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    Get to know how to turn off seen on Facebook Messenger?

    There’s no deficiency of web-based social networking applications that make it simple to talk with others. You can convey a brisk instant message and realize that the individual on the opposite side will get it in a split second, gave he or she is signed in and focusing, obviously. Most will even tell you once […]

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    Quick and easy way to download Facebook Videos

    Have you at any point seen one of the recordings on Facebook that demonstrates a “flashback” of posts, likes, or pictures—like the ones you may see on your birthday, or on the commemoration of getting to be companions with somebody? Provided that this is true, you have seen cases of how Facebook utilizes Big Data. […]

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    Now you can use full Facebook desktop site from phone

    The web has grown a ton more brilliant in the course of the last half-decade. With the pervasiveness of cell phones and the strength of versatile web perusing, almost ever site offers a compacted variant made for cell phone or tablet shows, enabling you to peruse without zooming all through articles, photographs, and other page […]

  • How to Delete Facebook Page


    Here’s How to Delete Facebook Page Because It’s Time You Pay Attention To Real Life Connections!

    These days, we make social media accounts for various reasons. Some might make it to re-connect with old friends. Others might make it to connect with new friends, increase their social circle and become popular among the social media audience. Often time separate social media pages are made for promoting a celebrity, a brand, or […]

  • Tag Someone, Pages and Places on Facebook With Us!


    Tag Someone, Pages and Places on Facebook With Us!

    On social media when you see a post, you have the ability to tag someone, pages and places on it. This aspect of social media is one of the most popular activities people indulge in. Because tagging helps in connecting people together, discover nearby events, conversations and so on. You might think that you can […]