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    The use of “Mhm”!

    Has anyone ever sent you a text message or a Whatsapp message with the acronym MHM or maybe you have seen it on your social media sites? If you have indeed seen it has it ever left you wondering as to what it means? Or maybe what kind of expression is portrays?  Basically asking these […]

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    What is Social News?

    The term social news refers to a fundamental change in the way we receive news. It is the personalized form of news that is being delivered on various platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. These platforms are a hub for news stories from multiple other third-party sources such as brands, blogs, and underrated websites […]

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    What is Meme?

    Internet is used by almost everyone now. The social media is probably also used by all the people who are using internet have access to it. Social media is a platform where people share stuff they like. Be it pictures, videos or writings. Social media is a sort of recreation when it comes to the […]

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    How to Unblock Websites?

    These days there is internet access everywhere. People widely use interest to access websites that they normally use. The use of different websites have increased to a drastic level. People are accessing various websites where ever they find internet connection. People in school and offices think that use of the social media on office and […]

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    Best Instagram Filters

    Aah filters, you can never have enough of them. While some of you might not agree with me and find this post of little value (i know you must be rolling you eyes) Instagram filters, can actually make or break the appeal of your photos. With the right filter you an actually blow up your […]

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    How to get rid of the “” error?

    Are you also someone who is annoyed by any of these errors? Either the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” or “ has stopped unexpectedly” errors? If yes then you should know both of these indicate to a common issue which can be fixed with a few troubleshooting steps and this article will guide you […]

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    How to Repost on Instagram and Relive the Old Memories!

    Social media accounts allow you to broadcast the important and even regular moments from your life. Each day, something unique can happen; you can run into an old friends or colleague and snap a picture with them. Then in order to share with your followers, the joyous coincidence, you share it on your social media […]

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    Need to Download Facebook Videos on Android Urgently?

    Social media began as a way for people to connect. Social media and social networking sites enabled people to open a doorway to knowing each other, getting personal, making new connections, working from home, getting into romantic relationships and what not. Social media allow allows people from one community to step into and enter the […]

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    It’s Time to Learn How to Use Snapchat Already!

    For many of us, Social media is an escape. When you are in school, your every second is loaded with the stress of completing an assignment to pass your courses without any delay. The only time you do get to spend time with yourself and your friends is during the summer break other than the […]

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    Build on Your Snapchat Face Swap Game!

    Remember the moments back in middle school/high school when you first started using social media. Most of your posts had captions with both upper and lower case letters and endless periods. Your pictures and profile pictures were mainly bad idea of a selfie with a lot of “xCoolx” captions. Back in the day, you cared […]