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    How to test your internet speed?

    The world is advancing! It’s all connected through internet. Without internet the world would almost stop functioning! Imagine a day without internet, can you? I know it’s really hard to picture a day without internet as hardly anything will be functioning alright! This I how heavily dependent today’s world is o internet. I won’t think […]

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    Samsung SmartThings Hub- The Future of Smart Homes

    Samsung called as the future of smart homes has now come up with Samsung SmartThings Hub that will help you control, monitor and secure your home and your smart devices like thermostats and smart locks etc. Different brands come with the different names to differentiate their product like Samsung called it Samsung smart things. The […]

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    An Introduction to Amazon Echo

    World is progressing at a very fast pace, a lot of technology has come in to existence. People are shifting to newer technologies that make their lives easier. Technology has brought ease into people’s lives. Take a look around, what do you see? Most of the things we see are automated now. The use of […]

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    How to Set up Guest Wi-Fi?

    Visiting malls, offices and public spaces people expect internet access hence it is important to set up a guest Wi-Fi which is in fact becoming quiet common these days. To let you have a better insight of Guest Wi-Fi, read the article below because it has everything you need to know about it. Advantages of […]

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    Delete a PayPal Account

    PayPal is known as the go-to service for online payments, but over the years there are various method developed for submitting an online payment. PayPal has to face a lot of competition from the competitors besides having their own app and full designed system of their own. Many Smartphones have now built in payment method […]

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    File Sharing-Your link between Two Computers

      File sharing is basically sharing files with each other through computer or electronic devices. The technology has advanced rapidly and so has the use of smart phones and smart devices. The sharing of files has become a necessity as most of the official work is done through these devices. Sharing these files is important […]

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    How to get Free HTML Editors?

    Almost 100 HTML editors in more than 40 different criteria were evaluated when the original HTML testing process started. This was not only for professionals but for beginner web designers too which also includes various web developers and other small business owners. When the test was completed, almost 10 HTML editors were selected among all […]

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    Forgot iPhone Password? Here is what you need to do!

    Technology and gadgets nowadays have been such an important thing in our lives these days that no matter where we go, we make sure that we take our phones with us. Even if we are traveling or what, our mobile phones are always with us. And to make sure that they are safe, we use […]

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    The Top 5 Best Fallout Games!

      If you are an obsessive gamer then it is impossible that you wouldn’t know all about the Fallout games series. These are famous for their amazing landscape graphics, fierce characters and complicated guests. The game has it all covered starting from California to all the way to Massachusetts and even Las Vegas or Washington […]

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    The Top 5 Best VPNs

    Do you count yourself among those people who always stick to their gaming console? Or you might think of yourself as an enthusiast gamer and want to bring a wave of revolution into the gaming arena? If any answer to the above question is yes, then you must know about the VPNs, their benefits and […]