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    An Introduction to Malware Scan!

    Computer viruses are common these days and hackers are continuously adopting new method to hack different features, so Malware scan is your solution. Completely and correctly scanning your computer for viruses with the help of malware scan is a very important troubleshooting step. It cannot be done with a help of simple virus scan. There […]

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    What is Bot Net?

    Have you ever observed your computer all of a sudden slow down to a crawling speed for no obvious reason? Of course we all have at least been there once and it is not like there is a huge trouble with your PC but it could just be that your PC has other tasks on […]

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    The Top 12 Mother’s Day E-Card Sites!

    We all love our moms but it is always special when we do something extra to express that love for her on Mother’s Day and it doesn’t have to cost anything, a cute E-Card would just make her as happy. If you really think that sending your mother an e-card on Mother’s Day isn’t something […]

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    The Top 12 New Year’s E-Card Sites!

    Are you at a distance from your friends and family at New Year’s? If yes then how do you plan on celebrating the beginning of a new year? You better don’t want the moment to go by without a wish because sooner or later you wish you had celebrated that moment even if it was […]

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    All that you need to know about Internet Speed Test!

    When we talk about platforms for internet speed test then the name of Internet Speed Test website definitely comes on the top since it is the most famously used all across the globe and has been known to conduct more than 50 million speed tests per month. comes with a huge list of […]

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    Why Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection?

    There have been multiple reports where users have reported how Safari just stops working after a particular time has elapsed. It is intriguing to note that a smooth working web browser suddenly just decides to give up on you and decides when to function at its own discretion. A lot of the Mac users have […]