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    8 Rewarding Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

    Did you know small businesses are the most common targets for pesky online hackers? That’s why, if you own a small business yourself, you need to make sure your cybersecurity setup is up to par. Of course, if you’re outsourcing IT needs for your business already, you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore. […] More

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    Cloud Server Pricing, Finding The Pricing Plan That Perfect For You

    Cloud server refers to the several servers connected to the internet and creating an application or software service. Cloud is an internet-based server; Cloud offers you several services such as data hosting and sharing, application use, software, and web hosting. Cloud is using many servers that are connected together to share the capacity. It means […] More

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    Cyber ​​security tips to protect yourself online

    There is no doubt that security is essential for Internet users. There are many problems you may encounter when browsing webpages, logging into services or platforms. In this article, 10 keys to improve cybersecurity. We must avoid any problems that may affect us. The key to improving cybersecurity Use a good password One of the basic principles of protecting […] More

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    Internet Explorer For Mac: Key Points You Should Know

    Microsoft ended the IE version for Mac, so December 31 2005, was when the update release was terminated. One year after, users could use IEfor Mac. Nevertheless, Microsoft directed the users to change to another alternative product such as Safari.Originally, it was planned for IE to be an individual product aside from Windows. Despite this, […] More

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    Identifying identity theft is the key to ultimate online fraud protection

    Identity theft has become one of the significant problems in this day and age. Before we get down to the details, it is vital to understand what exactly it is. Identity theft constitutes the stealing of personal detail, including social security numbers, names, birthdays, and other essential information. They do it to impersonate you and, […] More

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    7 Biggest Cyberattacks in History That Shook the World

    Cybercrime has been shaking the world since the introduction of technology. Government bodies, businesses, and individuals are all affected by this menace. Despite efforts by the government and various organizations to cab it, it continues to be the order of the day in many companies and society. Cybercriminals always target finances or classified information from […] More

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    What Should You Expect From Your Database Consultant

    Database issues can crop up at any time in the business. When it comes to the in-house IT team, they might not be aware of the problem. With their limited knowledge, they often fail to troubleshoot problems correctly, and the issue returns back. Business owners generally like to take no for an answer. So when […] More

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    Be careful: Netflix account scam attempts increased by 646%

    Be careful if you have a Netflix account. With containment, phishing scam attempts have increased dramatically. Researchers at Webroot have sounded the alarm after recording a 646% growth in phishing attempts. “Phishing techniques evolve and change with the news,” says Kelvin Murray, threat researcher at Webroot. In the past, we’ve seen fake news about Conor McGregor and […] More

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    24 Apps Suspected of Stealing Personal Data

    A list of dangerous applications for your personal data has been confirmed. It is advisable to delete them as soon as possible. According to reports, Cybersecurity company VPNpro on Monday released a list of 24 apps suspected of stealing personal data. Rather popular, since totaling nearly 400 million downloads, these applications are suspected of containing spyware. Some […] More

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    5G Internet: The Network Revolution!  

    If you are looking for a revolutionized network providing speeds like fiber or the super fast internet in a place that doesn’t have the service then you must opt for the 5G Internet which definitely is the next revolution. Even though this will not be accessible all across the glove but there are still many reasons […] More

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