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License of Use

It should be kept in mind by all the new users and the former users of the website of Jeens.net that every bit of content, information or image that is published on the official web pages of the Jeens.net can only be saved or downloaded once and not any more time while the downloaded content should online be used for personal intents and not for any purposes that generate profits or are considered as commercial.

If any of the visitor or user is found to be using the downloaded data for any reasons that generate profit I business than that particular user or visitor will strictly be evaluated or judged under the rules that are set by the team of the Jeens.net and are informed to all their users in official writing in this document of Terms of Use. In accordance with this license of consent put forth by Jeens.net Project, a user cannot do the following:

  1. Amend or disrupt any of the images, content or data that is published on any of the official web pages of Jeens.net Project,
  2. Put in use the downloaded content, images or materials of Jeens.net for any profit based businesses,
  • Remove any trademarks or logos in the images published on Jeens.net


Jeens.net and all of its associated third party organizations that are referenced in the official website of the Jeens.net and/or on in the blogs that are posted at  Jeens.net  cannot be expected by any user of the Jeens.net  for the website to take liability for any kinds of disruption or damage to the information that is personal or potentially identifying personal data. This includes all events of theft, unauthorized access, damage or modifications to the collected data or under the event of digital loss to the items that are downloaded or saved from the Jeens.net Project.


Any user or visitor who manages to find any error, mistake or disruption in the published content or materials of the Jeens.net than under such cases the website and/or the official team of Jeens.net cannot be asked to take responsibility as under no rules, laws or policies the Jeens.net promises to provide completely accurate or updated information.

Third Party Company and Links

Jeens.net also does not make any claims for reading and editing the content, material or data that is published on all or any of the third party sites that are used in the written pieces posted on the Jeens.net Project’s official web pages.

Also Jeens.net in no way gives any kinds of endorsements to any of the third party companies which are referred to in the official website of the Jeens.net.