How to recognize the Ads Virus?   

If you are annoyed by your web browser continuously taking you to sites that you don’t wish to visit or pops open irritating advertisements while you are browsing the internet then it is safe to conclude that your PC or device has been infected with some sort of malware such as an adware intrusion.  Adware is basically a type of malware that is created and intrudes your PC so that your browser keeps showing you unwanted ads on your desktop’s or laptop’s screen. Do not worry folks if your computer is suffering from this malware because this article will talk in detail about how to recognize ads virus in particular?

These unwanted advertisements that disrupt your browsing experience occur because of these adware which gets installed on your device without your knowledge at times. These malware software programs are combined with other software which are free that you download from any website online. The sad news is that many of these free download links do not fairly announce the other software programs that may get downloaded on to your PC hence resulting in adware.

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When any ads virus gets installed on your PC, you will constantly see miracle ads like weight loss pills, ways to get rich in a week and other non sense warning signs that invite you to access a particular link. These ads virus may also show various names such as:

  • Powered by (adware name)”,
  • Brought to you by (adware name)
  • Sponsored by (adware name)
  • Ads by (adware name)
  • Ads by (adware name)

These ads virus are a nuisance because they overlap the contents of the page that you wish to visit online and the moment you click on any link, you will simply be shown another ad virus. When any malware intrusion on your PC shows unwanted advertisements they will appear either in form of pop-up windows or directly on the web page you have opened up or in form of a video that gets played on its own or in form of a small folded page at the corner of your screen display.

Moreover you may also face the issue of unwanted tabs constantly multiplying on your screen, results from a search engine that you never asked for or you may be taken to a NSFW website. Following is the list of red alerts that are a sign that your computer may be infected with ads virus:

  • Advertisements open up online where they shouldn’t be appearing.
  • The home page of your web browser might change on its own even though you haven’t given the permission.
  • Websites that you visit in routine may not load properly like they used to.
  • The links of various websites take you to pages that you weren’t expecting to see.
  • The speed of your web browser has drastically decreased to a crawl.
  • There are new extensions or unwanted plugins taking over your web browser.

You must stay alert on the fact that adware or ads virus can drastically slow down the speed of your computer and can also decrease the speed of your internet connection by downloading unwanted ads. At time flaws in the programming language of your adware might make your PC unstable and not to mention that unwanted pop-up windows with mysterious advertisements can distract you from your work or waste your time while you are in the middle of some task. Hence it is important that you recognize you’re your computer has been infected with ads virus.

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