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    Cacti Alternative – Your Top Three Choices

    Cacti is essentially a network type which is open-source in addition to a being a tool for network monitoring and reporting which is amazing when it comes to graphical representation of network data in connection with a specific system at an initial level. It provides you a platform for completing the polling of all network […]

  • Identity Theft


    Identity Theft – Everything You Need to Know and Do

    The one thing you can be sure in life is about your own self; whether you’re good or bad doesn’t matter, but you can be sure of who you are and who others see you as. But, what if that was taken away from you? Or if someone used your identity to their advantage? What […]

  • CyberCrime


    The Road to Understanding CyberCrime

    What is CyberCrime? You might have been at the receiving end of a suspicious email proclaiming you have won a million dollars in some lucky draw you do not remember entering. The email probably asks for the receiver’s bank account details for the purpose of transferring money to their account.

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    Malware- Your Device’s Malicious Devil!

    Malware is the short form for what is known as the malicious software and is essentially a file or document that is a threat to the device. Malware is an umbrella terms that includes all kinds of device threats such as worms, Trojan, viruses and spyware softwares.

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    Hacking Scams- Keep yourself safe from this devil

    Isn’t it kind of frightening when you think that the only thin layer of protection you have against hackers on your online accounts and sensitive information is a password? No doubt passwords can be made long and strong but still it is kind of scary.

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    Stay aware on how to keep Your Mobile Device Safe!

    It seems as if whatever channel you flip or social media you visit; there is news on some kind of security breach for mobile phones. When IOS9 was introduced as iOS 9.3.5 many of its vulnerabilities were exposed by the NSO Group, which are manufacturer of surveillance softwares intended for reading texts, emails, record voices and […]