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    Record Phone Calls – Everything you need to know!

    These days almost everyone has at least once been in a situation where they have wanted to travel back in time and record a particular instance especially a conversation they may have had with anyone over the phone or on FaceTime call or something. Fetching the tools necessary to Record Phone Calls can be technical […]

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    Install Kodi on Roku – Your Download Guide!

    In this post we will tell you how to install Kodi on Roku either on TV or Roku Stick. There is a misconception among people that you cannot install Kodi on Roku so in this article we will see whether you can or cannot. The other online services such as Netflix, Hulu or Plex operate […]

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    Create New Game Center Account on iOS today!

    In this guide today we will guide you on how to create new game centre account on iOS where you will be able to sync all of your best gaming scores, find new competitors and make your overall experience more fun. It is sort of like the Google Play Games for Android devices but remember […]

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    Pokemon Go Cheats – Go Win the Game!

    When Pokemon Go was launched literally the world went crazy after it and in fact still is and those who don’t know about Pokemon Go are definitely living on another planet. The concept behind the Pokemon Go Game is that you have to move around to chase Pokemons and get as many Eggs or Poke […]

  • Candy Crush


    Top Games like Candy Crush!

    Candy Crush has got all of us addicted to constant toggling with one’s Touch Screen. Hence we are bringing you the most awaited list of all Games like Candy Crush in case you need a new gaming addiction. The games which are mentioned in this list can easily be downloaded from the Play Store and […]

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    NDS4iOS Download Guide!

    NDS is the short form for Nintendo Dual Screen which is the most renowned gaming consoles that has ever been introduced by Nintendo. Many of us grew up playing the classics like Mario or Pokemon on Nintendo. If you wish to relive these memories then you can turn to the NDS4iOS for iOS devices without […]

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    Boost Android Battery Life with these Top 10 Tips!

    If you own an Android device then definitely that is the thing you spend most of your time with. Your phone is in fact understands you better as a person than any human being does, it is a platform of never ending information that you toggle around each day and is definitely your Artificially Intelligent […]

  • How to Save Instagram Stories

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    How to Save Instagram Stories for Later Use

    Instagram has been trying to increase its set of features over the years to compete with other social networking platforms. One of the biggest features to come out of Instagram recently was the Instagram Stories. If you’re not familiar with this feature, you’re really missing out. But, you might already be familiar with it if […]

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