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    Now stop apps and games posting on Facebook

    Facebook applications and recreations offer an approach to kill a touch of time, some cool highlights, a test, an approach to collaborate with companions or the greater part of the above. One major drawback to relatively every application or amusement is that they want to publicize themselves on your Facebook Timeline. Here’s the manner by […] More

  • Download Facebook Videos

    Download Facebook Videos so You Can Watch Them on the Go

    Facebook, a company developed by Mark Zuckerberg over fifteen years ago for the students of Harvard, has now grown to become a worldwide phenomenon. It is still relevant after all these years and has shown the world that it is here to stay. Over the years, the company has had to face many controversies, but […] More

  • temporary Facebook profile picture

    Learn how to set temporary Facebook profile picture

    After the November 2015 Paris psychological militant assaults, you may review seeing an unusual pattern on Facebook. To demonstrate their help for the French individuals and government, individuals were changing their profile pictures, overlaying existing photographs with a straightforward French banner. The pattern reverberated one from before that year, when individuals overlaid their profile pictures […] More

  • Funny Facebook Status

    A Hundred Funny Facebook Status Messages for You

    Sharing your thoughts on Facebook is as simple as saying them out loud and using a funny Facebook status is surely to give your friends some amusement. However, not everyone is born funny. So, if you need some help coming up with a funny Facebook status, you’ve come to the right place because we have […] More

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    Need to Download Facebook Videos on Android Urgently?

    Social media began as a way for people to connect. Social media and social networking sites enabled people to open a doorway to knowing each other, getting personal, making new connections, working from home, getting into romantic relationships and what not. Social media allow allows people from one community to step into and enter the […] More

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    Block Facebook in few easy steps now

    We’ve all been there. You’re endeavoring to complete a venture for your manager, however you continue getting instant messages and pennant notices about your most recent Facebook post. You attempt your hardest to oppose the siren call of online networking, however you can’t shield yourself from perusing each remark and fixating on each like that […] More

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    How to Write Facebook Ads: An Expert Guide

    The popularity of social media platforms provides people with a tremendous variety of possibilities. Although they were created for interchanging information and communication between users, people use them to make business. Billions of people prefer different social media platforms and it’s a perfect way to find the targeted audience. This practice is no novelty today […] More

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    Did You Know That You Can View Private Facebook Profiles?

      The various applications that we access include all our data. Believe it or not, anything that you upload or any message you send out can be held against you if it calls under the hands of someone who might use this data to cause you potential harm. And so, these applications come with upgraded […] More

  • Tag Someone, Pages and Places on Facebook With Us!

    Tag Someone, Pages and Places on Facebook With Us!

    On social media when you see a post, you have the ability to tag someone, pages and places on it. This aspect of social media is one of the most popular activities people indulge in. Because tagging helps in connecting people together, discover nearby events, conversations and so on. You might think that you can […] More

  • How to Delete Facebook Page

    Here’s How to Delete Facebook Page Because It’s Time You Pay Attention To Real Life Connections!

    These days, we make social media accounts for various reasons. Some might make it to re-connect with old friends. Others might make it to connect with new friends, increase their social circle and become popular among the social media audience. Often time separate social media pages are made for promoting a celebrity, a brand, or […] More

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