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    It’s Time to Learn How to Use Snapchat Already!

    For many of us, Social media is an escape. When you are in school, your every second is loaded with the stress of completing an assignment to pass your courses without any delay. The only time you do get to spend time with yourself and your friends is during the summer break other than the […]

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