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    The Best Compass Apps!    

    If you are someone who frequently spends time hiking, or in the woods then compass is one essential that you cannot just forget to pack. Hence if you have a conventional compass device that you must pack each time you are out on the road then it is time that you ditch it because with […] More

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    The Best Chromebook Apps!  

    There is a very common misunderstanding regarding Chromebooks among all users who essentially believe that Chromebooks are basically PCs with bare-bones which provides web browser services along with other functions at a cost that can be easily afforded. Even though the laptops that are operating on the Chrome OS do not provide a wide range of […] More

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    Can you use FaceTime on Windows?      

    It can be said without a doubt that the FaceTime feature offered by Apple is literally their most exciting and coolest service for which many clients invest money in Apple in the first place. Right after FaceTime’s debut on iPhone, Apple introduced FaceTime on Mac devices as well. However the bad news is for the […] More

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    4 Emerging Trends of Mobile App Development

    The world has become a digital space for everyone. Keeping in touch with your friends and family has become as easy as taking a picture. Over the last few decades, smartphones have become an important part of our daily life. With the rise in using a smart device, there is a remarkable growth in mobile […] More

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    24 Apps Suspected of Stealing Personal Data

    A list of dangerous applications for your personal data has been confirmed. It is advisable to delete them as soon as possible. According to reports, Cybersecurity company VPNpro on Monday released a list of 24 apps suspected of stealing personal data. Rather popular, since totaling nearly 400 million downloads, these applications are suspected of containing spyware. Some […] More

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    Android Rooting- The Dos and the Don’ts!

    If you have been an old Android user, you are wondering how you can easily root your phone. For this reason, this is best way to avoid the restrictions created by carriers and to easily access the new versions that are available for the operating system and also in order to easily improve and make […] More

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    Samsung SmartThings Hub- The Future of Smart Homes

    Samsung called as the future of smart homes has now come up with Samsung SmartThings Hub that will help you control, monitor and secure your home and your smart devices like thermostats and smart locks etc. Different brands come with the different names to differentiate their product like Samsung called it Samsung smart things. The […] More

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    What to do when iPhone Screen won’t rotate?

    With the advancement of technology, we know that there are multiple options provided to people. People nowadays are more concerned about what device they should use. However, most of the people using Android since a long time would also admit that iPhone offers many other features too. iPhones are not only classy and attractive but […] More

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    What is Google Santa Tracker?

    Few years back Google created the Google Santa Tracker to keep track of Santa during his holiday deliveries and to check everyone has got the gifts or not (talk about science brusting through the the seven skies to the elves eh?) each year, the Santa Tracker is improved, and it’s grown to include lots of […] More

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    What are the best photo Editing Apps?

    If you are wondering what photo editing apps to use and want to convert a picture into black and white, or want to crop the edges, you can continue using the default photo editor that is already installed in your phone. Sometimes you need to do something more than that and your default photo editor […] More

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    All that you need to know about iRig!

    Are you someone who loves to play instruments especially the guitar? Are you a lover of music? Like playing instruments? Do you want to excel in the field of music? Become a musician? What to get self-taught? Already know the basics? Are aware of the initial learnings? Passionate to learn musical instruments? Most preferably guitar? […] More

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