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    All the information you need for buying an Instagram account

    So you own a business whether big or small and want an immediate boost of followers? Are you confused whether to buy an Instagram account or not? What should you be looking for if you want to buy an Instagram account? In this article, we would be covering all the basic essentials you need for […] More

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    Learn how to create poll in Instagram

    Instagram Stories; little photograph or video bits of your life that vanish in 24 hours. They are ideal for sharing in the background investigates your business or items. Presently, Instagram Story Polls make it considerably less demanding and more fun to get greater engagement and increment the scope of your Instagram content. You can now […] More

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    Can You Find Snapchat Alternatives Out There?

    The technology gods give you access to a million applications. These applications include the pre-existing ones and the latest ones too. So really the numbers of how many applications are out there is unknown! However, out of these many applications, each day you only access a handful. And, if you are trying out something new […] More

  • Get More Matches on Tinder

    Get More Matches on Tinder and Find Your Soulmate

    How do you plan on finding your soulmate? Are you going to wait forever till the right person comes along? Are you going to go through the many options and see who the right fit is? Do you go out to clubs and parties and meet people that you could date? Or do you have […] More

  • Temporary Facebook Profile Picture

    Making a Temporary Facebook Profile Picture

    Facebook; an American online social media or social networking site, is also listed on the NASDAQ. You can imagine the brute force of the company by just looking at their revenue figures of $27.638 Billion (2016). Since 2004, gradually Facebook became one of the biggest name in the social networking platforms. It’s on everyone’s minds […] More

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    Is Social Media and dating a perfect fit?

    There is no reason why out of every tech areas we try to improve, dating should be an exception. Perhaps it might need help the most, considering how meeting other people has changed over the years. Naturally, the internet is the primary responsible factor. While the traditional way of hooking up has not completely died […] More

  • Increase Traffic from Social Media

    6 Ways to Immediately Increase Traffic from Social Media

    There are endless debates on whether or not social media actually works for businesses. You’ve heard the horror stories of businesses investing time and money into social media platforms, only to see little to no results. But what if I told you that there are specific things you can do to immediately increase traffic from […] More

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