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    Is it a Good Idea to Add Work School Tinder?

      If you want to know if it is a good idea to add work school Tinder or not; then you are in the right place. If you are currently in the market for a romantic partner then chances are you already know about Tinder or maybe even already have a Tinder profile. A lot […]

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    Tinder Login Tips on Different Mediums

    Unless you live completely under the radar and have no idea about anything that goes on in the world, you probably know about Tinder. Tinder is one of the most popular dating application to exist currently and it has undoubtedly taken the world by storm because of the new age dating technique it has provided […]

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    Apple Touch ID not working? Here is what you can do!

    Touch ID is essentially the fingerprint sensor feature of Apple devices that allows you to lock your device, unlock your apps, give permission to Apple Play Store for making any purchases; all this can be done using your fingerprint scan. This is a highly clean system which is convenient to use and will not give […]

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    iPhone Antivirus – Keep your phone safe!

    When it comes to our personal devices especially our phones, security is something that concerns us all. None of us want our private, confidential and personal data to get stolen or end up in wrong hands hence we always ensure that the security of our phone is as strict as possible. When it comes to […]

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    How to save battery from Pokemon Go?

    We all remember that when Pokémon Go was launched, literally everyone went crazy after it and even though it is still an exhilarating expedition to enjoy the game, it does however end your phone’s battery life pretty quickly. This happens because locating and searching all coins, stardust and candy requires battery life of your device. […]

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    iPhone won’t turn on- What to do?

    Almost all of us own some form of handheld device these days and are aware with a number of troubles that they suddenly pop up with however out of these entire list of issues, one always stands out on the top. I don’t think there is anything more disturbing and panic striking than when your […]

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    Pokemon Go Cheats – Go Win the Game!

    When Pokemon Go was launched literally the world went crazy after it and in fact still is and those who don’t know about Pokemon Go are definitely living on another planet. The concept behind the Pokemon Go Game is that you have to move around to chase Pokemons and get as many Eggs or Poke […]

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    Boost Android Battery Life with these Top 10 Tips!

    If you own an Android device then definitely that is the thing you spend most of your time with. Your phone is in fact understands you better as a person than any human being does, it is a platform of never ending information that you toggle around each day and is definitely your Artificially Intelligent […]

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    Tips to speed up Windows 10 PC – The Top 5 Guys!

    Folks the topic we will address today is something we have at least once been stuck in and let’s admit it here, have ever purchased a brand new Windows PC and it completes every assignment like magic however starts slowing down after a few weeks?