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    What is Google Santa Tracker?

    Few years back Google created the Google Santa Tracker to keep track of Santa during his holiday deliveries and to check everyone has got the gifts or not (talk about science brusting through the the seven skies to the elves eh?) each year, the Santa Tracker is improved, and it’s grown to include lots of […]

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    What are the best photo Editing Apps?

    If you are wondering what photo editing apps to use and want to convert a picture into black and white, or want to crop the edges, you can continue using the default photo editor that is already installed in your phone. Sometimes you need to do something more than that and your default photo editor […]

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    All that you need to know about iRig!

    Are you someone who loves to play instruments especially the guitar? Are you a lover of music? Like playing instruments? Do you want to excel in the field of music? Become a musician? What to get self-taught? Already know the basics? Are aware of the initial learnings? Passionate to learn musical instruments? Most preferably guitar? […]

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    Android Jelly Bean

    Are you satisfied with your current Android device? Or you think that your device needs some added features and a great update? If you think this is the case then you are literally in for a “treat” because this article intends to cover everything that you need to know about the Android Jelly Bean update. […]

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    The Best Sexting Apps!  

    Sexting is a famous term that combines sex and texting together which involves sharing of nude images and not safe for work messages in between consenting adult individuals especially in between those who are in a long distance relationship. Even though sexting can spice a lot of thing in a relationship over the phone however […]

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    The Best Pomodoro Apps!       

    Hacks related to productivity have been incredibly famous in a world where everything is bound by technology and the technique recognized as Pomodoro is highly useful in productivity that will help you sift in the clutter. The name of this technique is inspired by a timer that is shaped in tomato and was founded by […]

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    What do you need to do for the Error Code 907?

    It is no joke that when one is working online or even watching their favorite movie or TV show and when they get interrupted by any form of error there is nothing that is more annoying. And why should one get interrupted when we pay for the internet? Out of all the errors that appear […]

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    Looking for How to Delete Your Google+ Account?

    Those of us who thought MySpace was the only social media site for everyone were proven wrong with time. With more minds concerned with taking social media to the next level, a new application comes around almost everyday now. This has also built up the competition between social media applications. If one social networking site […]

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    Are You A Windows User? You can Now FaceTime on Windows PC Too!

      There are plenty of applications out there. If you were to collect all of them under one device, you would really run out of space with the first 50! While most of these applications are made by various software and app building firms, some come along with the devices you purchase. For example, if […]

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    Why Do You Need Tinder In Your Life?

      Back in the day, people did not come across the concept of dating. It was either marriage or nothing. Of course, men always had the option of pleasing themselves either way without society holding them back with its hand. It was the women who were to be strictly prohibited from seeing men. For them, […]